Ether Coven Premiere “When Quiet Fell” Video

Ether Coven have premiered a new video for their song “When Quiet Fell.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering.“

Peter Kowalsky commented:

“The video for ‘When Quiet Fell‘ was the second video we filmed while on our winter tour earlier this year. I have been friends with Eric Boccio for nearly 2 decades from his time in Kid Gorgeous and we’ve been trying to work together for a long while so when we were in California we took no naps and just trucked it to L.A. over night.

The explanation for the song, as per the record insert is as follows: In times of desperation and loneliness the only way out is seemingly through. The most trying moments are of negative silence and it is difficult to be comfortable in our own skin. Stagnation feels like betrayal.

Trudging forward to exist outside ourselves is nearly impossible to navigate but it is often our only option, so we suffer.”

In other news, Kowalsky also recently offered an update on his battle with colon cancer via GoFundMe:

“An update from Pete

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates, as at the beginning I was trying process all this stuff still and then the world started changing (for the worse), and then changing again (for the better), and wanted to give space for others to be heard. I’ve had a lot of people ask myself and my loved ones on updates so here goes:

I’ve switched oncologists to Moffitt cancer research center in Tampa, as it just seems like a better fit, albeit 4 hours away. My newer oncologist increased my oral meds (as I was being underdosed), and decreased by IV meds (as I was being treated for stage 4 cancer, and the pharmacy wouldn’t approve it for someone with stage 3, hence having a hard time getting the drugs).

My treatment schedule is now based off the national guidelines, which is 6 months, 9 treatments, every 3 weeks, which in theory puts me at September 1st for my last treatment, pending nothing more catastrophic happens. I have follow up CT scans in a month. So, all things considered, good news all around I suppose. I choose not to post pictures of me hooked up to IV lines and all that because it makes me nauseous to even think about getting treatment, let alone see the images.

Plus no one is allowed in the treatment area so Desi can’t take the most unflattering pictures of me. Normally I like reminders of my suffering but this is nothing I’ll soon forget in this lifetime.

Thank you to all that reach out to check on me. With the world on fire right now I don’t expect anyone to at all but it’s appreciated. This was never a journey I thought I would ever have to go on and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

At this point I’ve just told everyone I’m living life 3 weeks at a time, as my first week is a shit show, my second week is transitional, and my 3rd week is relatively normal. I started exercising a few cycles back on days that I can. Mostly low impact stuff (expect Bonni’s playing card workout!), Pilates, yogo, some light weights, walking Dr funk for an hour cuz we both need to lose weight…

I’m not going to lie, this thing gets dark. In the middle of the night when I can’t sleep well because I have this constant black cloud over my head with uncertainty about the future and now I have a geriatric pup who has to go to the bathroom when she has to go so I’m on high alert.

And as much as I have the best support system in the world, I know I’m truly in this alone, which is fine but it does get lonely. I’m trying not to let it crush me. I have been playing guitar more and writing a metric ton of stuff and that keeps me the most focused because that gives the impression there will be a future for me I suppose. I’m still learning how to navigate this as the side effects change every cycle.
None of this matters.
The only way out is through.

Thank you.”

Ether Coven Premiere “As The Noose Of The Ever Changing World Tightens Around Your Neck” Video

Ether Coven have premiered a new video for their song “As The Noose Of The Ever Changing World Tightens Around Your Neck.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering.“

Pete Kowalsky (Remembering Never, Etc.) Battling Colon Cancer

Pete Kowalsky (Remembering Never, Ether Coven, etc.) has revealed that he is sadly battling stage 3 colon cancer. You can help him out with medical bills by donating via GoFundMe.

The following statement was issued:

“Pete was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma- Colon Cancer- Stage 3.

On December 26th, Pete went to the ER because he was having pain in the lower right side of his abdomen on and off since mid November. He had gone to a doctor earlier that week and was told that he had appendicitis, but it had not yet burst.

He waited until after Christmas, and then returned to the hospital without insurance. They then did a CT scan that revealed it had burst, so he was admitted for an appendectomy.

Since it had burst, it was a messy surgery. His abdomen was full of infection and and mucous. It took 5 days in the hospital to get his white blood cell count to normal.

A week after returning home, Pete received a call from the surgeon stating that the pathology report came back that showed his appendix tested positive for cancer, Adenocarcinoma. The oncologist reviewed the report, and advised Pete to schedule another surgery as soon as possible, since the cancer in his appendix may have spread throughout his body and since he was given an official diagnosis of colon cancer.

His colonoscopy after the appendectomy came back immaculate, which gave us hope that the cancer did not spread. However, after talking to the surgeon, we found that he has true appendix cancer, which is far more aggressive than colon cancer, and very rare.

Last Tuesday, he was admitted for surgery to check his lymph nodes and clean out anything that might have been left behind from his appendectomy.

During surgery, another tumor was found pressed against his bowels, which required removal of half of his small intestine and part of his colon. They advised him that there was an enormous amount of cancer found in his body, and labeled him as having Stage 3 Colon cancer.

In two weeks, Pete will start chemotherapy. Both intravenously and through pill form to try to kill microscopic cancer cells that could not be removed, as well as a small mass that was found on his lung that hasn’t been tested yet. We are hoping that with treatment, he will be completely cancer free. They gave him a 40% chance of the cancer returning.

Pete was advised to stay on bed rest for 3 weeks following this surgery. Anyone that knows him, knows that he can’t stop, won’t stop.

We started this fundraiser against his will, since we knew he wouldn’t want to ask anyone for any type of help. The facts are that his insurance doesn’t kick in for another month, so he’s going to have crazy medical bills from multiple surgeries. He also needs time off of work while he’s going though chemo, whether he believes it or not, and his bills still have to get paid through this tough time. I am going to link the funds directly to him.

Pete is our family for life, and we would do just about anything to make sure he’s ok and taken care of. Im asking for donations to allow him to relax and recover on his journey to cancer-free.

Thank you to every donor!

Erika, Pete, Desi, and Krista. <3″

[via The PRP]

Ether Coven Premiere New Song “When Quiet Fell”

Ether Coven have premiered a new song titled “When Quiet Fell.” This track is from the band’s new album “Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering,” which will be released on January 10. Devin Estep commented:

“I found myself in a dejected spiral and wanted to take note of the feelings I was experiencing as they occurred. Caught in a battle of resignation and determination, I struggled with the idea of my own necessity. I had to look at the wake of my decisions to show myself the weight of my place in this world. Thankfully it worked.”

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