Ether Coven Surprise Release New EP “Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire”

Ether Coven have surprise released a new EP titled “Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire.“ The effort, which features contributions from Eva Hall (Power Alone, ex-Gather), Brian Hillhouse (Seraphim, Seraph, The Light & The Animal’s Comfort), and David Paul (Fero Lux, Ljesus), can be streamed below. With this news, the group have also teamed up with XVX Soap Co to launch a limited edition soap to benefit Shelter Farm Sanctuary. The band said the following about the EP:

“It’s a quote that the Spanish colonialists lived by when they wanted to fully conquer a people. This EP is a harsh critique of normalization and the culture it protects. We never question much about our culture which is harmful to our health and happiness.”

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