Burning Witches Premiere “Six Feet Underground” Video

Burning Witches have premiered a new video for their song “Six Feet Underground.” This track is from the band’s new album “Dance With The Devil,” which was released today (March 6). The group commented:

“‘Six Feet Underground’ was the last song we wrote for the new album and it came together just a week before we entered the studio. It’s very melodic and catchy — if you hear it, you can’t help but sing along!”

Burning Witches Premiere “Dance With The Devil” Music Video

Burning Witches have premiered a new video for their new song “Dance With The Devil.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on March 6. Romana Kalkuhl commented:

“The title track has this cool 80s vibe, so we had the idea to visualize the Devil artistically in the clip! We have filmed with many of our friends to create an amicable atmosphere and this way we all have something special to remember! If this video is able to entertain you and distract you from daily life for some minutes, the goal is reached, come and dance with us …Dance with the Devil!”

Burning Witches Share Visualizer For New Song “Sea Of Lies”

Burning Witches have shared a visualizer for their new song “Sea Of Lies.” This track is from the band’s new album “Dance With The Devil,” which will be released on March 6. The group commented:

“We are delighted to present you our second single ‘Sea Of Lies’! In our humble opinion, the track mirrors the album really well. The old-school vibe, the heavy as hell approach and the growly yet very melodic moments showcase the evolved WITCHES of 2020! The lyrical content deals with very personal events that took place during 2019, when there was a lot of challenges around the band. Have a blast with the new track folks!”

“Dance With The Devil” Track Listing:

01. “The Incantation”
02. “Lucid Nightmare”
03. “Dance With The Devil”
04. “Wings Of Steel”
05. “Six Feet Underground”
06. “Black Magic”
07. “Sea Of Lies”
08. “The Sisters Of Fate”
09. “Necronomicon”
10. “The Final Fight”
11. “Threefold Return”
12. “Battle Hymn” (feat. Ross The Boss & Michael Lepond)

Bonus CD:

01. “Mansion In Darkness”
02. “Black Magic” (Acoustic)
03. “Executed” (live)
04. “Open Your Mind” (live)
05. “Hexenhammer” (live)

Burning Witches Reveal Cover Art For New Album “Dance With The Devil”

Burning Witches have revealed the cover art for their new album “Dance With The Devil.” The effort will be released on March 6. The band commented:

“Even before we had the album title, we knew that we wanted a cover design in the style of Ken Kelly, who did the legendary KISS, Rainbow, and Manowar covers. Our vision was to show the Burning Witches, larger than life, in this fantasy art style and with a special female touch. We love to work with the Hungarian artist Gyula and told him about our plan and he basically realized our dream of a very eye catching & energetic cover design! We hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do!”

Burning Witches To Release New Album “Dance With The Devil” In March

Burning Witches have announced that their new album “Dance With The Devil” will be released on March 6. The band commented:

“The 3rd album is of course a very important one but we felt very comfortable with that pressure, the band was a strong unit writing and recording the new songs. The idea behind ‘Dance With The Devil’ is inspired by the famous Walpurgis night, the saga of the gathering of the witches in the middle ages! We thought this magic showdown on the Brocken mountain symbolically stands for strength and the friendship of the band, that’s why it’s the perfect title for the new album!”