Burning Witches Premiere New Song “Wings Of Steel”

Burning Witches have premiered a new song titled “Wings Of Steel.” This is the band’s first track to feature singer Laura Guldemond (Shadowrise), who recently replaced Seraina Telli in the group.

Burning Witches Part Ways With Seraina Telli, Recruit Shadowrise Singer Laura Guldemond

Burning Witches have parted ways with vocalist Seraina Telli. Taking her place in the group will be Shadowrise singer Laura Guldemond.

The band shared the below statements:

Enchantress Laura joins forces with the BURNING WITCHES coven!

The sad news has already been around the globe, Seraina has left the BURNING WITCHES.

Sometimes there are things beyond our control that you don`t see coming and are very disturbing. Nevertheless the band will move on with all upcoming concerts and is working on album no3 already.

We have had some very difficult weeks, so in these times of sadness and confusion, we are delighted to welcome our new WITCH Laura from the Netherlands into our circle.

We also have the good news that we have decided to give the fans a special teaser and appreciation in the shape of a new song that we will release this week to debut Laura!

Please read the following statements from the band and wish Seraina good luck for her future.

Seraina states about her departure:

“Dear friends, for personal reasons and after much deliberation I’ve decided to fully dedicate myself to my band DEAD VENUS and to leave the band BURNING WITCHES.”

“For the last four years I have had an incredible journey but I feel now that is the time to explore the challenge my own project is offering me.”

“I would like to thank my family, friends and of course the fans for the incredible support. I also thank the band, the label and the management for all their help.

There are a lot of beautiful experiences I’ll keep with me forever.”

“My debut album of DEAD VENUS titled Bird of Paradise will be released later this year. So my life remains exciting!”

“I wish the WITCHES all the best and good luck for the future!”

Bandleader Romana is emotional about all the changes:

“This is of course a very sad moment for all of us. We have been very close for the last years and have reached a lot together. With great sadness we have to accept that Seriana wants to move on and we wish her the best of luck for that! Your time with the WITCHES will never be forgotten!”

“For us as a band it is important now to look into the new challenges and the new record – the show must go on!

Yes we are super thrilled that we have found Laura so quick over our Dutch connection Sonia. We know it is impossible to replace a great voice in exact the same way, that is why Laura is the perfect choice for us. She will bring in her own strength and personality into the WITCHES! We will not change the identity of the band, we will continue playing the music we love!”

“Laura is an experienced & crisp vocalist with a big range and a crazy enough personality to be one of US! Please give her a warm welcome – she has already won many metalhearts at our first show with her at the Sweden Rock festival! We will continue to spread the magic of the witches – thanks for all the support over the years!”

The new WITCH Laura welcomes the fans:

“Dear Burning Witches fans of the world, I am really excited and know I have big shoes to fill! I want to thank you that you give me this opportunity and the Burning Witches for their trust and the warm welcome they gave me into their sisterhood!”

“Being able to play the music I love, with great people, perform at those amazing shows & festivals and being supported by a fantastic team is a dream that came true for me. I can`t really wish for more!”

“We are working our asses off at the moment to bring the magic to you all! Keep the fire burning! See you soon on the road & thanks for the support!”

Please stay tuned for the brandnew song this week – the WITCHES will never give up – READY TO FIGHT!

Burning Witches Premiere “Open Your Mind” Lyric Video

Burning Witches have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Open Your Mind.” This track is from the band’s new album “Hexenhammer,” which will be released on November 9. The group commented:

“We are very proud to announce our last lyric video for the track OPEN YOUR MIND! The song delivers a message for all of us: Don’t let fear and anger control your life! We all should stand together in this time, when racism is about to grow again. We should remember that we are all the same. Open your Mind – Open your Heart – and try to remember how to cry!”

Burning Witches Premiere “Hexenhammer” Video

Burning Witches have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Hexenhammer.” That effort will be released on November 9.

The band commented:

“The filming of the ‘Hexenhammer’ video was an exciting new experience for the band. Our second video dives into the story of “Malleus Maleficarum”, written by the discredited Catholic clergyman Heinrich Kramer, to legitimate his cruel deeds against woman in the 15th century. The title track stands for the album, it is melodic and heavy and reflects the sound of the band in a perfect way! We hope you will enjoy the video, which opens up a new authentic chapter for the band!

We wanna thank the Witchcraft museum in Gränichen/Switzerland and its founder and director Miss Wicca Meier-Spring and her team for the support on this large project. Also we wanna thank the Operahouse of Zurich for the costumes and the props. Ancient recordings and editing by Michael Buzek – cheers to the whole team for making this amazing venture possible!“

Burning Witches Premiere “Executed” Lyric Video

Burning Witches have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Executed.” This track is from the band’s new album “Hexenhammer,” which will be released on November 9. The group commented:

“We are very proud to show you our first lyric and performance video for the song ‘Executed’. It is a very powerful and speedy track that tells the story of the ‘last Witch’ Anna Göldi from Switzerland and her harrowing life. A tragic and true story that fits into our ‘Hexenhammer’ album theme!”

Burning Witches Reveal Cover Art & Track Listing For New Album “Hexenhammer”

Burning Witches have revealed the cover art and track listing for their new album “Hexenhammer.” That effort will be released on November 9.

“Hexenhammer” Track Listing:

01. “The Witch Circle”
02. “Executed”
03. “Lords Of War”
04. “Open Your Mind”
05. “Don’t Cry My Tears”
06. “Maiden Of Steel”
07. “Dungeon Of Infamy”
08. “Dead Ender”
09. “Hexenhammer”
10. “Possession”
11. “Maneater”
12. “Holy Diver”

Bonus Tracks:

13. “Self Sacrifice”
14. “Don’t Cry My Tears” (acoustic)

The artwork was created by Gyula Havancsák, who had the following to say:

“It is not too easy to make a ‘metal’ cover when the main character and focus is an attractive woman. It is much easier to create gory images with monsters or devils for me. But I remembered that my first original cassette was the Warlock ‘Triumph And Agony’ album, so I felt very motivated to incorporate both of those aspects: some black magic and some beautiful ladies. I got some instructions and a sketch from the band — so I painted the witch and the altar first as a main focus and everybody loved the character and the feeling of the image. When I added the ghost images of the girls, it all aligned into a dark magic artwork with beautiful ladies.”

The band added:

“We are very proud to present you our new album cover for ‘Hexenhammer’. The topic is the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ book that legalized the extermination of the so-called ‘witches’ in the medieval times. The justification of murder against the weak is still a sad subject nowadays. So we wanna pay respect and remember — most of the lyrics are dealing with this dark chapter of our history as well. Of course, we also wanted a classic and mystical metal layout that reflects our music perfectly — so it is a great mix. We hope the fans will enjoy it.”

Burning Witches To Release New Album “Hexenhammer” In November

Burning Witches have announced that their new album “Hexenhammer” will be released on November 9. The effort’s first single “Executed” will be released on August 31, and a preview of it can be found in the below album teaser: