Twelve Foot Ninja Drummer Shane Russell’s Significant Other Battling Cancer, GoFundMe Launched

Jolene Anderson, the significant other of Twelve Foot Ninja drummer Shane Russell, is sadly battling cancer. You can help her out by donating via GoFundMe.

Jolene‘s sister Naomi commented:

“This is my sister Jolene. What should be an amazing time in her life with the new arrival of her second daughter Layla, has become nothing short of a nightmare we cannot awake from.

In 2018, unbeknown to her family and most friends, Jolene battled a silent fight with Breast Cancer, with the love and support of her partner Shane by her side. 2018 was a tough one for our family, and Jolene selflessly didn’t want to worry anyone as she underwent IVF egg preservation, breast surgery & radiation. During that time Jolene continued working full time and raising their 18 month old daughter, Chloe.

During 2019 Jolene did extensive tests to make sure her attempt for another child would be safe. She received the all clear and Layla was welcomed into the world one year later.

During her pregnancy she had worrying symptoms but they were passed off as pregnancy related. Jolene requested further investigation after the problems continued postpartum.

On 29th May 2020, Jolene was given the news no mother can bare to hear: she has Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer which has metastasised to her Liver. It’s a separate and unrelated cancer to her earlier breast cancer. But this time the cancer is inoperable, it’s incurable and it’s aggressive.

This cancer has a genetic mutation called BRAFV600E and is extremely rare, and prognosis is poor with an on average life expectancy of 2-5 years. Her beautiful girls may never remember their mother.”

[via The PRP]

Twelve Foot Ninja Share Quarantine Cover Of Huey Lewis & The News’ “Stuck With You”

Twelve Foot Ninja have released a quarantine cover of Huey Lewis & The News’ “Stuck With You.” You can check that out below:

The band commented:

“No doubt a lot of people are “stuck” with each other due to Covid-19…So we thought, f!@# it! Let’s bloody do a version of the great Huey Lewis and the News classic, “Stuck with You“. Filmed via Zoom for $0.

“Stuck with You” was written by Chris Hayes and Huey Lewis and first released in 1986.

Twelve Foot Ninja version performed by Twelve Foot Ninja in March 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Produced by Stevic MacKay.

Mixed & Mastered by Forrester Savell.”

Twelve Foot Ninja To Continue On Without A Bassist

Twelve Foot Ninja parted ways with bassist Damon McKinnon last year, but it appears the band are not planning to replace him. The group have issued a statement in which they confirmed that they will be moving forward as a quartet.

Twelve Foot Ninja commented:

“BASS PLAYER NEWS: Oi…about that bass player announcement yesterday…April 1st stitch up! *snort* (roflfarkincopter right!?)

We’ve actually reached the decision to move forward as a 4 piece. After playing together for over a decade, there’s a bloody lot to consider when bringing on a new band member (logistically, financially, interpersonally, etc) and the only recurrent justification for staying a 5-piece centered around “convention”; something we actively disregard in almost all other aspects of this project.

Playing Download UK as a 4 piece to an amazing crowd, the additional European shows, and writing and recording what we think is our best album to date demonstrated to us that we’re sorted…And more importantly, we credit our fans to support our judgment on what is best for the band. We might change our mind down the track, but in the immortal words of Celine Dion…”That’s the way it is”.

We’ve noticed 3 recurrent questions about all this over the past few months, so we thought we’d address these in one hit. Thank you and go wash your hands! – TFN

1.) Won’t it sound shit with no bass?

No bass player does not mean there will be no bass. Animals As Leaders and Periphery are good examples of this (they also do not have bassists playing live). Technology is part of our DNA whether it’s switching tunings/guitars mid-song with Shuriken Variax, running our lighting rig from midi cues or bringing our DIY production into the live forum…Adding bass into this is quite a logical step considering the majority of parts are either unison with guitars or tonally nuanced in accordance with the various genre exploration (currently impossible to replicate accurately with a single bass guitar).

2.) I’m an awesome bass player, can I play with you for free?

There’s no shortage of amazing musicians out there and although one of the factors for us to consider is structural (contractual/financial)…It’s not sustainable or right for us to leverage musicians’ love for the band to get what would essentially be “free work”. I think there might also be some misdiagnosis of what is actually involved in playing these parts (have you seen Whiplash? Hahaha)

3.) I loved the bass parts in your music! Won’t it be a different band without them?

Stevic and Ro write the majority of bass parts; so nothing is going to change in this department.

4.) But..but…Fuck you guys!

As Fermit the Krog says: “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” and everybody knows Krog wisdom is infallible.”

Twelve Foot Ninja Stream “Outlier” B-Side “Red”

Twelve Foot Ninja have shared an official stream of their song “Red.” This track was previously only available as a bonus track on the vinyl version of “Outlier.“ The band said the following:

“For anyone who didn’t get our 2016 album ‘Outlier‘ on vinyl and is looking for distractions from COVID-19…Here’s a bonus track you may not have heard called, “Red“. We’re very much looking forward to sharing NEW music/content with everyone later in the year. 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻”

Twelve Foot Ninja To Release New Album In 2020

It looks like Twelve Foot Ninja will be releasing a new album next year. The band confirmed the news in the below Instagram post:

Bassist Damon McKinnon Exits Twelve Foot Ninja

Twelve Foot Ninja have parted ways with bassist Damon McKinnon. You can find a farewell video and statements from McKinnon and the band below:

McKinnon’s statement:

“Hey Guys & Gals, Damon here! I just wanted to let you all know that, it’s with a heavy heart, I will be leaving Twelve Foot Ninja. It’s been quite the journey over the past decade building this band up from the ground to where it is today.

I still remember our first gigs, I had hair!…. and muscles! and I still remember the half smile half shocked look on our manager Dave’s face as we came off stage… as if to say ‘that was ahhh a promising start dudes…….what the hell have I gotten myself into’. He must have a few screws loose because he is still around to this day. Good onya Dave 😉

Those of you who have ever attended a show know how much I bloody enjoyed playing for you guys and being on stage. It was usually obvious by the stupid grin I would sport on my face! I truly hope those experiences we shared made you as happy as they made me 🙂

A big shoutout/thanks to all the industry peeps behind the scenes that supported the band/me, you know who you are and a special thanks to our crew Dylsy, Luke and Tys (the A team) you’re true professionals and made the journey all that more enjoyable. Also a big thanks to my wife Erica for helping me follow this dream.

I wish Kin, Ro, Stevic and Russ all the best, they are without doubt the most talented group of musicians I know and they deserve to reach the highest of heights.

– Big love! D”

Twelve Foot Ninja’s statement:

“After 10+ years of dedication, and hundreds of shows, we will miss Damon ‘Scrimdog’ McKinnon. Damon has been ninja’s bassist and tour bus in-mate since our foray into the live circuit in 2008. You can’t share as many life experiences together as we have without feeling the pang of departure. A shot of jamo to him for his mate-ship, his ‘pun-gun-on-stun’ dad jokes and we wish him all the best.

– Kin, Ro, Russ, Stevic“

Twelve Foot Ninja Announce Australian Tour With Voyager

Twelve Foot Ninja have announced an Australian tour with Voyager. You can see the dates for that run below. In other news, the band are also working on a new album.

Tour Dates:

03/02 Perth, AUS – Rosemount Hotel
03/08 Canberra, AUS – ANU
03/09 Sydney, Parramatta Park (‘Download Festival‘)
03/11 Flemington, AUS – Flemington Racecourse (‘Download Festival‘)
03/15 Gold Coast, AUS – Miami Tavern
03/16 Brisbane, AUS – The Valley Drive In
03/23 Adelaide, AUS – The Gov

Twelve Foot Ninja Guitarists Guest On YouTuber Leo Moracchioli’s Metal Cover Of The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”

Twelve Foot Ninja guitarists Steve “Stevic” MacKay and Rohan Hayes have guested on YouTuber Leo Moracchioli’s cover of The Beatles‘ “Here Comes The Sun.” You can check that out below: