The Juliana Theory & Mae Announce “The Emotion Is The Everglow Tour”

The Juliana Theory and Mae have announced a co-headlining tour. The Juliana Theory will be performing “Emotion Is Dead“ in full on the trek, while Mae will be performing “The Everglow“ in full.

Tour Dates:

09/03 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy
09/04 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy
09/11 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/12 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/26 Birmingham, AL – Furnace Fest
10/08 Nashville, TN – The Basement East
10/22 Buffalo, NY – Rec Room
10/23 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
11/26 Washington D.C. – Union Stage
11/27 Norfolk, VA – NorVA
11/28 Philadelphia, PA – TLA
12/03 Boston, MA – Paradise
12/18 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
12/19 Detroit, MI – Shelter

The Juliana Theory frontman Brett Detar commented:

“When we made ‘Emotion Is Dead‘ on a shoestring budget inside a tiny garage in Arkansas we never imagined that 20+ years later we’d be playing shows for people who wanted to celebrate this record’s existence with us all these years later. It’s an album that changed my life and I cherish the opportunity to be able to share the experience of community through music – especially considering the absence of that connection this past year.”

Guitarist Joshua Fiedler added:

“It was fun to be in a band, 21 years ago, writing songs with friends, sharing laughs at inside jokes, and generally just delaying adulthood in any way we could. Now 20 years later, we actually get a chance to celebrate a snapshot in time: one where we can play a collection of songs we wrote, while having some of the best times of our lives. A world where we can play music on a stage, and share those same feelings with many of the same people that were with us 20 years ago. What a fucking time to be alive!”

The Juliana Theory NFT Up For Auction

Equal Vision Records are auctioning off a new NFT from The Juliana Theory. You can bid on that HERE. The label said the following about the NFT:

“today marks the launch of our official NFT shop!!🤘 ⁠the first drop is a rare, one-of-a-kind @thejulianatheory studio recording of “We’re At The Top Of The World” (acoustic) accompanied with a hi-res animation of the band’s picture disc art✨⁠ the auction will last until 4/8 at 5pm EST, starting bid is $50 / .026 Etherium.⁠”

The Juliana Theory Premiere New Video For Reimagined Version Of “We’re At The Top Of The World”

The Juliana Theory have premiered a new video for their reimagined version “We’re At The Top Of The World.” The clip, which features Jesse Korman (The Number Twelve Looks Like You) and Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), can be found below. The new version of “We’re At The Top Of The World” is from the band’s new album “A Dream Away,” which will be released on March 26.

Guitarist Joshua Fielder commented:

“‘We’re At The Top Of The World‘, while being some people’s favorite TJT song, was always one of my least favorite songs from the band. However, now that we recorded it for this ‘reimagined’ record, this is THE version for me. When I initially wrote the chords and bassline at home ages ago, I always envisioned this song as an ode to The Beatles. This new rendition is exactly the way I imagined it to be back in 2000. We were just too young then to truly pull it off in this way. If I could have a time machine I would go back to put this version on ‘Emotion Is Dead‘.”

Frontman Brett Detar added:

“When you’re a songwriter sometimes it can take months or literal years to write a song. On those very rare and magical occasions it feels like the universe steps in to help and a song almost writes itself. When this occurs it’s usually very fast and the song is basically written before you really even know it. In my experience these are the rarest songs but they tend to be the ones that resonate the most with listeners.

‘We’re At The Top Of The World‘ was one of those songs. When Josh came to band practice with the insanely catchy bass-line and guitar part for the verse the rest of the song fell into place in what felt like minutes. I remember grabbing my microphone and as a joke singing the lyrics “Sha la la la. Sha la la la la la la” over the chorus. It was the first thing that came to my head and I wasn’t serious but Josh just looked at me and started laughing with that laugh of ‘oh that’s awesome’ and from then on the chorus just stuck.

We all grew up listening to the radio – pop and pop rock and oldies. Songs on the radio (which tend to be hit songs) were our foundation as music fans and music makers. Although we cut our teeth early on in a scene that sorta rejected anything too poppy, hook based songs were always just in our DNA. I remember getting some flack early on from diehard scenesters for releasing a song that was so unabashedly bubblegum but at the same time our fanbase grew quickly very much in response to this one song.

I guess whatever it was that happened that day in my parent’s unfinished basement worked because the song ended up on tons of TV shows and movies. And I agree with my bandmate Josh that this reimagined version is my favorite recording of this song.”

“Let’s talk about ‘guilty pleasures.’ We all have them and for a lot of people The Juliana Theory (and the song ‘Top Of The World‘ in particular) is one of them. I can’t tell you how many times some big burly guy who looks like he only listens to Slayer would almost look around to make sure no one was listening before quietly telling me that he secretly loves that song.

I basically did the same thing with certain songs I enjoyed until a few years ago when I decided to banish the concept of a ‘guilty pleasure’ from my own life. Truthfully, I would always blast ‘Party In the USA‘ by Miley Cyrus if it came on the radio while driving the streets of LA but now I don’t care what any ultra hip kid thinks when I roll past them as I am singing along.

The joy of completely losing yourself in a song, dancing like no one is watching, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The video for ‘Top Of The World‘ tells the ultimate story of this very abandonment. So put your hands up: they’re playing your song and the butterflies fly away.”

[via Brooklyn Vegan]

Brett Detar Reveals How Limp Bizkit’s “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all” Played A Role In The Formation Of The Juliana Theory

Brett Detar has shared a new animated video in which he tells the story of how Limp Bizkit‘s “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all” played a role in his departure from Zao and the formation of The Juliana Theory. You can check that out below:

The Juliana Theory Stream Reimagined Version Of “Into The Dark”

The Juliana Theory are streaming a reimagined version of their song “Into The Dark.” This version of the track is from the band’s new album “A Dream Away,” which will be released on March 26. That effort will mainly consist of reimagined songs.

Brett Detar commented:

“‘Into The Dark‘ is arguably my favorite song from the band’s catalog. I’m sure the song owes its DNA to all kinds of other artists and songs but for whatever reason the amalgamation of how all of those pieces came together felt to me like its own thing. It was the quintessential TJT song. If I had to play a person just one song from our catalog to represent what the band is – it’d be ‘Into The Dark.’ I think it’s just a great middle ground of all the different sounds we explored.

It’s a blend of hook-driven pop rock and bombastic guitar rock without being too much of either. It’s intimate yet anthemic at the same time. It has moody, personal subject matter in the verses that turns more universal and hopeful in the chorus. It’s one of the first songs that we truly experimented with in the studio. We sampled and chopped up my vocals and used them in place of synth pads. It was the first song that we wrote part of around a synth part.

Giving nod to classic waltzes – the original recording on ‘Emotion Is Dead‘ had a small string arrangement in the bridge so for this reimagined version we just doubled down on some of those more orchestral and cinematic elements from the original and expanded on them and combined that with the acoustic arrangement we played on our last tour.

The song always had that classic soft / loud dynamic that so many bands in the wake of Nirvana did so we just tried to accentuate that. Now the quieter parts are even smaller and more intimate but it expands and gets a lot more vast than the original. If anything the lyrics in some ways mean more to me now than they did when I wrote them.

‘I’d give you my hand if you’d reach out and grab it. Let’s walk away from this hell.’ I can’t count how many times a piece of music has actually been that ‘hand’ that I’ve reached out to grab to lift me up when I was struggling. I’m just glad I can still turn to some of these songs years later to still find that optimistic promise of hope that lived inside the daydreams of youth.”

The Juliana Theory Reimagine Past Songs For New Album “A Dream Away”

The Juliana Theory have announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “A Dream Away” on March 26. Most of the effort will consist of reimagined songs, including a new take on “If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?,” which can be streamed below:

“A Dream Away” Track Listing:

01. “Better Now”
02. “Into The Dark (Reimagined)”
03. “Is Patience Still Waiting? (Reimagined)”
04. “We’re At The Top Of The World (Reimagined)”
05. “If I Told You This Was Killing, Me Would You Stop? (Reimagined)”
06. “Bring It Low (Reimagined)”
07. “Constellation (Reimagined)”
08. “Duane Joseph (Reimagined)”

Brett Detar said the following about the new record, which was inspired by MTV‘s “Unplugged” and a past acoustic tour:

“When I was a kid I used to wait in anticipation for new episodes of MTV’s ‘Unplugged.’ I loved how artists would sit on stools in an intimate venue and perform their otherwise electrified songs on almost entirely acoustic instruments. At its best, ‘Unplugged’ versions of songs could outshine the ‘official’ versions.”

“It was a very fun challenge to try and honor the pure, creative spirit these songs were originally made with while building upon the acoustic foundation with mellotrons, pianos, glockenspiels, woodwinds, and a healthy dose of strings. I hope that the love and care and time we put into these arrangements shines through.”

“Every night we were playing these songs that people knew but they were in a format that we had never done before and that is what was so interesting to me about it. It was really cool to watch the expression on people’s faces when we started our set and they weren’t necessarily sure what song it was just yet and then to see that spark of recognition and excitement when ‘Watch Your Mouth!’ came in. Everyone was singing along by the third word. That tour was the foundation for this record.”

The Juliana Theory Premiere “Can’t Go Home” Video

The Juliana Theory have premiered a new video for their new song “Can’t Go Home.” The track serves as the band’s first piece of new music in over 15 years.

Brett Detar commented:

“Making new Juliana Theory music was not really something I thought would ever happen again. If you had asked me 5 or 6 years ago if the band would ever make new music I would have emphatically said ‘no.’ But in 2019 lead guitarist and founding member Josh Fiedler and I were asked out of the blue to do a 30-show acoustic tour playing our old songs in a way we never had before.”

“Much to my delight the tour ended up being one of the most enjoyable things either of us had done in years. We truly had a great time hanging out and performing together and got along perfectly. If anything, I’d say the time we shared gave us each a new-found respect for one another both as musicians and more importantly as humans. Continuing to make music together after the tour ended just felt right – almost like coming home in a way.”

“I think people are feeling uncertain right now. I’d say that it’s pretty impossible not to feel that way. As humans I imagine we’ve always innately known that there’s no way to turn back the hands of time to simpler days but 2020 has fed us all an uncomfortably large dose of unfamiliarity – ‘wayward stranger days.’”

“Is this uncertainty a new normal? I’m not sure but I’ve always used music as a coping mechanism and I think this year I’ve needed it more than at any other point in my life. Many of us are feeling isolated and removed. Joyous collective experiences like live music shows are gone for the foreseeable future along with many of the other communal ways we come together as humans. Longing for that cathartic sense of collective unity one only gets from a gathering of people, we tried our best to capture the sound and feeling of a large group of people singing a simple melody together in unison in the chorus.”

“The Juliana Theory never did shy away from changing our sonic identity from release to release but the emotional core of our songs has always remained the same. At no point have we ever wanted to repeat ourselves and retread the same worn out territory and try and fail at recreating a past era of the band. I like to think this is exactly what The Juliana Theory in 2020 should sound like.”

[via Loudwire]

The Juliana Theory To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of “Emotion Is Dead” At Special Shows

The Juliana Theory have announced some special shows with Mae. The concerts will find The Juliana Theory celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Emotion Is Dead” and Mae celebrating the 15th anniversary of “The Everglow.” Here’s the dates:

06/13 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg
06/27 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theatre

The Juliana Theory‘s Brett Detar commented:

“20 years ago a little band of friends from a small town in Pennsylvania released an album we recorded on a shoestring budget in a converted garage. We were barely as old then as the record is now and some of us were younger than that but it changed all of our lives. Time moves so quickly but our connection to those magic-fill days of our youth is something that never really fades.

When Josh and I hit the road this past fall to play an acoustic tour we had an absolute blast reconnecting with each other, with these old songs, and especially with all of you who came out to sing along with us. That was the first real tour any version of the band had done in 14 years – but only a few months prior to that we genuinely didn’t know if we would ever play together again as a band.

Sometimes life has a way of taking the plans you make and laughing at them. Things that you have every intention of making happen sometimes fall apart in ways that are out of your control. I guess that’s a part of being human. But seeing so many of you come out to embrace the stripped down acoustic version of TJT warmed our hearts. Without fail, the number one question we got every night was “When will you play full band shows again?” Thank you for that – we listened.

So, for the 20th anniversary of Emotion Is Dead we will be playing the album in its entirety at a small number of shows, and to make it extra special we are teaming up with our friends in MAE who will be playing the 15th anniversary of their album The Everglow. Oh and don’t think we forgot, because like I said – we are listening to you all, we’ve partnered with our old friends at Tooth & Nail and Unoriginal Vinyl to finally give the album its long overdue second pressing on vinyl (and first as a double LP).

We will have a hand full of limited pressings with us at these shows and let me just say that they look gorgeous. We love ya and look forward to seeing you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for still having a special place in yours for Emotion is Dead and a little band from Pennsylvania called Juliana Theory.
– xo, Brett“

The Juliana Theory Postpone Summer Tour, Writing New Album

The Juliana Theory have revealed that have decided to postpone to their summer tour. Despite this, the band have also announced that they are working on a new album.

The group said the following:

“To our Friends & Fans,

When we realized 2017 was the band’s 20th anniversary we decided to do a handful of reunion shows because we missed playing together & missed all of you. The plan was to play a few shows filled with our old songs and then we’d put the band to rest again forever (or for a very, very long time).

But when we announced that we’d be playing these shows your reaction was overwhelming. Making music together again – all of us in one place for the first time in many years – just felt right.

We felt inspired and saw a future that extends beyond nostalgia… To make a long story short, we’ve decided to be a band again and we are thrilled to announce that we have begun writing a new record.

We’ve made the decision to postpone our summer tour so that this new music can be shared with all of you prior to and during these shows. Refunds will be issued for all of the tickets purchased and we will have further of announcements of new tour dates etc for you soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we promise to make it up to you shortly.

We love you and cannot thank you enough for always inspiring us.

The Juliana Theory“

The Juliana Theory Add More Dates To 20th Anniversary Tour

The Juliana Theory have added more dates to their 20th anniversary tour. You can find their updated schedule below.

Tour Dates:

07/29 Columbus, OH – Double Happiness
08/04 Nashville, TN – Exit/In
08/05 Dallas, TX – The Door
08/06 Houston, TX – House of Blues
08/11 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
08/12 Charlotte, NC – The Underground
08/13 Richmond, VA – The National
08/17 Boston, MA – Royale
08/18 Asbury Park, NJ – House Of Independents
08/19 New York, NY – Stage 48
08/20 Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero
08/24 Pittsburgh, PA – The Rex
08/25 Pittsburgh, PA – The Rex
08/26 Detroit, MI – The Majestic
08/27 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
09/06 Mesa, AZ – Nile Theatre
09/07 San Diego, CA – The Observatory North Park
09/08 Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda
09/09 Pomona, CA – The Glass House
09/10 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom