The Agonist Premiere New Video For Their Cover Of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”

The Agonist have premiered a new video for their cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” This song is available as a bonus track on the band’s latest album “Five,” which is available now.

Danny Marino said the following:

“It was fun to record a cover of a song that is so different from our material. Even though it is not metal at all, the song itself is very dark and meaningful. That’s why we felt it could be really interesting as a more upbeat Agonist song. I’m happy that we were able to keep some elements while drastically altering others.”

The Agonist Premiere “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Lyric Video

The Agonist have premiered a lyric video for their song “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” This song is from the band’s latest album “Five,” which is available now.

Danny Marino said the following about the track, which serves as a tribute to David Bowie:

“This song was a really interesting one for me to work on. When the news broke this year of David Bowie’s death it hit me pretty hard. Especially because of how his last album Blackstar turned into more than just a new record but a swan song of an artist still breaking boundaries even today. I had an instrumental that I knew was outside the box for The Agonist and felt I could make this a Bowie dedication. I used a lyric writing method called “cut-ups” that I had heard Bowie himself used. It is when you find books or magazines surrounding the topic you are writing about and cut out individual words, and rearrange them until it starts to form a story. I used album reviews of his last album that were written before it was known he was dying. In the end the result comes out as a eulogy to be read at his funeral. I’m really happy with the dark vibe we achieved in studio with this one.”

The Agonist Premiere “The Moment” Music Video

The Agonist have premiered a new video for their song “The Moment.” This song is from the band’s new album “Five,” which will be released on September 30.

Vicky Psarakis said the following:

“‘The Moment was probably the most exciting and demanding video I had to shoot so far. Chris (bassist / FTB Visuals director) came up to me with the idea to create a “storyline” with a close up of just my face singing the lyrics underwater.

And we achieved it by building a box with a plexiglass panel that fit my head, while the rest of my body was standing and perfectly dry. I guess you could say it was scary and awkward to have just your head submerged underwater and a bit dangerous to have to perform the entire song in that position, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing the whole thing all over again!”

The Agonist Premiere New Song “The Chain”/Reveal Details For New Album “Five”

The Agonist have premiered a new song titled “The Chain.” This song is from the band’s new album “Five,” which will be released on September 30.


Danny Marino said the following:

“We are so anxious to release this record to our fans and the rest of the world! This album represents another shift in the evolution of The Agonist!” Vicky and I went even deeper into what makes a song really connect. I’m very proud of everyone’s hard work making this the most diverse and interesting record for us to date! It was a great learning experience working with Mike Plotnikoff and fully immersing ourselves in the recording process 24/7. Just as much as we are excited to release this album we are psyched to get back out on the road and connect directly with our fans! Europe gets the first taste before we unleash on North America this November with Epica.”

Vicky Psarkis added:

“Being in The Agonist for over two years now and after releasing my debut album with the band and numerous tours, I can say that Five is the record where I believe that we finally found our sound! There’s a certain confidence that comes with experience and there’s something about being fully comfortable that can take your approach towards songwriting to a whole other level. Working on the lyrics and vocals on this album was an incredibly natural process. Halfway into the pre-production, we realized that a lot of our songs seemed to be telling a story and hearing the album in its entirety is like escaping into our world.”

“Five” Track Listing:

01. “The Moment”
02. “The Chain”
03. “The Anchor and The Sail”
04. “The Game”
05. “The Ocean”
06. “The Hunt”
07. “The Raven Eyes”
08. “The Wake”
09. “The Resurrection”
10. “The Villain”
11. “The Pursuit of Emptiness”
12. “The Man Who Fell to Earth”
13. “The Trial”
14. “Take Me to Church” (HOZIER cover) (bonus edition only)