Sevendust, & Alter Bridge Members Join Gary Noon In Walking With Giants

Singer/guitarist Gary Noon has teamed up with Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Morgan Rose (Sevendust), and Brian Marshall (Alter Bridge, Creed), to create Walking With Giant’s debut album, World’s Unknown. The band have released a new video for the track “Heavy Hand,” which you can see below. The album will be released on January 15.

01. “Worlds Unknown Part 1″
02. “Broken Truth”
03. “Back To Life”
04. “Bound”
05. “Heavy Hand”
06. “Endless Road”
07. “The Now”
08. “Guilty One”
09. “Different Voice”
10. “Solid Ground”
11. “Worlds Unknown Part 2″
12. “Crashing Down” (Acoustic) [Deluxe Edition]
13. “Another Life” (Acoustic) [Deluxe Edition]
14. “Worlds Unknown” [Deluxe Edition]