Racetraitor Premiere “Sarcophagus” Music Video

Racetraitor have premiered a new video for their new song “Sarcophagus.” This track is from the band’s new split release with Neckbeard Deathcamp, Closet Witch, and Haggathorn. Pre-orders for that effort will be available tomorrow (April 22).

Bassist Brent Dekker commented:

“‘Sarcophagus‘ is about how the ruling class shapes narratives to justify its domination. So like in the criminal justice system we have “predatory criminals” versus “law abiding citizens”. Under colonialism, we have “backwards savages” versus “enlightened civilization”. We always enphasize the purity of our own civilization, caste, or class while raping and enslaving all around us.”

Frontman Mani Mostofi added:

“We want the video to work as a spiritual quest for the viewer. It’s a journey through these archetypal narratives about culture and civilization. You see a sage, a parade of predators, a May queen who embodies purity and light. But it is neither a hero’s story nor a villain’s journey. You need to see the quest through to find your place in it all and come out the other end.”

[via No Echo]

Racetraitor Added To First Leg Of Refused & Youth Code’s U.S. Tour

Racetraitor have been added to the first leg of Refused and Youth Code’s upcoming U.S. tour. As previously reported, Metz will also perform on the second leg.

Tour Dates:

With Racetraitor:

02/21 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
02/22 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel
02/24 Montreal, QC – MTelus
02/25 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
02/26 Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection
02/27 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall
02/28 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
02/29 Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Cafe

With Metz:

03/03 Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
03/04 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
03/05 Seattle, WA – The Showbox
03/07 Berkeley, CA – UC Theatre
03/08 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
03/09 Los Angeles, CA – 1720 Warehouse

Racetraitor Announce Spring Dates

Racetraitor have announced some spring shows. Here’s the dates:

05/17 Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Artist Fellowship
05/18 San Antonio, TX – The Guillotine
05/23 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
05/24 Pittsburgh, PA – The Mr. Roboto Project
05/25 Philadelphia, PA – The Rotunda
06/07 Little Rock, AR – The Rev Room

Racetraitor Premiere “Cataclysm” Video

Racetraitor have premiered a new video for their new song “Cataclysm.” This track is from the band’s new album “2042,” which will be released on October 12.

Vocalist Mani Mostofi commented:

“We wanted to play off of the classic hardcore metal video of a band in the basement and use it to tell a pressing story. No one in Racetraitor is in the video.

Instead, it is an underground band representing our community which for us is inclusive of women, immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, Asians, queer people, and white men who reject what the far right has to offer them.

We were thinking about child separations at the border, ICE deportations and even all these sexual assaulters occupying the most powerful positions in this land.

The powers that be are trying to disappear our community and its diversity.

Sometimes in punk, hardcore and metal scenes we think these threats are about other people but they are about us. It is personal. If this Muslim ban were in place when my parents were trying to immigrate to the US I never would have been here and never done this band.

Think about it — from Los Crudos to Baroness to Sick of It All — many bands we love have been populated by immigrants and children of immigrants from countries that today some people want to close the borders to.”

Bassist R. Brent Decker added:

“Making the video was amazing. We put the call out to friends in Chicago and the Midwest with only a week’s notice and they really came through. We had people from La Armada, Decline, Through N Through, Turnspit, Malinche. Folks from Redbait and Lifes drove in from St. Louis and Wisconsin. They all just wanted to help push the message.

Reminds us that we are not in this alone and that there is a community of like-minded bands and people trying to fight racism, sexism, queerphobia, classism, and fascism. It was an inspiring experience making the video for us and a lot of the people in it.

This has been Racetraitor‘s experience since we got back together. People are backing us because they want to react to all the crazy shit happening in this country and elsewhere the last few years. Like with Good Fight.

We are not a band that is going to make them any kind of money but they have been leaning into our record and supporting us fully. To us, they clearly just want to support music with a message that speaks to the world today.”

[via No Echo]

Racetraitor Premiere New Song “The Cult Of Eschatology”

Racetraitor have premiered a new song titled “The Cult Of Eschatology,” via MetalSucks. This track is from the band’s new album “2042,” which will be released on October 12.

Bassist R. Brent Decker commented:

“With ‘Cult of Eschatology’ we wanted to address the racist way the US talks about the high levels of violence in cities like Chicago. The entire framing of the issue and the policies that are adopted serve white supremacy. Words like ‘criminal,’ ‘offender,’ and ‘victim’ are all euphemisms to get politicians elected and shovel more money to a ‘prison and policing industrial complex.

Nothing is really about solutions, violence reduction, or real people. The criminal justice system we have is just rooted in the ideologies of punishment which destroys countless lives, decimates communities, and strengthens corporate interests. Living and working in Chicago, this is all stuff we have seen first hand and it needs to be abolished.”

Racetraitor Premiere “BLK XMAS” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “2042”

Racetraitor have premiered a new video for their new song “BLK XMAS,” via Revolver. This track is from the band’s new album “2042,” which will be released on October 12.

Frontman Mani Mostofi commented:

“‘BLK XMAS‘ is really about how absurd it is that people, like the Fox News crowd, try to insist that Jesus or even fictional characters like Santa Clause are white. On one hand it is totally absurd and laughable but on the other hand, it goes hand and glove with the type of racist and xenophobic sense of cultural purity that gives rise to something like Trump.

Whether it is ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ or ‘Fear of a Spanish speaking America,’ it’s all propaganda designed to get white people to follow a political line that barely benefits most of them beyond a false sense of superiority.”

He continued:

“The name of the record refers to the date the US is predicted to become a majority-minority country. ‘2042‘ explores different sides of the racist fear and the far right attack on the concept of a majority-minority America. It hits on everything from Trump, the far right media, to xenophobia and Islamophobia.”

Drummer Andrew Hurley (Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things) added:

“With all that is going on in the world, we are trying to make a record that pulls no punches in the music or the message. We want to inspire punks, hardcore kids, and metalheads and maybe piss off a few racists along the way.”

“2042” Track Listing:

01. “Three Minutes Of Hate”
02. “The Lion And The Lamb”
03. “BLK XMAS”
04. “By The Time I Get To Pennsylvannia”
05. “Aylanoor”
06. “Cataclysm”
07. “The Cult Of Eschatology”
08. “Unhinged”
09. “The Universal Corrective Map Of The World”
10. “Rooz Va Aftab”

In other news, the group are also planning to re-release their 1998 release, “Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah,” and it will come with three bonus tracks.