Lovebites Premiere “Judgement Day” Music Video

Lovebites have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Judgement Day.” That effort will be released on February 22.

“Judgement Day” Track Listing:

01. “We Are The Resurrection”
02. “Judgement Day”
03. “The Spirit Lives On”
04. “Wicked Witch”
05. “Stand And Deliver (Shoot ‘Em Down)”
06. “Victim Of Time”
07. “My Orion”
08. “Lost In The Garden”
09. “Dissonance”
10. “Soldier Stands Solitarily”

Lovebites To Go On Hiatus After Parting Ways With Bassist Miho

Lovebites have parted ways with bassist Miho. As a result, the band will now be taking a hiatus.

Miho said the following:

“To all my loving and supportive fans, it was really hard to make this decision, but I have to announce my departure from LOVEBITES as of August 17, 2021. Given the current state of the world, it has made it difficult for me to give my goodbyes in person, so I really apologize for those who are shocked by this sudden announcement.

Over the past couple of years, I have been self-reflecting and reconsidering how I can be myself as a musician. When I look back, this period gave me an opportunity to broaden my perspective in both my professional and personal life.

LOVEBITES has been my life since 2016, and it always holds my best memories, especially performing at Wacken Open Air made one of my dreams come true even though it’s still unreal to me.

I couldn’t have done any of these without my bandmates, crew, staff and the undying love and support from fans all across the globe. My words cannot describe how much I want to thank you all for everything.

I’m parting ways with the band. However, my spirit for heavy metal never dies. Also, LOVEBITES will keep moving forward, so I really hope you all keep giving the same love for their future.

Thank you so much again for all your love and support. Hope to see you again one day soon.”

The band added:

“To our dear fans, firstly thank you all for always supporting LOVEBITES.

Today we have to let you know that our bassist, Miho, is leaving LOVEBITES. We’re so sorry to be bringing such sad news to our fans and everyone who has supported us so far.

After Miho told us she was thinking of leaving, the band and our staff have had countless meetings to find a way for her to stay. But in the end, we decided to respect Miho’s wish.

When we think of and feel for our fans, we struggle to find the right words to say.

This is also a really tough one but we need to let you know that we will be suspending our activities as LOVEBITES for a while. However, we are definitely coming back. We kindly ask for your patience until then.

Thank you all for your continued support for LOVEBITES’ future and for Miho’s future.”

Lovebites To Release New EP “Glory, Glory, To The World” In March

Lovebites will be releasing a new EP titled “Glory, Glory, To The World” on March 10. The effort will feature the following tracks: “Glory To The World,” “No Time To Hesitate,” “Paranoia,” and “Dystopia Symphony.” The band commented:

“On one hand, working on this album during the spread of coronavirus has been mentally draining. On the other, the music created in such darkness has managed to become full of feelings of salvation and light. This body of work is full of a positive power unlike anything else in the history of Lovebites.”

New Lovebites Song “Winds Of Transylvania” To Be Featured In Upcoming Series “Vladlove”

Lovebites’ new song “Winds Of Transylvania” will serve as the opening theme song for a new anime series called “Vladlove.” The series, which centers on a “blood donation enthusiast and a vampire from a prestigious bloodline,” was created by Mamoru Oshii and Junji Nishimura.

Oshii said the following;

“When I happened to see a Lovebites music video, I could immediately see parallels between the five members and the main character of ‘Vladlove’. They are like a heretic of heavy metal, wearing bright white outfits while playing intense music, they are the perfect choice to take charge of a theme song to an anime not bound by convention or common sense. And above all, their name couldn’t be more fitting!”

Nishimura added:

“Lovebites are known in Japan and overseas. They will help make ‘Vladlove’ known around the world. Their heavy metal sound brings power to the story, which is a comedy that also tells a story of love and fragility. The bring excitement to the show, like blood rushing in from the opening.”

Lovebites vocalist Asami also commented:

“We look forward to delivering a heavy and dynamic song for ‘Vladlove’! We have been appointed as official ambassadors for the series, so we will continue to support ‘Vladlove’ as much as possible! I hope you will join us in our excitement for this series!”

Lovebites Premiere “When Destinies Align” Music Video

Lovebites have premiered a new video for their new song “When Destinies Align.” This track is from the band’s new album “Electric Pentagram,” which will be released on January 31.

“Electric Pentagram” Track Listing:

01. “Thunder Vengeance”
02. “Holy War”
03. “Golden Destination”
04. “Raise Some Hell”
05. “Today Is The Day”
06. “When Destinies Align”
07. “A Frozen Serenade”
08. “Dancing With The Devil”
09. “Signs Of Deliverance”
10. “Set The World On Fire”
11. “The Unbroken”
12. “Swan Song”