New Lovebites Song “Winds Of Transylvania” To Be Featured In Upcoming Series “Vladlove”

Lovebites’ new song “Winds Of Transylvania” will serve as the opening theme song for a new anime series called “Vladlove.” The series, which centers on a “blood donation enthusiast and a vampire from a prestigious bloodline,” was created by Mamoru Oshii and Junji Nishimura.

Oshii said the following;

“When I happened to see a Lovebites music video, I could immediately see parallels between the five members and the main character of ‘Vladlove’. They are like a heretic of heavy metal, wearing bright white outfits while playing intense music, they are the perfect choice to take charge of a theme song to an anime not bound by convention or common sense. And above all, their name couldn’t be more fitting!”

Nishimura added:

“Lovebites are known in Japan and overseas. They will help make ‘Vladlove’ known around the world. Their heavy metal sound brings power to the story, which is a comedy that also tells a story of love and fragility. The bring excitement to the show, like blood rushing in from the opening.”

Lovebites vocalist Asami also commented:

“We look forward to delivering a heavy and dynamic song for ‘Vladlove’! We have been appointed as official ambassadors for the series, so we will continue to support ‘Vladlove’ as much as possible! I hope you will join us in our excitement for this series!”

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