“Destination Onward: The Story Of Fates Warning” To Be Released In July

A new Fates Warning book, titled “Destination Onward: The Story Of Fates Warning,” is set to be released on July 15. The effort was written by Jeff Wagner in cooperation with past and present members of the band, record labels, peer musicians, roadies, and more.

Here’s a description of the book [via radicalresearch.org]:

“Fates Warning’s compelling 13-album discography, from debut ‘Night on Brocken’ to final album ‘Long Day Good Night,’ is the very essence of progressive heavy metal music. Founded in 1983 in Connecticut by five ambitious youngsters, the band matured, evolved and shifted through one of the most fascinating evolutions in the genre. Their music remains an inspiration to legions of fans worldwide, and now their story is detailed throughout ‘Destination Onward.’

Researched with the cooperation of every band member past and present, author and longtime Fates devotee Jeff Wagner guides the reader through artistic triumphs, lineup fluctuations, commercial breakthroughs and music industry tribulations. This is a celebration, a love letter, and an honest appraisal of the many ups and downs throughout Fates Warning’s formidable 40-year history.”

Wagner added:

“Anyone who owns my previous two books (‘Mean Deviation’ and ‘Soul On Fire’) will recognize many design aspects, including the cover’s French flaps and generally high quality of presentation. I labored hard over every single aspect, from the huge to the minuscule, to bring Fates fans a special document of the band’s career. Fates Warning, and its fans, deserve nothing less.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Fates Warning Premiere New Song “Scars”, Reveal Details For New Album “Long Day Good Night”

Fates Warning have premiered a new song titled “Scars.” This track is from the band’s new album “Long Day Good Night,” which will be released on November 6.

“Long Day Good Night” Track Listing:

01. “The Destination Onward”
02. “Shuttered World”
03. “Alone We Walk”
04. “Now Comes The Rain”
05. “The Way Home”
06. “Under The Sun”
07. “Scars”
08. “Begin Again”
09. “When Snow Falls”
10. “Liar”
11. “Glass Houses”
12. “The Longest Shadow Of The Day”
13. “The Last Song”

Ray Alder said the following about the new record:

“The styles of music we’ve written distinguish this record from the rest of our catalogue. There are some songs with electronics and some with a nice ethereal feel, as well as some pretty straightforward grooves, at least for us. And there are also some pretty heavy songs. We tried to give the listener a host of different things to listen to, as opposed to an album where every song sounds the same.”

“Like all albums, nothing comes easy. It’s quite a process to go from the idea to the actual finished song. Sometimes you think you’re done with it, then you hear something else and you have to try that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but you at least have to try it just so you know that in the end you’ve done everything possible to make it as good as it can be. Jim [Matheos] and I spent practically every day for the last year writing this album. I am very happy with the outcome, and with the blend of styles. I guess I could say that this album represents all of the years that we have been together.”

Ray Alder Finishes Recording Vocals For New Fates Warning Album

Ray Alder has confirmed that he has finished tracking vocals for the new Fates Warning album. He said the following:

“It’s official, the vocals for Fates Warning’s 13th album are done. 13 songs in 12 days. It was quite the adventure. I’ll tell you about it sometime…”

Fates Warning To Be Rejoined By Original Bassist Joe Dibiase For Three Shows

Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera will be missing three shows due to his commitments to Armored Saint. During his absence, original Fates Warning bassist Joe DiBiase will be filling in. Here’s the dates DiBiase will perform at:

03/13 Detroit, MI – Diesel
03/14 Chicago, IL – Concord
03/15 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave

Vera commented:

“Dear friends, Just a quick heads up with something regarding the upcoming Fates Warning tour. Over a year ago I had committed to playing a gig with Armored Saint in Athens, Greece this March 15. I wish to honor that commitment but that means that I’ll sadly have to miss a couple of gigs with Fates in order to do it. So i will be not playing on the Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee shows. (Some of my favorite cities by the way!).

Luckily for us, and YOU, my brother and OG Fates Warning bassist Joe DiBiase will be stepping up once again for these three gigs. So this will be amazing!

I will resume in Minneapolis with Fates.

I am currently practicing over 37 songs for the upcoming gigs with Motor Sister, Armored Saint and Fates Warning. My head is spinning out. But, not to pity me. This is the bed I’ve made for myself this time.

I’m very sorry I’ll be missing these three gigs but I know you’ll be in good hands. i look forward to seeing all of you out there very soon!”

Fates Warning Return To Metal Blade Records

Fates Warning have announced their return to Metal Blade Records. The group are planning to release a new album through the label in 2020. Vocalist Ray Alder commented:

“All of us in Fates Warning are happy to announce that we are back with Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade has been there for us since the very beginning and we are proud to call them part of our family. The journey begins again and we cannot begin to say how excited we are to work together once more. A big thank you to our fans for sticking with us through all these years. We could not be here today without all of you. That is a fact. Thank you everyone. Here’s to making some new memories!”

Fates Warning Stream “Life In Still Water” From “Live Over Europe”

Fates Warning are streaming “Life In Still Water” from their new live album “Live Over Europe.” That effort will be released on June 29, and it will feature recordings from eight different cities.

Fates Warning Share “The Light And Shade Of Things” Performance Video From “Live Over Europe”

Fates Warning have shared a performance video for “The Light And Shade Of Things” off their new live album “Live Over Europe.” That effort will be released on June 29, and it will feature recordings from eight different cities.

Fates Warning Stream “Firefly” From “Live Over Europe”

Fates Warning are streaming “Firefly” from their new live album “Live Over Europe.” That effort will be released on June 29, and it will feature recordings from eight different cities. This particular track was recorded in Rome, Italy on January 21, 2018.