Ray Alder Says Jim Matheos Doesn’t Want To Write New Fates Warning Music

During a recent interview with Rock Hard, Fates Warning singer Ray Alder explained his decision to pursue a solo career. He says guitarist Jim Matheos “doesn’t wanna write any more Fates Warning music,” so he needs something else to occupy his time.

Alder said the following:

“With FATES, after we did the last album and Jim saying he doesn’t wanna write any more FATES WARNING music, I have to do something. I’m a singer. I can’t just get a normal job. I mean, music is my life; it’s been my life since I was 16 years old. I’ve been in bands — shit, since I was 14 years old I’ve been in bands. The first time I ever sang, I think, I was 14, [in] my brother’s band. So it’s my life. I don’t know what else I would do otherwise.”

He continued when asked if Matheos is really uninterested in writing new music:

“Yeah. [He said it] when we did [2020’s] ‘Long Day Good Night’ [album]. That was basically his saying he doesn’t wanna write any more FATES WARNING music. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever tour again. I would love to tour again, and Jim would as well; we’ve already discussed it. It’s just a matter of getting everyone together. Joey’s [Vera, bass] in five or six different bands. And Bobby Jarzombek, Bobby’s now playing with George Strait, one of the biggest country music stars in the world, and Bobby’s his drummer now. But George doesn’t really do normal tours; he does one-off shows now and then. And so it’s really hard for Bobby to leave for more than a week or two to be on tour. So we’ve been trying to deal with that lately. But next year is the fortieth anniversary of FATES WARNING, so we’re discussing doing a few shows next year around the world. Not a full tour, but some shows every few weeks or months apart. So hopefully that’ll work. We’ll see.”

He also added the following about the possibility of new music in the future:

“It doesn’t seem like it. I can’t speak for Jim. Of course I would love to, and everybody else would, but at this point I don’t think Jim wants to write any more.”

He then went on to say the following after being asked why Matheos doesn’t want to work on new music:

“You’ve gotta ask him, man. You’ve gotta ask him. I can’t speak for him. Sorry.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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