EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar) To Release New Single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” In June

EYE AM, the project featuring Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative), Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative), Kirk Windstein (Crowbar), and Todd Strange (ex-Crowbar), will be releasing a new single, titled “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” on June 2. A music video will arrive on the same day.

Windstein commented:

“For me, I just love jamming and writing songs with talented people. Of course, I’ve jammed with Todd Strange since the ‘80s, so I knew that would be great, but having the opportunity to get together with Kenny and Johnny was exciting! I was a little nervous at first, but once we started putting the song together, I had a great feeling we were on to something special! I love the song, and can’t wait to write some more with these guys!”

Hickey added:

“Well, we didn’t really know what would happen when we got together. I had a few riffs and half-finished ideas, and I recorded them and sent them to Kirk and he wrote some ideas off of that. I think because we’re all around the same age, it echoes the music we grew up with, which was mostly ‘70’s hard rock and metal. It has a classic rock quality to it.

I hear some Hendrix in there as well. It’s really satisfying when you throw musicians and riffs into a pot and then listen back to hear what comes out of it. It’s somehow less contrived sounding, I think. It could have also hit the wall and ended up a disaster, which adds an element of risk to it as well. But I think we came out with something really cool.”

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