Ex Deo (Kataklysm) Reveal Details For New Album “The Immortal Wars”

Ex Deo, the Ancient Roman themed band featuring Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm), have revealed the details for their new album “The Immortal Wars.” The effort will be released on February 24, and will focus on Punic Wars, which was a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage from 264 B.C. to 146 B.C.


“The Immortal Wars” Track Listing:

01. “The Rise of Hannibal”
02. “Hispania (The Siege Of Saguntum)”
03. “Crossing Of The Alps”
04. “Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)”
05. “Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est!”
06. “Ad Victoriam (The Battle Of Zama)”
07. “The Spoils Of War”
08. “The Roman”