Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler Talks New Album

During a recent interview with Heavy Consequence, Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler talked a bit about the band’s upcoming album. He said he currently has nine demos for the effort and that they are hoping to release it next year.

Loeffler said the following:

“I’ve been working on it all year. We played nine shows this year and are playing a tenth this Saturday in Houston. That’s the last show of the year we have booked, so we are full-on writing for the new record. I’ve been writing since January. It’s one of those times when I’m happy to be done with shows for the year so I can fully focus. It’s difficult for me to jump between the two.

You have the live aspect, which is fun and the best part of what we get to do, but to juggle writing new material with performing shows is difficult for me. I’m happy to devote the rest of the year to writing, and hopefully the new album will be out in 2019.

I have nine demos that I could play right now. I’ll tell you this one thing — I’m super excited about this one song, and it’s all about this guy who is preparing to fly to Mars. That whole concept of us being an interplanetary species and working towards that is so fascinating to me. How can you wrap your head around leaving the Earth and not having a way to come back? I’ve written a song that’s all about that, and I love it, and it’s going to be a blast to play live.”


Chevelle Share New Trailer For “12 Bloody Spies” B-Sides & Rarities Collection

Chevelle have shared a new trailer for their new b-sides and rarities collection “12 Bloody Spies,” via Billboard. That effort will be released on October 26.

Pete Loeffler said the following about the effort:

“It’s something that my brother Sam (Chevelle‘s drummer) and I have been talking about for years, just kind of putting everything together.

We left a few things off, a couple of covers and other things, but this is a lot — 12 songs that didn’t really see a whole lot of daylight, and we thought they should.

We put together a sequence and thought, ‘Y’know, it’s a nice, full album of songs, so something’s going on…’ It was kind of a cool thing to do between albums.”

He also added the following about the group’s new album:

“I have about nine demoed songs and a whole bunch of ideas that span the last decade. It’s going to be the 10th full-length release for us, so I feel like we have to dig deep on this one.

I want to stretch a little bit more — that doesn’t always go over well with everybody, but we have to do it.

We’re creative beings. I think I could play five of these demo tracks that I have and fans would be into it, and the other four or five, I’m not sure. It will be interesting to see what people think.”

Chevelle Stream “In Debt To The Earth” From “12 Bloody Spies” B-Sides & Rarities Collection

Chevelle are streaming “In Debt To The Earth” off their new b-sides and rarities collection “12 Bloody Spies.” That effort will be released on October 26.

Chevelle Reveal Details For New B-Sides & Rarities Collection “12 Bloody Spies”

Chevelle have revealed the details for their new b-sides and rarities collection “12 Bloody Spies” (out October 26). You can pre-order that HERE and check out the first single “Sleep Walking Elite” below:

Track Listing:

01. “A Miracle”
02. “Sleep Walking Elite”
03. “In Debt To The Earth”
04. “Sleep Apnea” (acoustic version)
05. “The Clincher (Version 103)”
06. “Fizgig”
07. “Glimpse Of The Con”
08. “Indifference”
09. “Until You’re Reformed”
10. “The Gist”
11. “Delivery”
12. “Leto’s Headache”

Chevelle To Release New B-Sides & Rarities Collection “12 Bloody Spies”

Chevelle have announced that they will be releasing a new b-sides and rarities collection, titled “12 Bloody Spies,” on October 26. Pre-orders will launch on Friday (September 28). The band revealed the news by sending out letters to 12 of their biggest fans.

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Chevelle’s Sam Loeffler Says The Band Have “About Half” Of Their New Album Written

During an interview with Lazer 103.3, Chevelle drummer Sam Loeffler offered an update on the band’s new album. He said the following:

“We’ve got about half a record that we’ve been working on forever. Pete [Loeffler, guitar/vocals] always has songs that he’s working on, so when we start to write, we have a really good amount of stuff to pool from, which is great. So, yeah, we’ve been just taking our time. We all try to get a little bit of life in between there, but we’re writing, we’re doing a few songs here and there, and it’s actually been a great summer. I’m excited about the music, so that’s a bonus.”

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