Chevelle Announce Fall U.S. Tour

Chevelle have announced a fall U.S. tour. The band will be touring in support of their latest album “NIRATIAS.”

Tour Dates:

09/01 Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater
09/03 Pryor, OK – Catch the Fever Festival Grounds
09/04 The Woodlands, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
09/05 Dallas, TX – Dos Equis Pavilion
09/08 Huntsville, AL – Von Braun Center – Mars Music Hall
09/10 Danville, VA – Blue Ridge Amphitheater
09/11 Mansfield, OH – Ohio State Reformatory (‘Inkcarceration‘)
09/12 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore Silver Spring
09/14 Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
09/15 Birmingham, AL – Avondale Brewery
09/17 Indianapolis, IN – TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park
09/18 Clarkston, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre (‘Riff Fest‘)
09/19 East Moline, IL – The Rust Belt
09/21 Clive, IA – Horizon Events Center
09/22 Sioux Falls, SD – The District
09/24 Ashwaubenon, WI – EPIC Event Center
09/25 Mankato, MN – Mayo Clinic Event Center – Grand Hall
11/04 Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
11/05 Fort Wayne, IN – The Clyde Theatre
11/06 Columbus, OH – EXPRESS LIVE! – Indoor Music Hall
11/09 Raleigh, NC – The Ritz
11/10 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theatre
11/12 Daytona Beach, FL – Daytona International Speedway
11/13 Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues – Myrtle Beach
11/14 Greensboro, NC – Piedmont Hall
11/16 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte
11/17 Richmond, VA – The National
11/18 Norfolk, VA – Norva Theater
11/20 Newport, KY – PromoWest Pavilion at OVATION
11/21 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE

Chevelle Announce Socially Distanced Shows With Sevendust, Fever 333, Etc.

Chevelle have announced two socially distanced shows with Sevendust, Fever 333, Dirty Honey, Tetrarch, and Austin Meade. Here’s the dates:

06/26 Oshkosh, WI – Ford Park Live
06/27 Hoffman Estates, IL – Now Arena

Chevelle’s Sam Loeffler Clarifies His Brother’s “No Money From Record Sales” Comments

Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler recently made headlines after saying that the band “haven’t made any money off of record sales,” despite having six million album sold. Now, during a recent interview with Two Doods Reviews, his brother and bandmate Sam Loeffler further addressed those comments.

Sam said the following:

“We didn’t say how much money we’ve made in anything except for we haven’t made any money from album sales, which is true. We’ve done very well on all the other parts of the business, which is great. And that seems to be what’s happened with the industry, is that it’s kind of like the industry knows that touring and merch and publishing and things like that are their own thing, so they’re, like, ‘Because of that, we’re gonna take everything else. So when it comes to your albums, you give us nine albums, and you’ll get nothing for it.’ The album becomes a promotional tool. And I think that that is something that is surprising.

There’s a lot of details — ins and outs and everything — there. Long story longer, the reality is had you not made that deal when you did, who knows if it ever would have gone to where it is now? Because we’ve done great in a lot of places — we still do.”

“I think the whole thing with Pete saying that, about how we haven’t made any money on albums, is more about letting people know how it works when you sign away your masters for 29 years. That’s really what it is. And if you can give a little bit of info out to somebody out there who’s, like, maybe on the fence about signing this major label deal but they’re doing really well on their own, promoting their own thing… It all depends on what’s out there and what you’re able to do on your own.

There are some great artists who have done a really good job promoting themselves and have been able to keep all the control. And that’s great too. And that’s the other side of it too — you can use the major label to get it out there and to do what you’re gonna do and then transition into a situation where you have more control.

The reality is, with Epic Records, where we’ve been for 20 years, we have a lot of control; they’ve been very good about letting us do almost whatever we want, and supportive. But [in] 20 years, we’ve had eight different [label] presidents, nine different A&R people. There’s no person at Epic that’s responsible for us not making money. Everyone there, I’m sure, wants us to make money. It’s just not the model that exists.

And they’ve been supportive. And we have good people there that have done a lot of work. And I think that, unfortunately, some of those people will probably be disappointed to hear that, but all you have to do is put yourself in anyone’s shoes. Somebody who’s an inventor and goes out and develops this fantastic engine that saves five miles a gallon for a super airliner and he spends his life’s work doing it, and then, at the end of it, he gets zero for it. It’s, like, well, he’s probably entitled to something. And maybe someday we will make something from it.”

He also added:

“People don’t understand how the major label record deal works. Just the standard deal is that the artist pays for everything — marketing, promotion, radio promotion, videos; the artist pays for every single thing. It goes against their record sales.

If you are a major pop artist, the label might spend millions of dollars to promote your music, and that money comes out of your share of the record sales. So if your share is 20 percent, your 20 percent pays for all the marketing — the millions of dollars. So until it gets paid back, you’re in a negative situation.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Pete Loeffler Says Chevelle “Haven’t Made Any Money Off Of Record Sales” Despite Six Million Albums Sold

During a recent appearance on “The KiddChris Show,” Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler opened up about the lack of money the band have made from album sales. According to him, the group “haven’t made any money off of record sales,” despite having six million album sold.

Loeffler said the following about Chevelle completing their record contract with Sony/Epic:

“We just finished our record contract. How many bands can say that? We just handed in our last one for Sony/Epic, and we’re sitting here wondering what’s next. Where do we go now? Do we go back to being an indie band? I mean, that’s kind of cool. That sounds exciting. I don’t know. I don’t know where we’re gonna go now. Do we start a label? Do we do it ourselves? We’re not a TikTok band necessarily; we don’t have that platform.”

“We’re trying to change, but not change too much to lose your core fanbase, and yet you do wanna grow, and yet you don’t wanna be stuck in the same archaic music-business model.”

He continued when asked if they plan to re-sign with Epic:

“Contracts are a bitch, and we’ve signed some raw ones. And we need to start trying to make some money off of our catalog, which is 10 albums deep, plus all the side stuff. We haven’t made any money off of record sales, album sales. It’s all gone to the major labels. A lot of people make money off of us; we just don’t make money the way the deals are structured. We just aren’t excited to get back into any kind of contract. So if we find a new home at a new label, wherever it is, it’s gotta be a special deal where you get something for your hard work.”

“It would be nice to do something different and actually make a buck off of an album for once; it just hasn’t happened for us. We’ve sold six million albums for Epic Records, and they’ve made 50 million dollars. It’s lopsided. And the artist — just like Dave Chappelle said, he knows he signed a deal with for the Chappelle show long ago, and it’s a raw deal. It went to someone else, and they can put it on any platform they want, whether it’s Netflix or HBO or whatever, and he went to them and said, ‘Look, I know I did that, but it’s wrong — it’s still wrong. You need to compensate the artist.’ And that’s kind of where we’re ending up too. It’s a bad business model for the artist.”

He also added that the label still has control of the band’s masters:

“The fact of the matter is when you sign a record deal with a major, they own it for, like, 20-something years. We said, ‘We’d re-sign with you if you just sent some of it through the pipeline to us.’ All the profits, they’re keeping everything. ‘And if you just send a little bit through, maybe we can talk about this, [about] continuing on.’ I mean, there’s some good people at Epic. And then, in a lot of ways, we feel burned.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Chevelle’s “NIRATIAS” Debuts In The Top 10 Of The Billboard 200

Chevelle’s new album “NIRATIAS” (aka “Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation”) has debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart. The effort moved 28,000 units including about 24,000 from album sales.

Chevelle Reveal New Touring Bassist

Chevelle have officially recruited Kemble Walters (ÆGES) as their new touring bassist. Drummer Sam Loeffler told FM99 WNOR the following about that:

“His name is Kemble Walters, and he plays in a band called ÆGES and he’s actually the guitarist-singer in that band, but he plays bass in another band as well. And we just asked him. He’s a friend of ours; we’ve known him for many years and did lots of shows together. And we were, like, ‘Hey, man, we love you. We love your hair. Do you wanna come and play some shows?’ And he said ‘yes.’ So we’re gonna do that. And we’ll see how it goes. He’s a rad dude, so I’m sure it’ll be great — until he has to go and do his other projects again, or whatever he does. But it’s cool. It’s casual. And he’s great. He’s a great musician, and he’s a great bass player, and he’s a great guitarist. And he can sing. And he’s got really tight pants. So, we really like him.”

[via Blabbermouth]