Ice-T: “We Just Finished The First Day Of Writing, Recording And Track Selection For The New Body Count Album”

Body Count’s Ice-T has shared an update on the band’s upcoming album “Merciless.” He said the following:

“☠️BODY COUNT NEWS☠️ I’m proud to say we just finished the FIRST day of writing, recording and track selection for the New BC Album ‘MERCILESS’ Only one goal… “ It’s gotta be HARDER than the last…. It already is. @BodyCountBand @centurymediaeu”

Body Count Share Second Fan-Created Music Video For “The Hate Is Real”

Body Count have shared another fan-created video for their song “The Hate Is Real.” The clip was created by Joerg Harms (Black Vision Films) and it can be seen below. The track is from the group’s latest album “Carnivore.”

Body Count Begin Work On New Album “Merciless”

Body Count have officially started work on their new album “Merciless.“ The band commented:

“BODYCOUNT NEWS: Even though we have not been able to perform ONE single concert to support the CARNIVORE album because of the Global Pandemic.. We’ve made the decision to Officially start the NEW BC Album ‘MERCILESS’ 2021 …Stay tuned…”

Watch Body Count Rock Out As Puppets In “The Hate Is Real” Music Video

Body Count have premiered a new video for their song “The Hate Is Real.” The puppet-filled clip was created by Seby Martinez, who won the recent contest that the band launched to make the video. The track is from their latest album “Carnivore.”

Body Count Win “Best Metal Performance” Grammy For “Bum-Rush”

Body Count have officially won the Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” at the 63rd Annual Grammy Award Show. The band scored the award for their song “Bum-Rush.” Other nominees in the metal category included:

  • Code Orange – “Underneath”
  • In This Moment – “The In-Between”
  • Poppy – “Bloodmoney”
  • Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe) (live)

Body Count Launch Fan Contest For “The Hate Is Real” Music Video

Body Count are challenging fans to create a music video for their song “The Hate Is Real.” The band will choose their favorite clip to become the official video for the track.

The band commented:


You create the official music video for our song “The Hate Is Real” taken from our latest album, Carnivore.

Just create your own video and submit a preview version to:


From all submissions we will pick our favorite which will then become the offcial music video for “The Hate Is Real” to be released early next year.


  • Body Count Backstage Pass
  • Zoom Call with Ice
  • $5000 to cover your expenses

Download “The Hate Is Real” here to use it as the backing track for the video

Just want to keep you honest. You can only use footage you’ve personally shot, created or own. If you are using footage or materials outside of that, you need to have the rights cleared in writing by the verifiable owner. For example, you can’t pull footage from the “Bum Rush” video. Basically, keep your shit legit.

The contest ends on February 28th, 2021.”

Body Count Premiere Animated Video For “Thee Critical Beatdown”, Release “No Lives Matter” Benefit Shirt

Body Count have premiered an animated video for their song “Thee Critical Beatdown.” That track is from the band’s latest album “Carnivore.” With this news, Body Count have also released a limited edition “No Lives Matter” shirt. A portion of the proceeds from that will go towards The Innocence Project and The RightWay Foundation.

Body Count’s Ice-T Reflects On “Cop Killer”: “I Was A Little More Radical Back Then”

During a new interview with the Washington Post, Body Count’s Ice-T reflected on the group’s controversial protest song “Cop Killer.” The track, which is still not available digitally or on newer copies of the band’s self-titled album, has been coming up as of late due to the ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

Ice-T said the following:

“It was a song about somebody who, during a moment like this, got so mad that they went after the cops. We don’t want that guy. But a lot of times you warn people by saying this can happen. I never killed no cop. I’ve written better songs that are more on point with what I believe today. I was a little more radical back then. ‘No Lives Matter’ addresses my feelings at this moment. You got to remember, 30-years-ago Ice is different than 62-year-old Ice.”

He also added the following after being asked who the 62-year-old Ice-T is:

“My correct guidance right now is know your allies and let’s continue to go forward. Don’t let up. Let’s go after Breonna Taylor’s killers. Let’s get it done.”

This news comes after Billboard recently ran a story on the continued absence of “Cop Killer.” Ernie C. told the site the following about that:

“It should be there. It absolutely should be there. Some of these kids that are out there [protesting], they’re 30, 31 — they were newborns when this was going on. What we talked about 30 years ago, we’re still talking about.”

Body Count Release “No Lives Matter” To Radio

As people continue to take to the streets in protest of systemic racism and police brutality, Body Count have decided to officially release their song “No Lives Matter” to radio. That track is featured on the band’s 2017 album “Bloodlust.” Century Media Records director Philipp Schulte said the following:

“As a company we felt it was necessary to release this single as a way to actively participate in the change that is needed to combat police brutality and racism. It is a first step in doing our part to inspire unity and transformation.”

Body Count Premiere New Video For “Point The Finger” Feat. Power Trip’s Riley Gale

Body Count have premiered a new video for their song “Point The Finger.” This track features Power Trip’s Riley Gale and it appears on the band’s latest album “Carnivore.” The clip was filmed on cellphones during the ongoing quarantine.