Crown The Empire Announce May Shows With The Word Alive & Afterlife

Crown The Empire have announced some May shows with The Word Alive and Afterlife. Here’s the dates:

05/21 Daytona Beach, FL – Welcome To Rockville
05/22 Pensacola, FL – Vinyl
05/24 Nashville, TN – The End
05/25 Memphis, TN – Growlers
05/26 Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
05/27 Arlington, TX – So What Music Festival

Afterlife Premiere “Miles Away” Music Video

Afterlife have premiered a new video for their new song “Miles Away.” This track is from the band’s new album “Part Of Me,” which will be released on August 13.

Tyler Levenson commented:

“I would consider ‘Miles Away‘ to be one of the most personal songs on the album next to the title track ‘Part Of Me‘. This was one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write considering how recent the events were to me recording the song + it being one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to go through not only because of the heartbreak but the internal realizations I was experiencing at the time.

I knew while writing ‘Miles Away‘ that it was incredibly important to be as vulnerable as possible otherwise the song wouldn’t feel right to me, the lyrics had to come naturally and be honest no matter how difficult it was for me and I really think that is shown in the song. In my experience of going through a relationship ending I learned a very valuable lesson that stuck with me more then anything….”Don’t Wait Until It’s To Late“.

‘Miles Away‘ is just one of those songs you need to sit back and listen to because musically it’s the softest song we’ve ever released but lyrically it’s the heaviest.”

Afterlife Premiere “Envy” Music Video

Afterlife have premiered a new video for their new song “Envy.” This track is from the band’s new album “Part Of Me,” which will be released on August 13. Vocalist Tyler Levenson commented:

“Our goal with ‘Envy‘ from the start was to create a song that would keep you on the edge of your seat, a heavy track but heavy in a way that the band has never done before, heavy in a way that was exciting and fresh which I firmly believe we did. This song is very much a cautionary tale or warning about how the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side” and how being envious of someone or something is often a dangerous feeling. Wanting something that someone else has or seeing another person’s life and wishing it was you or that your life would be better if things were different which ultimately leaves you feeling unsatisfied once you obtain what you thought you wanted.”

Afterlife Premiere “Part Of Me” Video

Afterlife have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Part Of Me.” That effort will be released on August 13.

Tyler Levenson commented:

“I grew up in a turbulent household and had a strained relationship with my family on top of other issues growing up and for so many years. I just didn’t understand why things were the way they were which unfortunately had a lot of long-term effects on me later in life. But as an adult I was able to go back and have those conversations, breakdown my childhood and finally receive the closure I so desperately needed growing up.

I believe that this song is me putting that chapter of my life to rest, while recognizing that I am who I am today because of those events and that it will always be a part of me that I carry. Writing this song with our long-time friend and producer Zach Jones was an amazing feeling since he’s been there since day one with the band and he really knows how to bring the emotion out of me in the most honest and impactful way.”

“Part Of Me” Track Listing:

01. “Wasting Time”
02. “Envy”
03. “Misfit Anthem”
04. “Not Giving It Up”
05. “Part Of Me”
06. “Miles Away”
07. “Pure”
08. “Burn It Down”
09. “Who Am I”
10. “Chasing The High”

Afterlife Premiere “Burn It Down” Music Video

Afterlife have premiered a new video for their new song “Burn It Down.” You can check that out below:

Tyler Levenson commented:

“‘Burn It Down‘ was written towards the tail end of the recording process and at that time we were many months into the global pandemic which personally resulted in a lot of anger and frustration with how things were being handled in not only our country but around the world. Writing and recording music in a time where there is this looming sense of fear and uncertainty put me in a place where I’ve never been before mentally and at that time I felt very hopeless and as if my “world” was on fire so I wanted the song to feel very empowering and anthemic in tone to counter how I was feeling which resulted in the lyrics “You bring the match, I’ll bring the gas, Together we’ll burn it and live among the ash” and “When push comes to shove, You gave us no choice” to really visualize that we’ve had enough and it’s time for change which I’m sure many others feel the same exact way as we do.”

Afterlife Premiere New Song “Wasting Time”

Afterlife have premiered a new song titled “Wasting Time.” Tyler Levenson told the following:

“‘Wasting Time‘ was one of the first songs we wrote when we entered the studio back in March and at that time the world was just a complete mess and quite frankly still is you know? We were all fed up with things and wanted to write something that encapsulated those feelings we were going through at that time. I think ‘Wasting Time‘ is a mood in its own cause we touch on a lot within the album, it’s going to be a great listen when it’s released.”