The Word Alive Recover Recently Stolen Items Thanks To AirTags

The Word Alive recently became victims of theft while on tour with Starset. Fortunately, the band were able to retrieve everything that was taken thanks to some AirTags that were placed on the lost items. Tyler “Telle” Smith tweeted the following about that:

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The Word Alive Release Cover Of Incubus’ “Pardon Me”

The Word Alive have released a cover of Incubus‘ “Pardon Me.” The band commented:

“Thank you Incubus for being one of the reasons we all wanted to start a band all those years ago, we hope this does you justice.”

The Word Alive Announce “Deceiver” 10th Anniversary Livestream Show

The Word Alive will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Deceiver“ during a livestream show on August 29. Tickets can be found HERE. The band commented:

“We were going to be playing this record for some additional countries this year but the world had different plans! So a live stream to every country in the world felt right, we want to thank every fan who has supported us from this record and beyond! We look forward to ten more years celebrating life, music and the TWA community we have built!”

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Donates $7,000 To The Word Alive

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke has donated $7,000 to The Word Alive to help them out after their van was broken into last month. The money was raised via Twitch.

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The Word Alive Release New Shirt To Help Recoup Losses Following Recent Theft

As previously reported, The Word Alive recently lost $10,000 worth of items after thieves broke into their van in Sacramento, CA. Now, the group have since released a new shirt to help recoup some of those losses.

The Word Alive Lose About $10,000 Worth Of Items During Recent Theft

While in Sacramento, CA last night (March 3), thieves ended up stealing about $10,000 worth of items from The Word Alive. Tyler “Telle” Smith tweeted the following about that:

The Word Alive Premiere “No Way Out” Music Video

The Word Alive have premiered a new video for their new song “No Way Out.” This track is from the band’s new album “Monomania,” which will be released on February 21. Telle Smith commented:

“‘No Way Out‘ doesn’t hold back, as it instantly pulls you into the darkest day of my life. It’s a story I needed to tell for myself just as much as someone else may need to hear it. The worst thing a person can do is lose themselves completely, and that’s exactly what happened to me.”

The Word Alive Premiere “Monomania” Music Video

The Word Alive have premiered a new video for their new song “Monomania.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on February 21.

Telle Smith commented:

“With ‘Monomania,’ I wanted to capture the emotional roller coaster we go through as we continually kill our true selves battling the ‘madness’ we feel as we struggle with who we are, wondering at times if there’s any point to all of this.

Sometimes, we’re so desperate to be heard that we get lost attempting to fit in or to stand out. It’s fucking hard learning what feels like hard lessons over and over. We fail to take ownership of our thoughts and actions, pulling us further away from facing who we are. You only really overcome that by trusting in yourself, because that’s the only way you can break the cycle.”

“When you listen to our new music, I hope you have a better understanding of our entire career. Maybe you can see the whole story and realize that we’re not different from you. We’ve been through it all, but we’re always trying to learn, grow, and leave something behind we feel will help people. This is our purest work. This is everything we’ve been through in the last couple of years. It’s the best conclusion of the last 10 years and the best opening to the next 10.”

“Monomania” Track Listing:

01. “Monomania”
02. “No Way Out”
03. “Searching For Glory”
04. “Another Year In The Shadows”
05. “Greatest Almost”
06. “Thank You”
07. “Numb Love (Misery II)”
08. “K.F.”
09. “Burning Your World Down”
10. “Comfort & Chaos”
11. “I’m Sorry You’re Sorry Now”
12. “Death Is Only The End If You Assume The Story Is About You”