Danny Worsnop Is Not Interested In “Becoming A Legal Member” Of Asking Alexandria Again

Asking Alexandria reunited with frontman Danny Worsnop last fall, but it appears he is not officially a “legal member” of the band, and as he told Finland’s Kaaos TV, he is not interested in becoming one again. You watch him discuss that in the below video:

Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t have any interest in becoming a legal member again, just ’cause there’s so many, at that point, complications with my writing with my album and with Harlot and with other people I work with and my movie schedule. At that point, everything becomes very political, and I’d rather it just remain being fun.”

“It’s better for us that way, ’cause we can, as a group of dudes and as Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria, we can respectfully organize things rather than everyone trying to step on each other’s toes and everyone trying to be the most important thing. This way, we can just be, like, ‘Okay, you’re busy then. We’re booking stuff here, ’cause you have nothing going on,’ and vice versa.”

As far as where they stand as of right now, Worsnop said the following:

“I went and I did one tour, and then that’s turned into two tours. And we’re discussing doing more tours now, and then I signed on to do an album. So that’s where we’re at.”

Ben Bruce Says The New Asking Alexandria Album Is Already Written

Ben Bruce was recently interviewed by KaaosTV and revealed that Asking Alexandria already have a new album written, and that they are just waiting to record it. You can see what he had to say about that and more in the below video:

Bruce said the following when asked about a recent music teaser and if it is a good example of what’s to come:

“We’re holding our cards close to our chest right now. We’re not gonna give too much away. Obviously, that was music that we had written. Whether it makes the album or not, we’ll see. The whole album’s written and is ready to be recorded properly. And then we have some huge touring opportunities in the works that we are working on right now, so it’s gonna be exciting.”

Bruce also added that he wrote most of the new album in the studio rather than writing on the road like previous albums:

“But this album, though, I actually went into a studio. I spent months in the studio with [producer] Matt Good and wrote the album,” the axeman stated.

I was, like, ‘This has to be better than anything we’ve ever, ever written.’ So I spent months locked away in the studio, all night, all day. I used to go into the studio at lunchtime and not get home until lunchtime the next day. And my baby would already be awake, and I’d be, like, ‘Damn, I need to go to bed for a bit.’ For months, I was on that brutal schedule. But it’s been worth it”

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Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Says Denis Stoff “Was Lip Syncing Over [His] Stuff For A Minute”

Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop was recently interviewed on the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast and he opened up a bit about Denis Stoff, who replaced him in the group until his recent return. According to Worsnop, Stoff was actually lip syncing his parts during the band’s live shows. You can hear him discuss that below:

Worsnop said the following:

“He was just keepin’ my seat warm. Honestly I don’t know the kid so I have no opinion of him as a person. When people start telling me stories, my response is like… I don’t wanna know. I met the kid one time on a tour in Russia and he got a picture with me outside of a hotel. That’s my extent of my knowledge of him.”

He also added:

“The only weird thing was, and this was like, it was like almost illegal. He was lip syncing over my stuff for a minute. That obviously did not rub me or my lawyers the right way.”

“They jumped on it before I did. They were like ‘hey just so you know we sent him a cease and desist because he’s lip syncing over your stuff’. I hadn’t seen them or heard them with him so I was just like yeah make sure he’s not using my stuff.”

Did Danny Worsnop Post A Snippet Of A New Asking Alexandria Song?

Danny Worsnop posted a heavy new teaser on Instagram which is believed to be a new Asking Alexandria song. Worsnop previously reunited with the band in 2016 and hit the studio with Ben Bruce and From First To Last’s Matt Good, who served as the producer for the session.

Asking Alexandria.

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The Word Alive, Silent Screams, & Bohemian Grove Added To Asking Alexandria’s European Headlining Dates

The Word Alive, Silent Screams (select dates), and Bohemian Grove (select dates) have been added to Asking Alexandria’s European headlining dates. You can see the band’s full schedule below.

Tour Dates:

02/27 Antwerp, BEL – Trix (Asking Alexandria only)
03/01 Lyon, FRA – Salle de Kao (with Silent Screams)
03/02 Marseille, FRA – Jas Rod (with Silent Screams)
03/03 Bilbao, SPA – TBA (with Silent Screams)
03/04 Lisbon, POR – Paradise Garage (with Silent Screams)
03/06 Madrid, SPA – Sala But (with Silent Screams)
03/07 Barcelona, SPA – Razzmatazz 2 (with Silent Screams)
03/09 Milan, ITA – Alcatraz (with Silent Screams)
03/10 Ljubljana, SLO – Kino Siska (with Silent Screams)
03/11 Sofia, BUL – Mixtape 5 (with Silent Screams)
03/12 Bucharest, ROM – Arenele Romane (with Silent Screams)
03/13 Budapest, HUN – Durer Kert (with Silent Screams)
03/14 Vienna, AUT – Arena (with Bohemian Grove)
03/15 Linz, AUT – Posthof (with Bohemian Grove)
03/17 Aarhus, DEN – Train (with Bohemian Grove)
03/18 Stockholm, SWE – Fryhuset (with Bohemian Grove)
03/20 Tampere, FIN – Pakkahuone (with Bohemian Grove)
03/21 Helsinki, FIN – Nosturi (with Bohemian Grove)
03/23 Oslo, NOR – Rockefeller (with Bohemian Grove)
03/24 Malmo, SWE – KB (with Bohemian Grove)
03/25 Copenhagen, DEN – Amager Bio (with Bohemian Grove)
03/26 Esch Sur Alzette, LUX – Rockhal (with Bohemian Grove)
03/28 Warsaw, POL – Proxima (with Bohemian Grove)
03/29 Prague, CZE – Forum Karun (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
03/30 Tropolach, AUT – Full Metal Mountain (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
03/31 Munchen, GER – Zenith (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/01 Bratislava, SLO – Refinery Gallery (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/03 Zurich, SWI – Samsung Hall (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/04 Frankfurt, GER – Jahrhunderthalle (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/05 Bremen, GER – Pier 2 (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/06 Dusseldorf, GER – Mitsubishi Electric Halle (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/08 London, UK – O2 Academy Brixton (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/09 Nottingham, UK – Rock City (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/10 Leeds, UK – O2 Academy (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/11 Cardiff, UK – University Great Hall (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/13 Paris, FRA – Le Bataclan (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/15 Leipzig, GER – Impericon Festival (with Parkway Drive & Stick To Your Guns)
04/17 Friedrichshafen, GER – Neue Messe Halle (Asking Alexandria only)
04/18 Moscow, RUS – Yotaspace (Asking Alexandria only)
04/19 Yekaterinburg, RUS – Tele-club (Asking Alexandria only)

James Cassells Says Asking Alexandria & Danny Worsnop Are “Moving Forward With New Music”

James Cassells was recently interviewed by KFMX’s Wes Nessman and discussed some of the band’s future plans. With the band having reunited with Danny Worsnop, Cassells said they are “gonna go back to doing what [they] were doing with Danny” and they are “gonna be moving forward with new music.”

Cassells also said the following about the reunion:

“Before this tour, I’d only spoken to Danny once very briefly, [and] some of the [other] guys [in the band] hadn’t spoken to him at all. We needed to make sure that we would still enjoy touring together. That was a question that we were all asking ourselves, and it’s not like we don’t know if we can fucking handle it, but when you’ve been away from playing music on stage with someone for so long, that question does arise. But we’ve just hit the halfway mark on the tour, and it’s been amazing — it’s probably been one of my favorite tours, I think, I’ve ever [done] in my career, and we’re having a great time. So now [that we know] we can obviously perform together better than ever, the shows are doing great, now it’s, like, ‘Let’s get some music written.'”

He continued:

“I think in the coming year, we’re really gonna get ourselves in the studio and start working on new material. We already have — Ben [Bruce, guitar] and me and the guys, we are constantly writing music; that’s a constant thing — but we are actually gonna go get in the studio with Danny, go lock ourselves away for a bit and really work on some great new material for people… We are gonna lock ourselves away. It might take a minute, which I think that’s good. Danny’s a busy guy — he’s got a lot of projects on at the moment. We’ve been touring pretty much constantly for a while now. Having a little bit of time to lock ourselves away, get creative, get back in that flow. So, yeah, the next year, though, is gonna be a busy year for us — not so much in the forefront, like playing shows etc., but for us as musicians, we’re gonna be in the studio, we’re gonna be in the practice space, we’re gonna working. There’s gonna be a lot of work going on, man.”

(transcribed by Blabbermouth)

Stick To Your Guns Added To Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria & Darkest Hour European/UK Tour

Stick To Your Guns have been added to Parkway Drive’s upcoming European/UK tour with Asking Alexandria and Darkest Hour. Check out the updated schedule below.

Tour Dates:

With Asking Alexandria & Stick To Your Guns:

03/29 Prague, CZE – Forum Karun
03/30 Tropolach, AUT – Full Metal Mountain
03/31 Munchen, GER – Zenith
04/01 Bratislava, SLO – Refinery Gallery
04/03 Zurich, SWI – Samsung Hall
04/04 Frankfurt, GER – Jahrhunderthalle
04/05 Bremen, GER – Pier 2
04/06 Dusseldorf, GER – Mitsubishi Electric Halle
04/08 London, UK – O2 Academy Brixton
04/09 Nottingham, UK – Rock City
04/10 Leeds, UK – O2 Academy
04/11 Cardiff, UK – University Great Hall
04/13 Paris, FRA – Le Bataclan
04/15 Leipzig, GER – Impericon Festival

With Stick To Your Guns & Darkest Hour:

04/16 Linz, AUT – Posthof
04/17 Graz, AUT – Orpheum
04/18 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra Track
04/20 Bucharest, ROM – Arenele Romane
04/21 Sofia, BUL – Maimunarnika
04/22 Thessaloniki, GRE – Principal Club Theatre
04/23 Athens, GRE – Piraeus Academy
04/25 Barceola, SPA – Razzmatazz
04/27 Madrid, SPA – La Rivier