Peter Green (Ex-Fleetwood Mac) Tribute Show Featuring Metallica, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Etc. Members To Be Screened In Theaters

On February 25, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, Jonny Lang, and more paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green during a special concert at the London Palladium. Now, the show, which took place several months before Green’s death, will be screened in cinemas across the U.K. on March 23 and March 28, 2021. After that, the film will be released as a gatefold 4LP set, a 2CD/Blu-ray mediabook, and digitally on April 30, 2021. Mick Fleetwood commented:

“The concert was a celebration of those early blues days where we all began, and it’s important to recognize the profound impact Peter and the early Fleetwood Mac had on the world of music. Peter was my greatest mentor and it gave me such joy to pay tribute to his incredible talent. I was honoured to be sharing the stage with some of the many artists Peter has inspired over the years and who share my great respect for this remarkable musician. ‘Then Play On’…”

Blue Öyster Cult To Release “Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016” In December

Blue Öyster Cult have announced that they will be releasing “Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016” on December 4. The effort, which was recorded at the 2016 Rock Of Ages festival in Seebronn, Germany, will be available on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and vinyl. You can find a live video for “Harvest Moon” from the set below:

“Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016” Track Listing:


01. “This Ain’t The Summer Of Love”
02. “Golden Age Of Leather”
03. “Burnin’ For You”
04. “Od’d On Life Itself”
05. “Harvest Moon”
06. “Me 262”
07. “Buck’s Boogie”
08. “Lips In The Hills
09. “Then Came The Last Days Of May”
10. “Godzilla”
11. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”


01. “Golden Age Of Leather”
02. “Burnin’ For You”
03. “Od’d On Life Itself”
04. “Harvest Moon”
05. “Me 262”
06. “Buck’s Boogie”
07. “Lips In The Hills”
08. “Then Came The Last Days Of May”
09. “Godzilla”
10. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”

Dream Theater To Release “Distant Memories – Live In London” In November

Dream Theater will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Distant Memories – Live In London“ on November 27. That effort was recorded during a February show at the Eventim Apollo in London, England. John Petrucci commented:

“Whether you had a chance to see this tour in person and want to relive what was hopefully an awesome concert experience or enjoying the performance on video for the first time, Distant Memories – Live In London very accurately and very beautifully captures the energy and excitement we all felt together at the Apollo this past February.”

“Distant Memories – Live In London” Track Listing:

01. “Untethered Angel”
02. “A Nightmare To Remember”
03. “Fall Into The Light”
04. “Barstool Warrior”
05. “In The Presence Of Enemies – Part 1”
06. “Pale Blue Dot”
07. “Scenes Live Intro”
08. “Scene One: Regression”
09. “Scene Two: I. Overture 1928”
10. “Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu”
11. “Scene Three: I. Through My Words”
12. “Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy”
13. “Scene Four: Beyond This Life”
14. “Scene Five: Through Her Eyes”
15. “Scene Six: Home”
16. “Scene Seven: I. The Dance Of Eternity”
17. “Scene Seven: II. One Last Time”
18. “Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On”
19. “Scene Nine: Finally Free”
20. “At Wit’s End”
21. “Paralyzed” (bonus track)

A live video for “Pale Blue Dot” from the release can be found below:

John 5 To Release “Live Invasion” In September

John 5 (Rob Zombie, ex-Marilyn Manson) will be digitally releasing a new live set, titled “Live Invasion,” on September 4. Physical copies of the effort will also be available in October. John 5 commented:

“Captured at different locations all over the USA during John’s 2019 Invasion tour. Included in this release and for the first time ever is the full John 5 and Creatures live experience on DVD bringing the fans closer than ever before. The performance also includes a guest appearance by Michael Anthony, Corey Taylor and Fred Coury. Pre Orders now CD/DVD Set, 2LP Colored Vinyl and an exclusive merch bundles at Live Invasion will be released for full digital streaming on September 4th along with the Full concert film also available for digital purchase in 4K ULTRA HD – The CD/DVD, LP and Bundle will arrive in October. All Pre Orders will be hand signed by John 5!”

Queen + Adam Lambert To Release New Live Album/Film “Live Around The World”

Queen + Adam Lambert will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Live Around The World” on October 2. The effort can be pre-ordered in the following formats: CD, CD/DVD, CD/Blu-ray, and vinyl.

“Live Around The World” Track Listing:

01. “Tear It Up” (May) The O2, London, UK, 02/07/2018
02. “Now I’m Here” (May) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
03. “Another One Bites The Dust” (Deacon) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
04. “Fat Bottomed Girls” ft. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (May) American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA, 2019
05. “Don’t Stop Me Now” (Mercury) Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
06. “I Want To Break Free” (Deacon) Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
07. “Somebody To Love” (Mercury) Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016
08. “Love Kills” (The Ballad) (Mercury/Moroder) iHeart Radio Theater, Los Angeles, USA, 2014
09. “I Was Born To Love You” (Mercury) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
10. “Under Pressure” (Queen/Bowie) Global Citizen Festival, New York, USA, 2019
11. “Who Wants To Live Forever” (May) Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016
12. “The Show Must Go On” (Queen) The O2, London, UK, 04/07/2018
13. “Love Of My Life” (Mercury) The O2, London, UK, 02/07/2018
14. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
15. “Radio Ga Ga” (Taylor) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
16. “Ay-Ohs” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
17. “Hammer To Fall” (May) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
18. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
19. “We Will Rock You” (May) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
20. “We Are The Champions” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020

Roger Taylor commented:

“We hadn’t really watched those clips before; we were always too busy touring. We weren’t aware of how good the band sounded. So we thought, well, maybe there’s a live album of highlights of concerts that we’ve done over the last eight years with Adam Lambert to be made.”

Brian May continued:

“As we all grapple with the challenge of creating live shows in a world dominated by a formidable viral enemy, it seemed the perfect time for us to create a collection of hand-picked live highlights from our Queen shows over the last seven years with our brother Adam Lambert.

It’s a first! As you watch and listen to these tracks you’ll be journeying all around the world with us, and experiencing a complete virtual live set. The collection climaxes in Sydney earlier this year when, in support Fire Fight Australia, we recreated the complete QUEEN Live Aid set. It was a historic event for a great cause — with perhaps the highest adrenaline level since the original Live Aid in 1985. It makes me particularly happy that we can now share this unique moment with the whole world.”

Adam Lambert added:

“When we couldn’t tour this year, we wanted to give the fans something in place of that, and a live album just felt right. It’s the first time we have released an album together, and we have had a lot of fun putting it together, picking out favorite performances over the past seven years.”

HammerFall To Release “Live! Against The World” In October

HammerFall will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Live! Against The World” on October 23. The effort was filmed on February 15 at the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg, Germany and a live video for “Never Forgive, Never Forget” from the set can be found below:

“Live! Against The World” Track Listing:

01. “Never Forgive, Never Forget”
02. “One Against The World”
03. “Heeding The Call”
04. “The Way Of The Warrior”
05. “Any Means Necessary”
06. “Hallowed Be My Name”
07. “Blood Bound”
08. “Redemption”
09. “Hector’s Hymn”
10. “Natural High”
11. “Second To One”
12. “Renegade Medley”
13. “Keep The Flame Burning”
14. “Dominion”
15. “The Dragon Lies Bleeding”
16. “Last Man Standing”
17. “Let The Hammer Fall”
18. “Hammer High”
19. “(We Make) Sweden Rock”
20. “Hearts On Fire”

Singer Joacim Cans commented:

“I am so damn proud that we are able to present a full blown, up-to-date, live show in these extremely difficult times. A time when real live shows in front of a ‘real’ live audience have ceased to exist.

The show at MHP Arena Ludwigsburg was nothing but epic and really captured the strength and power of the band as a live act and shows the joy we are experiencing together on stage every night, no matter where we play. This is the biggest stage production we ever had and now you can experience this at home anywhere, at any time.

HammerFall is and always will be a live band and together with the greatest fans in the world we are an unstoppable force!”

Guitarist Oscar Dronjak added:

“The live act that HammerFall is right now blows everything we have done previously out of the water, and I am super happy that we got to document it in this way on the biggest tour we have ever done.

The setlist speaks for itself — every album is represented with at least one song; there’s stuff we have never performed live before, songs we haven’t played in a long time and of course all the classics. It’s a great testament to where we stand today, and an added bonus is that we finally got to record something major in Germany, in front of the fans who have been with us literally since day one.”

Blue Öyster Cult To Release “45th Anniversary – Live In London” In August

Blue Öyster Cult have announced that they will be releasing “45th Anniversary – Live In London” on August 7. The effort was recorded at the O2 Indigo at the Stone Free festival in London, UK on June 17, 2017 and it will be available on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and vinyl. A live video for “Stairway To The Stars” from the set can be found below:

“45th Anniversary – Live In London” Track Listing:

01. “Transmaniacon MC”
02. “I’m On The Lamb, But I Ain’t No Sheep”
03. “Then Came The Last Days Of May”
04. “Stairway To The Stars”
05. “Before The Kiss, A Redcap”
06. “Screams”
07. “She’s As Beautiful As A Foot”
08. “Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll”
09. “Workshop Of The Telescopes”
10. “Redeemed”
11. “Buck’s Boogie”
12. “Godzilla”
13. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
14. “Tattoo Vampire”
15. “Hot Rails To Hell”

The DVD and Blu-ray will also include behind-the-scenes bonus content.

BABYMETAL To Release “Legend – Metal Galaxy” In September

BABYMETAL have announced that they will be releasing a new Blu-ray/DVD/CD, titled “Legend – Metal Galaxy,“ on September 9. The effort was recorded at Makuhari Messe Kokusai Tenjijou Hall in Chiba, Japan on January 25-26. Those shows featured completely different sets with one performance serving as the “World Of Light” and one performance serving as the “World Of Darkness.” The release will be available as a standard edition or as a limited edition “The One” set with a 64-page booklet, titled “Apocalypse,” featuring interviews with BABYMETAL.

Kamelot To Release “I Am The Empire – Live From The 013” DVD/Blu-Ray In August

Kamelot will be releasing a new live album/DVD/Blu-ray titled “I Am The Empire – Live From The 013” on August 14. The effort was recorded during the band’s September 14, 2018 show at the 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands. With this news, the group have also released a new live video for “Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)” featuring Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz and Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd.

Tommy Karevik said the following about the new video:

“We can now proudly announce that the first video to be released from the show will be ‘Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)’. The song marks the beginning of a new era as it was one of the main songs on ‘Silverthorn’, the first Kamelot album with me as the singer. Enjoy!”

Thomas Youngblood also added the following about the live release:

“We are pleased beyond words to present our new live album/DVD/Blu-ray ‘I Am The Empire – Live From The 013’. After multiple sold-out events in The Netherlands, it was only fitting to film this event at Tilburg’s famed 013 venue. The icing on the cake was having all the special guests attend this historic night. It was truly divine.”

“I Am The Empire – Live From The 013” Track Listing:

01. “Transcendence (Intro)”
02. “Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)” (feat. Once Human’s Lauren Hart)
03. “Rule The World”
04. “Insomnia”
05. “The Great Pandemonium”
06. “When The Lights Are Down”
07. “My Confession” (feat. Eklipse)
08. “Veil Of Elysium”
09. “Under Grey Skies” (feat. Delain’s Charlotte Wessels)
10. “Ravenlight” (feat. Avantasia’s Sascha Paeth)
11. “End Of Innocence”
12. “March Of Mephisto” (feat. Arch Enemy’s Alissa White Gluz)
13. “Amnesiac”
14. “Manus Dei”
15. “Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)” (feat. Arch Enemy’s Alissa White Gluz & Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd)
16. “Drum And Keys Solo”
17. “Here’s to the Fall”
18. “Forever”
19. “Burns To Embrace” (with Children’s Choir, including Thomas Youngblood’s son)
20. “Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)” (feat Arch Enemy’s Alissa White Gluz)
21. “Ministrium (Shadow Key)”

Septicflesh To Release “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” In July

Septicflesh‘s new live release, “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX,“ is set to be released on July 31. The effort was filmed during the band’s February 2, 2019 show at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City, Mexico in which they performed with the Symphonic Experience Orchestra, the Enharmonía Vocalis Choir, and the National University of Mexico Children’s and Youth Choir.

“Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Portrait Of A Headless Man”
03. “Martyr”
04. “Prototype”
05. “The Pyramid God”
06. “The Enemy Of Truth”
07. “Communion”
08. “The Vampire From Nazareth”
09. “Dogma Of Prometheus”
10. “Lovecraft’s Death”
11. “Dante’s Inferno”
12. “Persepolis”
13. “A Great Mass Of Death”
14. “Anubis”
15. “Dark Art”

The band had the following to say about the release, which will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, vinyl and digitally:

“On the 2nd of February 2019, a historic for SEPTICFLESH show took place in Mexico City at a fully packed Metropolitan Theater. For the first time and with the help of over 100 musicians, our songs were performed live in their full symphonic glory. The whole show was recorded and now it is time to present it to all our fans in a DVD/Blu Ray 5.1 entitled ‘Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX‘ that will be released from Season of Mist. We are grateful to all people that made this experience possible and success!”