Leprous Announce “Aphelion” Livestream Performances

Leprous will be celebrating the release of their new album “Aphelion” (out August 27) by performing it in full during some virtual shows on August 25. The sets will stream live from the Notodden Teater in Notodden, Norway at 7:00pm CEST and at 7:00pm EDT. Tickets can be found HERE.

Danko Jones Premiere New Song “Start The Show”, Announce Livestream Shows

Danko Jones have premiered a new song titled “Start The Show.” This track features Phil Campbell (Motörhead) and it will appear on the band’s new album, “Power Trio,” which is set to be released on August 27. In other news, the group have also announced that they will be playing two livestream shows at Bridgeworks in Hamilton, Ontario on August 28. The virtual events will take place at 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT and at 8:00PM CET. Tickets can be found HERE.

Senses Fail To Stream “Still Searching” And “Let It Enfold You” Sets

Senses Fail will be streaming full album performances of “Let It Enfold You” and “Still Searching,” which they recorded at Joshua Tree. The “Still Searching” set was recorded at sunset and it will air on July 29. The “Let It Enfold You” set was recorded at sunrise and it will air on August 5.

Buddy Nielsen commented:

“Joshua Tree is tied to many significant life changing events for me and the band. I heard the news of my first child, was a witness and first responder to a horrific accident, received news of a new president and experienced life altering connections with nature and family.

As a human I have done my best to survive and to ultimately flourish, I see the desert of Joshua Tree as a similar example of desolate space that thrives. My internal narrative can sometimes be desolate but I have always found a way to grow and persist despite harsh conditions. The desert has shown me that life is both beautiful and tragic and that both of them must exist in each other’s arms to feel the full spectrum of what the universe has to offer. I can think of no better place to perform out two most popular and life changing records that deep in the heart go to the Joshua Trees and the shadows of the ancient rock formations.”

Tickets can be purchased HERE. Both performances will also be available on limited edition vinyl.

Moonspell Announce “Irreligious” And “Hermitage” Livestream Shows

Moonspell will be playing two livestream concerts in Lisbon, Portugal this month. The first one will be held on June 18 and it will find the band performing “Irreligious” in full. The second one will be held on June 19 and it will find the band performing “Hermitage” in full.

Fernando Ribeiro commented:

“We all took a big fall with the COVID situation. It has been challenging to keep the band together and the fans motivated. Our legs were crushed but we are back on our feet and want to walk at your side again. We will not only celebrate the incredible 25th anniversary of one of our most fundamental albums (‘Irreligious’) but finally have the chance to unveil the absolute and quite powerful charm of ‘Hermitage’ songs on stage. It’s Moonspell like you never seen us before. It’s being together again. Our time has come.”

Tickets can be found HERE. Notably, 300 fans will be in attendance at each show.

In other news, Moonspell will also be reissuing “Irreligious” as a deluxe box set with the LP and a 12″ triangle-shaped disc EP featuring “Fullmoon Madness” and a live version of the track. An exclusive tape, slipmat, and more will also be included. The items in the set are also expected to be available separately as well.

Rival Sons Announce “Pair Of Aces” Livestream Performances

Rival Sons have announced some livestream performances, which they are calling “Pair Of Aces.” The virtual shows will take place at the Catalina Casino on Santa Catalina Island on June 19 and June 26 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET. The June 19 set will find the band performing “Before The Fire” in full and the June 26 set will find them performing their self-titled EP in full. Tickets can be found HERE.

Myrkur Announces Two Livestream Concerts

Myrkur will be playing two virtual concerts this month. The first one will be available to stream from May 21-23, while the second one will be available to stream from May 28-30. Myrkur commented:

“I am so exited to announce I have 2 live stream concerts coming up! Tickets: myrkurlive.com

Act I : Acoustic and Solitary in Copenhagen shows Myrkur in an intimate, solo setting, playing select songs from her entire catalog.

Act II : Nature Reclaims – The Folkesange Live Experience takes place in an abandoned military camp swimming hall. Myrkur performs with a full band and two choir singers, playing the new Folkesange album from start to finish.”

Maynard James Keenan Hopes To Do More Puscifer Livestream Events

Puscifer have already done a couple of virtual shows and now it looks like more might be on the horizon. During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, frontman Maynard James Keenan said that he is hoping to do more pay-per-view events in the future.

Keenan said the following:

“We’re probably gonna work on another pay-per-view at some point. Of course, I’ve got harvest coming up in July, August, September, so if we’re gonna do another streaming event we’ll have to film it in June.”

He continued when asked if the group plan to celebrate upcoming album anniversaries:

“I think we’re really just enjoying this one, doing the filming and being able to introduce characters, and develop those characters more fully. We’re definitely gonna do the ‘Vagina‘ album and ‘Conditions Of My Parole‘ at some point, for sure, ‘cos we’re really enjoying this process.”

He also added:

“I enjoy the live setting, but now that we’re doing pay-per-views I’m realizing we were trying to do things live that didn’t necessarily translate with some of these characters. So, this is nice, because we’re able to present those in a film setting, and now, in a live show, we don’t have to jam a lot of that in there.

We can still have the theatrics, but you don’t necessarily need to hear the dialogue, so that’ll be fun, to be able to fix things, in a way. I’m looking forward to, eventually, getting out there with ‘Existential Reckoning‘.”

Voivod To Perform “Nothingface” And “Dimension Hatröss” In Full During Upcoming Livestream Concerts

Voivod have announced the second and third installments in their “Hypercube Sessions” series. The virtual shows will include a full album performance of “Nothingface” on May 30 and a full album performance of “Dimension Hatröss“ on June 27. Tickets can be found HERE.

P.O.D. Announce “Satellite Over Southtown” Streaming Series

P.O.D. have announced a new streaming series, which they are calling “Satellite Over Southtown.” The virtual shows will take place at Petco Park in San Diego, CA and they will include a full album performance of “Satellite” on May 13, a full album performance of “The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown” on May 27, and a “B-Sides Rarities And Hits” set on June 10. Tickets can be found HERE.

Sonny Sandoval commented:

“As we navigate through the new norm of live performances, it’s a great feeling knowing we can still somehow connect with our fans and friends who have supported us all of these years. The idea of fans around the world online together watching us is pretty amazing!”

Traa Daniels added:

“As we get to share almost 30 years of music with our friends and family who have made this all possible, we are looking forward to sharing this moment with you all. One love!”

The group will also be hosting a pre-event Q&A session on April 13 live from their rehearsal space. The session will be moderated by John Rubeli, the Atlantic Records A&R rep who signed P.O.D. in 1998.

Staind To Release New Live Album “Live: It’s Been Awhile” In May, Announce Two-Part Streaming Concert Series

Staind will be releasing a new live album titled “Live: It’s Been Awhile” on May 7. The effort was recorded during an October 2019 show at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT. Footage of the set will also stream on May 1 as part of the band’s two-part virtual concert series “The Return Of Staind.” The second part of the series will feature a livestream concert in which the band will be performing “Break The Cycle“ in full at Mill 1 at Open Square in Holyoke, MA on May 8. Tickets can be found HERE.

Aaron Lewis said the following about the “Live: It’s Been Awhile” set:

“These were the first grouping of shows we played together in 2019, when we were gearing up for what was to be a very busy 2020…that never happened. I’m glad we captured that energy here and can share it with those who couldn’t be at Foxwoods.”

He also added the following about the “Break The Cycle” livestream:

“Our first show together in 1995 was at a now defunct bar called the Waterfront in Holyoke. We played mostly covers, because that’s what you had to do back then. Turns out The Waterfront is two miles from where we did this. Here we are, two miles down the road, 26 years later, celebrating the anniversary of the album that helped us break though 20 years ago and altered our lives forever.”

The cover art and track listing for the live album can be found below, along with a live version of “It’s Been Awhile” and a trailer for the streaming series:

“Live: It’s Been Awhile” Track Listing:

01. “Eyes Wide Open” (live)
02. “Paper Jesus” (live)
03. “Not Again” (live)
04. “Fade” (live)
05. “For You” (live)
06. “Something” (live)
07. “Intro” (live)
08. “Crawl” (live)
09. “Right Here” (live)
10. “Outside” (live)
11. “Paper Wings” (live)
12. “So Far Away” (live)
13. “Raw” (live)
14. “It’s Been Awhile” (live)
15. “Mudshovel” (live)