Rival Sons Premiere “Rapture” Music Video, Announce “Lightbringer” Album

Rival Sons have premiered a new video for their new song “Rapture.” This track is from the band’s new album “Darkfighter,” which will now be released on June 2. With this news, the group have also revealed that they will be releasing another album, titled “Lightbringer,” later this year.

Vocalist Jay Buchanan commented:

“In comparison to our previous records, we certainly took our time both writing and recording this collection. When we set out, the intention was mostly to dig as deep as possible. Even in the beginning before the body had formed, we agreed to throw the map away and chop our way through the woods to make a new path. Then lockdown hit and it felt like the whole damn country decided to throw the map away too. For myself, 2022 was like an eight-stage rocket of life changing events, so every time I thought I was finished writing, a new bull would come tearing through the clothesline and I’d have to illustrate it in some way. By the end, there were really two different sides to the same story being told. On one side, you’re fighting the darkness and, on the other, you’re bringing your own light to where there is none. One side in a corner, on the ropes, and the other advancing, cleaning the ring. Without an intermission, a refractory period, the collection would be too big a bite, so splitting it in two was the only way to do it.”

Rival Sons To Release New Album “Darkfighter” In March, Premiere “Nobody Wants To Die” Music Video

Rival Sons have revealed the details for their new album “Darkfighter.” The effort will be released on March 10 and you can find the cover art and track listing for it below:

“Darkside” Track Listing:

01. “Mirrors”
02. “Nobody Wants To Die”
03. “Bird In The Hand”
04. “Bright Light”
05. “Rapture”
06. “Guillotine”
07. “Horses Breath”
08. “Darkside”

Vocalist Jay Buchanan commented:

“‘Darkfighter’ represents the cultural mitosis of isolation, the pandemic, and the national fabric of the U.S. getting looser and looser. When I say ‘cultural mitosis’, there are lines being drawn constantly. We’re so divided, and you can’t step over the lines without offending someone. It certainly informed my writing. We recognized a responsibility to put a good word on people’s ears so there’s a good word coming back on their tongues too. We missed the joy of the live show and that magical interaction. When it was taken from us, that made me want to sing about topics that were important. There are strong themes on this record of loss of identity, preservation of joy, and beholding light and shape again.”

Guitarist Scott Holiday continued:

“Records are a healthy form of escapism. I hope this one takes you as far away as possible. Our intent was to create a cinematic body of work. As soon as the doors shut behind you, you’re enveloped on the ride. This is the sound of us really coming into our own. We’ve gotten further from our influences and gotten closer to what we are. ‘Darkfighter’ sounds like the Rival Sons.”

A music video for the album’s first single, “Nobody Wants To Die,” can be found below. Buchanan added the following about that track:

“You live your life knowing that the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head by a thread. You’re fully aware of the impermanence of your existence, but you can’t think about it all the time — or it’ll fuck your life up.

I used to work in a mortuary as a service advisor for a few years, driving and opening the hearses. I’d attend three funerals per day. Sometimes, they would be filled over capacity. Other times, it would just be me, a priest, and a hole in the ground. It doesn’t matter who you are; the great equalizer is coming. I was thinking of this because the music sounded like pursuit.”

Scott Holiday Says Rival Sons’ New Album Is “Almost In The Can”

During a recent interview with Radioactive Mike Z of 96.7 KCAL-FM, Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday offered an update on the band’s new album. According to him, the effort is “almost in the can.”

Holiday said the following:

“We have a record almost in the can right now. We’re pretty much done. It’s just really difficult. Our dear friend Dave Cobb, our longtime producer, is a busy man, and he’s only gotten busier and harder to nail down. So with everything, between all the protocol and COVID stuff and finding time with him, and now he’s out on tour with Chris Stapleton where he plays acoustic guitar part time, we’re just looking for our window to jump back in and wrap it up. And I’m hoping we can do that in January. One more session we’re gonna have and we’re gonna put a bow on it and get that out to everybody. I think we have a really great record kind of just about there.”

He went on to say that the recording process has been similar to their past work:

“The only difference was that me and Jay [Buchanan, vocals] spent more time writing back and forth, ’cause we were trapped at home with this pandemic. But when it came to recording, we really didn’t spend much more time than that still. We didn’t share too much with the [other] guys, so that meant when we went in to record, it kept things really off the cuff. So don’t worry, everyone, you’re still getting a normal, true-to-heart RIVAL SONS record.”

He also added the following about the musical direction of the new material:

“You can see the big wheel turning from record to record — they sound different; they sound really different. That’s why it’s so weird to come back to ‘Pressure And Time’ [for the ongoing 10th-annviersary tour] and go, ‘Woah! We’re in a really different headspace right now,’ where we’re making he new record. Or with ‘Feral Roots’ compared to ‘Pressure And Time’. Yikes! That’s trippy. Like, how are we gonna get these to translate as well as these other songs? You can really tell where we are in our trajectory. So, like that, this record has moved along from ‘Feral Roots’. I can’t really say [it’s] more melodic. I think we’re always sharpening the sword, we’re always trying to become better songwriters and always trying to be more melodic. And not trying to necessarily reinvent the wheel but just do something that we know is different and new and maintaining a level of quality with our songwriting as we work. And I think this new record, it’s gotta feel like that. It feels like that right now.

We’ve kind of gone from ‘Pressure And Time’ being very concise, and the next record we made, with [2012’s] ‘Head Down’, being a much more broad record, stylistically and musically. And then we kind of bounced back and forth — concise and kind of opened it up. And there was a real middle ground with ‘Feral Roots’. It wasn’t so concise — there were some big songs on that record, longer songs, wider. I feel like this record is a broader record. It’s possibly our longest record and our biggest record. So I think this might be slightly more majestic. [Laughs] Remember I always said ‘Pressure And Time’ wasn’t ‘The Wall’. This might be ‘The Wall’. [Laughs]”

Holiday also revealed that “there is a little loose concept” on the new record. However, he didn’t want to give too much away about it just yet.

[via Blabbermouth]

Rival Sons Announce “Pressure And Time” 10th Anniversary Tour

Rival Sons will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Pressure And Time” by performing it in full on a fall North American tour. Dorothy, Reignwolf, and Myron Elkins will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

09/29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room (with Myron Elkins)
09/30 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live (with Myron Elkins)
10/01 Panama City, FL – Sand Jam
10/03 Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium (with Dorothy)
10/05 Kansas City, MO – The Truman (with Dorothy)
10/08 Houston, TX – House of Blues (with Dorothy)
10/09 Dallas, TX – House of Blues (with Dorothy)
10/12 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues (with Dorothy)
10/13 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theatre (with Dorothy)
10/14 Charlotte, NC – The Underground (with Dorothy)
10/16 Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (with Dorothy)
10/17 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues (with Dorothy)
10/18 New York, NY – Webster Hall (with Dorothy)
10/20 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre (with Dorothy)
10/22 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club (with Dorothy)
10/23 Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore (with Dorothy)
10/24 Boston, MA – House of Blues (with Dorothy)
10/26 Toronto, ON – HISTORY (with Dorothy)
10/28 Chicago, IL – Riviera Theater (with Dorothy)
10/29 Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore (with Dorothy)
10/31 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre (with Dorothy)
11/01 Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot (with Dorothy)
11/04 Boise, ID – Revolution Concert House (with Halestorm and Dorothy)
11/05 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory (with Dorothy)
11/07 Vancouver, BC – The Orpheum (with Dorothy)
11/08 Seattle, WA – The Showbox (with Dorothy)
11/09 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom (with Dorothy)
11/11 San Francisco, CA – The Warfield (with Reignwolf)
11/12 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern (with Reignwolf)
11/13 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues (with Reignwolf)

Jay Buchanan Says Rival Sons Are “Right In The Middle” Of Making Their New Album

During a recent interview with 93.3 WMMR, Jay Buchanan offered an update on the new Rival Sons album. According to him the band are “right in the middle of it.”

Buchanan said the following:

“We’re just taking our time with this record. I think that this year has taught us it’s okay to slow down — it’s okay to slow down and take your time.

I feel like pretty much with this record, it’s kind of like we’re right in the middle of it. It’s definitely a different type of record. We’re a different type of band now than we were when we released the ‘Feral Roots’ album back in 2019.

‘Feral Roots’ was a huge left turn compared to our previous efforts, just as the previous record, [2016’s] ‘Hollow Bones’, was a sharp left turn. And so with each one, it’s like going further out and denying what we had done before kind of gives us that freedom. If there is any hope of us carving our own path artistically, that’s really been the only way that we can do it.”

He continued when asked if he is happy with the new material:

“Yeah, on the good days. And then it’s just like making any other record. You look at it and you go, ‘That’s terrible. Burn it. Burn the whole studio down. Everyone lose my number.’ You’re gonna have days like that, because sometimes you’re working through true inspiration, and then when the true, real inspiration isn’t there, then you have to rely on perspiration, and sometimes you get the inspiration from that. But I think that we’re taking our time because we know that there’s a very special record being made right now. We’re taking our time to make sure that the collection gets the attention that it deserves, that it’s the statement that truly reflects where we are as a band.”

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Rival Sons Announce “Pair Of Aces” Livestream Performances

Rival Sons have announced some livestream performances, which they are calling “Pair Of Aces.” The virtual shows will take place at the Catalina Casino on Santa Catalina Island on June 19 and June 26 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET. The June 19 set will find the band performing “Before The Fire” in full and the June 26 set will find them performing their self-titled EP in full. Tickets can be found HERE.

Rival Sons Launch New Label Sacred Tongue Recordings

Rival Sons have launched a new label, called Sacred Tongue Recordings, with distribution through Thirty Tigers. The band said the following about that:

“We’ve talked about creating our own record label from the very beginning. It’s about creating a good home for our back catalogue as the Rival Sons community continues to grow together worldwide. The band has always maintained a stance of independence and sole custody of our early works was the long game. Introducing SACRED TONGUE RECORDINGS, a RIVAL SONS record label. Our first offerings are: Our debut record, Before the Fire, the first pressing on vinyl in 11 years, available on Orange Splatter and limited to 1000 worldwide, and our Self Titled EP in Clear with Gold Splatter, also limited to 1000 worldwide. Help us celebrate Sacred Tongue’s beginnings by picking up these limited pressings at www.sacredtonguerecordings.com – In stores and at your door March 26th, 2021! Pre-order now.”

Rival Sons Stream Cover Of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” From Live XFM Session

Rival Sons are streaming a cover of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” The track was recorded live during the band’s XFM session.

Rival Sons Release Acoustic Version Of “Shooting Stars”

Rival Sons have released an acoustic version of “Shooting Stars.” The original version of the track appears on the band’s latest album “Feral Roots.”

Jay Buchanan told American Songwriter the following:

“During this pandemic lockdown I got a request for this one solo acoustic. I went down the road to Dave Cobb’s, set my mics up outside, and tossed the cable ends into his studio doorway. The densely wooded holler was really reverberating my voice back to me on the louder parts of the song. You can hear the birds and the dog barking throughout. I left the cables, grabbed my mics and split after a couple passes. I think we had it on the first take, but one of those old twin prop planes flew low overhead so that was that. I’d rolled up a sock over the guitar mic to block out the breeze, but in the end my picking touch is just too light so I had to track some additional guitar back at my house. That inevitably led to a couple quick backing vocal passes which led to percussion, etc. It’s definitely got that home recording vibe.”

Rival Sons Announce Spring U.S. Tour

Rival Sons have announce a spring U.S. tour. Reignwolf, The War And Treaty, and JJ Wilde will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

03/07 Tampa, FL – Gasparilla Music Festival*

With Reignwolf:

04/17 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
04/18 Tucson, AZ – Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium
04/20 Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
04/21 Austin, TX – Emo’s
04/22 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
04/24 Panama City Beach, FL – SandJam Music Festival*
04/25 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
04/28 Mobile, AL – Soul Kitchen
04/29 Huntsville, AL – Mars Music Hall
04/30 Birmingham, AL – Iron City
05/02 Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
05/03 Memphis, TN – Beale Street Music Festival*

With The War And Treaty:

05/05 Chattanooga, TN – The Signal
05/06 Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre
05/08 Wilmington, NC – Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre
05/09 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte
05/10 Charleston, SC – Music Farm
05/12 Richmond, VA – The National
05/13 Huntington, NY – The Paramount
05/14 Port Chester, NY – The Capitol Theatre
05/16 Jersey City, NJ – White Eagle Hall
05/17 Hartford, CT – Webster Theater

With JJ Wilde:

05/18 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
05/20 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s
05/21 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue

* Festival Date