Black Stone Cherry Release Cover Of Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”

Black Stone Cherry have released a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason.” This track is from the expanded edition of the band’s latest album, “The Human Condition,” which will be digitally released on August 27. The group commented:

“Tracy Chapman’s voice and songs are absolutely timeless. We have always been fans of her music, especially ‘Give Me One Reason’. Chris [Robertson] has always sounded so great singing this song, so we decided to record a quick version in the studio. We would have never imagined the positive feedback we received from something we thought was just a fun version of an already great song! We hope y’all dig it!”

Black Stone Cherry Part Ways With Bassist Jon Lawhon

Black Stone Cherry have parted ways with Jon Lawhon. The bassist “decided to take an indefinite sabbatical from music and touring for personal reasons.”

The band commented:

“To all of our amazing fans,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Jon Lawhon has decided to take an indefinite sabbatical from music and touring for personal reasons. As such, Jon will be stepping down as a member of Black Stone Cherry.

We love Jon, we wish him all the best in all his future endeavors and will cherish the memories and legacy we’ve built with him over 20 years as a band. We ask that you please respect Jon and the band’s privacy regarding this matter.

In the meantime, we can’t wait to play more rockin’ Black Stone Cherry shows in 2021 and onward! Please stay on the look-out for new shows announcing near you!

Sincerely, Black Stone Cherry”

Black Stone Cherry Premiere “The Chain” Video

Black Stone Cherry have premiered a new video for their song “The Chain.” This track is from the band’s latest album “The Human Condition.” The group commented:

“This track is one of those straight head, riff city, throw down of a BSC song. Not only is the music totally in your face, it also grooves and features a total metal bridge, which was fun to record! Theres also something to be said for the lyrical message behind this tune. We hope you enjoy! Turn it up!”

Black Stone Cherry Share “Again” Video From “Live From The Sky” Livestream Show

Black Stone Cherry have shared a new live video for their song “Again.” The footage is taken from the band’s “Live From The Sky” livestream event, which took place on October 30. The track is from the band’s latest album “The Human Condition.”

Black Stone Cherry Premiere “In Love With The Pain” Video

Black Stone Cherry have premiered a new video for their new song “In Love With The Pain.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Human Condition,” which will be released on October 30. The group commented:

“‘In Love With The Pain’ is one of the unexpected classics that we didn’t even know we needed! We wrote that song years ago with a couple friends of ours, Scott Lindsey and Stephen Styles, with the intention to pitch it to another artist. However, it kept making its way back into our minds while listening to old demos. So we decided to give it a chance and re-worked it to put our BSC stamp on it, and we are so happy we did! It’s now a favorite!”

Black Stone Cherry Announce “Live From The Sky” Livestream Event

Black Stone Cherry will be celebrating the release of their new album “The Human Condition” with a special “Live From The Sky” livestream event on October 30. The band will be playing two sets including one for European/UK fans at 8 PM GMT/9 PM CET and one for North American and South American fans at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT. Chris Robertson commented:

“While this may not be the show we all hoped for, this is where we are! We hope you find yourselves feeling right here with us as we wish we were all together. Here’s to what would have been a year’s worth in one show!! Let’s rock!”

Black Stone Cherry Premiere New Song “Ringin’ In My Head”

Black Stone Cherry have premiered a new song titled “Ringin’ In My Head.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Human Condition,” which will be released on October 30. The group commented:

“‘Ringin’ In My Head’ was a song we had originally started to write back in 2017, and for whatever reason, it didn’t make the album at the time, but we loved the riff and melody. Fast forward to 2020, we were in the studio recording ‘The Human Condition’ and we decided to revisit the song and rework it a bit. It’s eerie that it fits into the current state of the world so well right now. It’s almost like the song knew when it should have been recorded and released, and we find beauty in that.”

Black Stone Cherry Premiere “Again” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “The Human Condition”

Black Stone Cherry have premiered a new video for their new song “Again.” This track is from their new album “The Human Condition,” which will be released on October 30.

“The Human Condition” Track Listing:

01. “Ringin’ In My Head”
02. “Again”
03. “Push Down & Turn”
04. “When Angels Learn To Fly”
05. “Live This Way”
06. “In Love With The Pain”
07. “The Chain”
08. “Ride”
09. “If My Heart Had Wings”
10. “Don’t Bring Me Down”
11. “Some Stories”
12. “Devil In Your Eyes”
13. “Keep On Keepin’ On”

Drummer John Fred Young said the following about the record, which was completed right before the COVID-19 lockdown:

“There was a real urgency and fear of the unknown during those sessions — it was a scary time. Every song on this album tells a story of the experiences we all go through — our happiness, our struggles, and how we have to adapt.”

Guitarist Ben Wells continued:

“With this one, we cranked up the amps, the drums are in your face, and there are some really heavy riffs. After 19 years and seven albums, we wanted to prove that we still kick ass. This album feels like a rebirth.”

Bassist Jon Lawhon added:

“When I listen back to this record, I feel all these different emotions. We started when we were teens, and life has taken its course, especially now. Through it all, your heart and your perspectives change, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our connection as friends.”

Black Stone Cherry And Monster Truck Team Up For New Song “Love Become Law”

The Cherry Truck Band, aka Black Stone Cherry and Monster Truck, have released a new song titled “Love Become Law.” The idea for the collaboration came about after Monster Truck appeared on Black Stone Cherry’s “Cherry Chats.” They then wrote the single remotely during a series of livestreams.

Black Stone Cherry commented:

“The idea of The Cherry Truck Band can honestly be credited to the pandemic that our world is in. We saw tour after tour being cancelled and so many bands were turning to live streaming performances online. We put our heads together with our great friends in Monster Truck and decided to do something we hadn’t seen any other bands do to help pass the time while still entertaining fans. That idea was to write a song, LIVE to the world and divide it up into segments to show our fans the process of writing and creating. We had never done this with another full band before, let alone while we’re live streaming. It was incredibly exciting and fun and we are so proud of the song and more importantly, its meaning! This song is about uniting, being and living as one, and most importantly, loving each and every person that walks this planet. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it for you!”

Monster Truck frontman Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey added:

“The Cherry Truck Band started with a bunch of friends getting together over long distances to create something memorable, meaningful and joyous. Over the five weekly episodes, our entire world basically turned upside down. The people were rising up. The people were tired of being oppressed. The people were tired of suffering for doing nothing wrong. The people were ready to force change. This is our anthem in solidarity to those fighting for basic rights. This is our voices saying, ‘we love you, we hear you, we respect and love you.’ Black lives matter. Without the impact of black culture, there would be no modern music, period. Respect, protect and celebrate diversity. Our world depends on it.”

All proceeds from song will be divided between The Boys And Girls Club Of America and Black Lives Matter.

Black Stone Cherry Finished Their New Album Right Before The Stay-At-Home Order Went Into Effect

It looks like Black Stone Cherry are finished with their new album. Chris Robertson confirmed the news on the latest episode of “Cherry Chat,” which also featured special guests Shinedown.

Robertson said the following:

“We were literally finishing [the] record right when all the stay-at-home stuff came down [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. We were scheduled to go back in on a Monday, ’cause we were taking weekends off. We worked through the weekend and finished everything up, because come Monday, you couldn’t do shit anymore, man. We got really lucky that it came down that close. But now we’re sitting here with a record, finishing to get it mixed, and you can’t go tour, you can’t do shit.”

“Our monitor engineer, Jordan [Westfall], came down and engineered the whole record, and we decided to have him mix the thing, man. He took the record home with him to his studio to mix and fucking killed it, man. We uploaded it for master today, so the wheels are still moving. But it’s just like we all know — everything’s kind of been put on an indefinite hold for a little while for everybody.”

He also added:

“The last record we did, ‘Family Tree’, it was way more ‘jam band’-y and kind of classic rock-oriented, to where the new record is nothing like that. The new record, it’s funny — when Jordan was mixing it, we were, like, ‘Hey, man, when you reference it, make sure you reference your all’s last record” — referring to SHINEDOWN’s “Attention Attention” — “and a bunch of other records, man, because the last couple of records we’ve done haven’t been necessarily in the same kind of genre, per se, as what you guys do. We haven’t been in that heavy rock category on the last couple of releases we’ve done; we’ve done more of a blues-oriented thing. And it’s been a lot of fun, man. But with the new record, we decided to kick the shit back up a notch again. And it’s awesome, man. We’re excited for people to hear it.”

[via Blabbermouth]