10 Years Premiere “The Optimist” Music Video

10 Years have premiered a new video for their new song “The Optimist.” Guitarist Brian Vodinh commented:

“‘The Optimist’ riff first began as an improvised jam in between songs at a live show. Sometimes the band would randomly improvise on stage, and the song’s main riff happened by a happy accident one night, and then we decided to turn that little moment into a proper song. The lyrics are about how life can beat you down, but you must keep searching for ways to push on and not let it make you too cynical. It’s about the fight to keep a good perspective on things.”

10 Years Share New Video For Alternate Take Of “Fix Me”

10 Years have shared an official video for an alternate take of their song “Fix Me.” This version of the track appears on their latest album “Deconstructed.” That effort features 19 alternate takes of songs from the band’s catalog.

10 Years Rework 19 Songs For New Album “Deconstructed”

10 Years will be releasing a new album, titled “Deconstructed,” on March 4. The effort will feature 19 alternate takes of songs from the band’s catalog. You can check out reworked versions of “Wasteland” and “The Unknown” below:

“Deconstructed” Track Listing:

01. “Waking Up” (alternate take)
02. “Halos” (alternate take)
03. “Patiently” (alternate take)
04. “Lucky You” (alternate take)
05. “Seasons To Cycles” (alternate take)
06. “Survivors” (alternate take)
07. “Running In Place” (alternate take)
08. “Knives” (alternate take)
09. “Soma” (alternate take)
10. “Fix Me” (alternate take)
11. “Fault Line” (alternate take)
12. “11:00am (Daydreamer)” (alternate take)
13. “Planets I” (alternate take)
14. “Dying Youth” (alternate take)
15. “Say Goodbye” (alternate take)
16. “I Wish” (alternate take)
17. “One More Day” (alternate take)
18. “The Unknown” (alternate take)
19. “Wasteland” (alternate take)

Guitarist Brian Vodinh commented:

“The idea for ‘Deconstructed‘ started out as just an acoustic performance. Myself and Matt with acoustic guitars, and nothing beyond that in terms of instrumentation. Then, as I was working on adapting some of the songs to an acoustic environment, I started getting these thoughts, like, ‘What if this was played on a piano instead?!’

Then once we opened the door to further instrumentation things spiraled out of control quickly, and it became one of the most challenging, yet most gratifying projects we have taken on. ‘Deconstructed‘ allows the listener to discover this list of songs all over again, in a new way.”

Vocalist Jesse Hasek added:

“The ‘Deconstructed‘ versions of these songs really hit me in an emotional way. It felt different to sing over the orchestrations that Brian and Matt had created for these. It felt really intimate, and like they had really carved a path for where my voice was to sit on those arrangements. I hope people can listen to these versions and find the spirit in them that we were trying to convey.”

10 Years Share “Déjà Vu” Visualizer

10 Years have shared a visualizer for their song “Déjà Vu.“ This track is from the band’s latest album “Violent Allies.“ Guitarist Brian Vodinh commented:

“‘Déjà Vu’ is a song about trying to tune out the monotonous stuff we face in our everyday lives, and find inspiration in new ways. This relates to our songwriting process, but also to our personal lives as well. We can get stuck in the repetitive cycle of reading the same news, looking at social media, and hearing a rehashed version of the same stories over and over. Sometimes it feels good to check-out, turn off your brain, and connect to other aspects of life.”

10 Years Announce U.S. Tour With Black Map & VRSTY

10 Years have announced a headlining U.S. tour. Black Map and VRSTY will open.

Tour Dates:

03/14 Pittsburgh, PA – The Crafthouse
03/15 Hampton, NH – Wally’s Pub
03/16 Portland, ME – Aura
03/18 Lilitz, PA – Mickey’s Black Box
03/19 Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes
03/21 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
03/22 Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
03/23 Nashville, TN – The Basement East
03/25 Jacksonville, NC – The Limelight
03/26 Atlanta, GA – The Loft
03/27 Destin, FL – Club LA
03/29 Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge
03/30 Tulsa, OK – Vanguard
04/01 Dallas, TX – Trees
04/02 San Antonio, TX – The Rock Box
04/03 Corpus Christi, TX – Brewster Street Ice House
04/06 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
04/08 Las Vegas, NV – 10 Years Official Fan Summit
04/09 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
04/10 Roseville, CA – Goldfield
04/12 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
04/13 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
04/15 Missoula, MT – Wilma Theatre
04/16 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
04/17 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
04/19 Denver, CO – The Oriental Theater
04/20 Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
04/22 Sauget, IL – Pops
04/23 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue
04/24 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
04/26 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
04/27 Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s
04/28 Harrison, OH – Blue Note

10 Years To Miss Upcoming Shows After Jesse Hasek Tests Positive For COVID-19

10 Years have pulled out of their upcoming shows with Theory Of A Deadman due to singer Jesse Hasek and members of their touring party testing positive for COVID-19. The band commented:

“Unfortunately, even after adhering to strict safety protocols, our singer Jesse Hasek, along with other members of the 10 YEARS touring party, have tested positive for COVID-19 and we will need to sit out the next handful of shows. We do not know exactly when we will be able to rejoin the tour at this point but we will keep you informed and updated as things progress! Jesse says he is feeling a little rough at the moment and is very sorry but hopes to be back in action soon. Stay tuned.”

10 Years Announce September Livestream Concert

10 Years will be celebrating the release of their new album album “Violent Allies” with a livestream concert on September 18. Tickets can be found HERE.

The band commented:

“Tickets start at $6 and scale up depending on the extent you are comfortable supporting the band.

Join us in celebrating the release of our new album, ‘Violent Allies‘, with a full band, plugged in virtual concert! We will play a mix of old familiar songs as well as some brand new songs and also give some behind the scenes insight into the new album!

The show video will be available for TWO WEEKS with the purchase of a ticket, so even if you have to miss the original stream, you can log into your account at any time and you will still have access to it for two weeks with the purchase of your ticket!!”

10 Years Premiere “The Shift” Video

10 Years have premiered a new video for their song “The Shift.“ This track is from the band’s new album “Violent Allies,“ which will be released on September 18. The group said the following:

“We have all been missing the stage so much, and ‘The Shift‘ is one of those songs that was built for the energy of the live show. Since we can’t be out on the road right now, we wanted to visually escape back to the days of touring, and bring that energy to the video.”

10 Years Premiere New Song “The Unknown”, Reveal Details For New Album “Violent Allies”

10 Years have premiered a visualizer for their new song “The Unknown.” This track is from the band’s new album “Violent Allies,” which will be released on September 18.

Jesse Hasek said the following about the song:

“We’re in a wide-open world we’ve created, but we have to step back and look at where we are and adapt. We’re all in the unknown right now.”

He also added the following about the album:

“We don’t ever try to recreate what we’ve done in the past. We knew we had to challenge ourselves to see what we had in us. If it’s not stressful, you’re not challenging yourself to grow. From the beginning, music has always been therapy and an outlet. We let ourselves enjoy the process, be vulnerable, and talk about those emotions. We got back to why we love music with the maturity of where we’re at in our lives. We were able to harness that love of creating from a wiser and more developed perspective.”

Brian Vodinh continued:

“We were hard on ourselves. It was more intense than during records past, but it was worth it. The outcome was exactly what we wanted it to be. Time spent in the studio or simply collaborating on our vision was a catalyst in reaching creative clarity like we’ve never had before. It reminded all three of us that this bond created over the last two decades is best served when individual voices becomes collective vision. It was fun, because we were back to being brothers. No matter how frustrated we might get, once we looked out at it, the energy was unexplainable. Our mission was to really connect with the songs, break them down, and build them back up.”

“The younger versions of us would’ve been going to Hollywood every night and partying. It was different. We actually came up with a lot of ideas, melody tweaks, and had really good brainstorming sessions in the car on the PCH. The whole vibe contributed to what the record is. All we cared about was writing and recording the best songs we possibly could. We felt like we had something to prove, especially to our A&R guy and the president of North America for Mascot Ron Burman.”

“We came back to this quote, ‘There’s a strange power in the joining of unlike things’. There is something incredibly special about how we create. ‘Violent Allies‘ is the perfect way to summarize it. We go through hell facing all challenges head-on, but the final product is worth it. Simultaneously, it reflects the state of divisiveness in The World. Everything is so political. Everyone is angry at each other. We’re better when we come together though.”

“Violent Allies” Track Listing:

01. “The Shift”
02. “The Unknown”
03. “Waiting”
04. “Déjà Vu”
05. “Without You”
06. “Cut The Cord”
07. “Planets III”
08. “Sleep In The Fire”
09. “I Wish”
10. “Start Again”
11. “Planets IV”
12. “Say Goodbye”