Wolves At The Gate Premiere New Song “Drifter”

Wolves At The Gate have premiered a new song titled “Drifter.” This track is from the band’s new album “Eclipse,“ which will be released on July 26.

Stephen Cobucci commented:

“While in the studio, Joey [Alarcon] and I stayed up late one night talking with our vocalist Nick [Detty] about the various ways he had been struggling internally. Feeling worthless, feeling like he would never escape this vicious cycle of falling into the same traps…”

“Songs like this one are so important to us as a band because they’ve come from real heart to heart conversations. We’re brothers. We bear each others burdens.”

“Numerous songs throughout our career have come from these sorts of situations where Nick just spilled his heart and we were able to build him up in the truth reminding him of the greater love he has in Christ and how all his failure and sin was erased at the cross.”

[via Revolver]

Wolves At The Gate To Release New Album “Eclipse” In July

Wolves At The Gate have announced that their new album “Eclipse” will be released on July 26. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“Eclipse” Track Listing:

01. “The Cure”
02. “Face To Face”
03. “A Voice In The Violence”
04. “Drifter”
05. “Enemy”
06. “Evil Are The Kings”
07. “Eclipse”
08. “Response”
09. “History”
10. “The Sea Is Between”
11. “Alone”
12. “Counterfeit”
13. “Blessings & Curses“