Varials Premiere New Song “In Darkness”

Varials have premiered a new song titled “In Darkness.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released tomorrow (October 11).

Travis Tabron commented:

“The title track to our record ‘In Darkness‘ is, in its most simple form, the perfect representation of our new energy. As a song, it showcases the aggression we’ve always had but also opens up room for us to show the listener that we are NOT the same band and we intend on growing and changing with each record.

As a whole, this LP is the evolved state of our band as we’ve shifted from being heavy for heavy’s sake, into being heavy for a reason. We’ve become heavy in a truly dark way, and to be honest it’s what we’ve always wanted. ‘In Darkness‘ is exactly where we needed to be.”

[via Decibel]

Varials Stream Four New Songs

Varials are streaming four new songs including: “I Suffocate,“ “Bleeding,” “Romance,” and “The Love Machine.“ These tracks are from the band’s new album “In Darkness,” which will be released on October 11.

Varials Premiere “Empire Of Dirt” Music Video

Varials have premiered a new video for their song “Empire Of Dirt.“ This track features Knocked Loose‘s Bryan Garris and it appears on the band’s latest album “Pain Again.“ Vocalist Travis Tabron commented:

“‘Empire of Dirt’ is 100 percent centered around the idea of seeing the people born into the luck of having a constantly upward lifestyle, and realizing that all I am is the king of fucking rats. The king of dirt, the king of fools — take your pick. Even when I feel at the top of the world, it’s actually just the tiniest bit higher than the ground. Lyrically, it’s the fucking lowest point on the record.”

[via Revolver]