The Obsessed Reveal New Touring Lineup

Scott “Wino” Weinrich has revealed the musicians that will be joining him as part of The Obsessed’s touring lineup. He said the following:

“Hello friends, I am proud to announce the new The Obsessed lineup! On bass Chris Angleberger (Tranquilizer), on 2nd guitar Jason Taylor (Sierra, Witches of God), Brian Costantino on drums, Wino on guitar and vocals. We will be doing a string of shows en route to Ripplefest in Austin, and back. We look forward to seeing you out on the road! Tour dates coming soon. Thank you, WINO 5-11-22″

Scott “Wino” Weinrich (The Obsessed) Drops Off Psycho Las Vegas Due To Mask Mandate, Says He Believes COVID-19 Was Created As A “Depopulation Tool”

The Obsessed frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich has dropped off the 2021 Psycho Las Vegas festival after taking issue with the event’s mask mandate. The musician made the announcement on social media, while also peddling insane conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Weinrich said the following:

“Two evenings ago, I received an email from ‘Psycho Las Vegas‘, wherein they informed me, and other artists, that this event would require that all people, attendees and artists, wear a mask at ALL times indoors. The exception only being while singing on stage, all non-singing musicians, band members, etc. are required to be masked during the performance. This includes drummers. Also, as soon as the performance is over, artists will be required to re-don masks in backstage, front of house, vip lounges, and common areas.

I have dug very deep when researching covid-19 not just on youtube, but in scientific publications, journals, lectures, etc. I BELIEVE THE VIRUS EXISTS, and has been weaponized as has been proven in congressional hearings where the evidence is overwhelming. Our govt (NIH) has been complicit in the financing, and shared scientific lab work creating a SARS based super coronavirus, designed specifically for lethality and easy dissemination amongst the human population.

Bio-weapons are nothing new, but in my personal opinion pure evil. Early on in the so called pandemic it was stated by the CDC that PCR tests were inaccurate in determining if one had the virus, because they are designed for individuals who already were symptomatic. The CDC quickly backtracked as it was a desirable test to cause FALSE POSITIVES. Also, the Innova rapid tests have been recalled by the FDA for also giving inaccurate results.

Mainstream media did not report this, and these tests are still in use. A paper mask was also first said by the WHO and so called experts to be useless against the virus, then of course the official word was again changed. My personal beliefs are: We are under the authoritarian cloak of a small cadre of unelected so called “elite” who are beyond rich and consequently consider themselves above the common man.

This virus I believe was created as a depopulation tool, and the fear associated with it as a means to subjugate and enslave you and I, the common people. I cannot, in good conscious, perform my music in an environment that is designed to take away individuality, civil liberties and free will.

I will not be performing this night at Psycho Las Vegas, not out of fear, but principle. If we, the people, continue to blindly accept this tyranny we are destined for enslavement. These are my personal views, but I urge everyone to dig deep. My apologies to my friends and fans, but it’s time to wake up.

WINO 8/19/2021
Plague Years”

Notably, this news comes after The Skull frontman Eric Wagner was hospitalized with COVID pneumonia following the band’s recent shows with The Obsessed.

The Obsessed & The Skull Announce Summer U.S. Tour

The Obsessed and The Skull have announced a summer U.S. tour. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

07/29 Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class (no The Skull)
07/30 Milwaukee, WI – Club Garibaldi
07/31 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
08/01 Indianapolis, IN – Black Circle (matinee show)
08/01 Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub (evening show)
08/02 Knoxville, TN – Brickyard Bar
08/03 Memphis, TN – Growlers
08/04 Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic
08/05 Shreveport, LA – Bears
08/06 Arlington, TX – Division Brewery/Growl
08/07 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall (no The Obsessed)
08/07 New Braunfels, TX – Texas Ski Ranch (‘Ripple Fest‘) (Wino solo show)
08/08 Austin, TX – Lost Well
08/09 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall (no The Skull)
08/10 Lafayette, LA – Freetown Boom Boom Room (no The Skull)
08/10 New Orleans, LA – Santos (no The Obsessed)
08/11 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
08/12 Raleigh, NC – Pour House
08/13 Frederick, MD – Cafe 611
08/14 Brooklyn, NY – GoldSounds
08/15 Providence, RI – Alchemy
08/16 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall

The Obsessed Stream Remastered Version Of Rare Track “Spirit Caravan”

The Obsessed are streaming a remastered version of their song “Spirit Caravan.” This version of the track is from the new “Ultimate Edition” of their previously out of print rarities collection, “Incarnate,” which will be released on vinyl on October 24 as part of Record Store Day. Scott “Wino” Weinreich commented:

“[It’s] about making life as good and sweet as possible against a myriad of odds, and our strength which is the music and family created in its wake.”

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The Obsessed To Celebrate 40th Anniversary With “Live At Big Dipper” Release

The Obsessed will be celebrating their 40th anniversary with a new live release titled “Live At Big Dipper.” The effort, which will be available on August 21, features a rough recording from an early show that drummer Dave “The Slave” Flood, bassist Mark “Professor Dark” Laue, and singer/guitarist Scott “Wino” Weinrichat played at the Big Dipper in Maryland, as well as several demos.

A description of the release was shared on Bandcamp:

“Live at Big Dipper is an authorized bootleg of Wino’s favorite-ever show with the original Obsessed lineup from the early 80s. We say “bootleg” because it’s a noisy, scratchy recording rescued from a worn aging tape that sounds like it was stored in a tool shed for 35 years. But despite the raw recroding, the performances are magic, and you can hear why this is a critical document of a seminal band at the peak of their early powers.”

Wino also commented:

“Years of spinning our wheels culminated in The Obsessed being known as a formidable live band, with a strange metal-glam-punk look. This show at the Big Dipper was one of the last if not the last show of the OG Obsessed lineup, and it’s my favorite by far. It’s raw and noisy and took some cleanin’ up, but here it is. If it ain’t heavy, it ain’t shit!!!”

“Live At Big Dipper” Track Listing:

01. “Lifer City” (Live)
02. “Field of Hours” (Live)
03. “Iron and Stone” (Live)
04. “Endless Circles” (Live)
05. “Leather Nuns” (Live)
06. “Decimation” (Live)
07. “Freedom” (Live)
08.” Mental Kingdom” (Live)
09. “Failsafe” (Live)
10. “Kill Ugly Naked” (Demo)
11. “A World Apart” (Demo)
12. “Higher Power” (Demo)
13. “Neatz Brigade” (Demo)

Eyehategod & The Obsessed Announce September U.S. Tour

Eyehategod and The Obsessed have announced a September U.S. tour together. You can see the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

09/12 Hamden, CT – Space Ballroom
09/13 Boston, MA – Middle East
09/14 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bazaar
09/15 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
09/16 Raleigh, NC – Pour House
09/17 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage
09/18 Portland, ME – Genos
09/19 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk
09/20 Cincinnati, OH – Northside Yacht Club
09/21 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
09/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Spirit
09/23 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
09/24 Memphis, TN – Growlers

The Obsessed Stream 1985 Live Version Of “Tombstone Highway” From Self-Titled Debut Album Reissue

The Obsessed are streaming a 1985 live version of “Tombstone Highway,” via Decibel. This version of the track is from the upcoming reissue of the band’s self-titled debut album (out November 17). The effort has been remastered and will come with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including their “Concrete Cancer” demo and live tracks. It will also come with expanded artwork, previously unseen photos, and extended liner notes by Scott “Wino” Weinrich.

The Obsessed To Reissue Self-Titled Debut Album & “Concrete Cancer” Demo

The Obsessed will be reissuing their self-titled debut album on November 17. The effort has been remastered and will come with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including their “Concrete Cancer” demo and live tracks from a 1985 concert in Washington, D.C. It will also come with expanded artwork, previously unseen photos, and extended liner notes by Scott “Wino” Weinrich. The album will be available as a 2xCD set, a single LP, a 2xLP set, and digitally as well. Weinrich said the following:

“This record defines the passion, the pureness and vibrancy of youth, and the fierce love, loyalty and dedication to this music. I am happy and proud it lives once again! Thanks to all who believe.”

“The Obsessed” reissue track listing:

01. Tombstone Highway
02. The Way She Fly
03. Forever Midnight
04. Ground Out
05. Fear Child
06. Freedom
07. Red Disaster
08. Inner Turmoil
09. River of Soul
10. Concrete Cancer (1984 Unreleased Concrete Cancer Demo Cassette)
11. Feelingz (1984 Unreleased Concrete Cancer Demo Cassette)
12. Mental Kingdom (1984 Unreleased Concrete Cancer Demo Cassette)
13. Hiding Masque (1984 Unreleased Concrete Cancer Demo Cassette)
14. Ground Out – Feelingz (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
15. Concrete Cancer (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
16. No Blame (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
17. Mental Kingdom (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
18. Tombstone Highway (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
19. Iron and Stone (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
20. Rivers of Soul (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
21. Sittin on a Grave (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
22. Freedom (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)
23. Indestroy – Kill Ugly Naked (Live at The Bayou 4-15-1985)

“Concrete Cancer” demo track listing:

01. Concrete Cancer
02. Feelingz
03. Mental Kingdom
04. Hiding Masque

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The Obsessed Announce 2017 U.S. Tour With Cobalt & Iron Tongue

The Obsessed have announced a 2017 U.S. tour. Cobalt and Iron Tongue will join them on select dates.

Tour Dates:

09/27 Asheville, NC – Mothlight
09/28 Atlanta, GA – Clermont Lounge
09/29 Little Rock, AR – Whitewater
09/30 St. Louis, MO – Fubar (With Iron Tongue)
10/01 Memphis, TN – Hi Tone (With Iron Tongue)
10/02 Austin, TX – Lost Well (With Iron Tongue)
10/03 Ft. Worth, TX – Lolas (With Iron Tongue)
10/05 Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
10/07 San Bernardino, CA – Cal Jam
10/08 San Francisco, CA – Elbo Room (With Cobalt)
10/09 Eugene, OR – Old Nicks (With Cobalt)
10/10 Portland, OR Bossanova Ballroom
10/12 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven (With Cobalt)
10/13 Spokane, WA – The Pin (With Cobalt)
10/16 Minneapolis, MN – 7th St. Entry (With Cobalt)
10/17 Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club (With Cobalt)
10/18 Lombard, IL – Brauerhaus (With Cobalt)
10/19 Cincinnati, OH – Woodward Theater (With Cobalt)
10/20 Louisville, KY – Trixies (With Cobalt)
10/21 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club (With Cobalt)
10/24 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus (With Cobalt)
10/25 Newport, RI – The Cafe at Parlour (With Cobalt)
10/26 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge (With Cobalt)
10/27 Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery (With Cobalt)