The Absence Planning To Release New Album In Early 2021

The Absence have revealed that they are planning to release a new album in early 2021. Mike Leon commented:

“This record has a lot of my favorite music that the band has ever created, and it has pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible for us beyond my wildest dreams. The fact that the gentlemen at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden have lent their masterful ears and knobs for the mixing and mastering process just furthers the excitement! It is my firm belief that this is truly The Absence in its strongest, most exciting form, and we can’t wait to share this monster that we’ve created!”

The Absence Finish Recording New Album

The Absence have officially finished the recording process for their new album. The band confirmed the news in the below post:

The Absence Stream Cover Of Bad Religion’s “Do What You Want”

The Absence are streaming their cover of Bad Religion’s “Do What You Want” via Decibel. The track is available on a limited edition cassette that the band are selling on their tour with Deicide, Origin, and Jungle Rot. That release also features the band’s new song “Walking Shadows” and a live version of “Septic Testament.” Jeramie Kling had the following to say about the cover:

“‘Do What You Want‘ is named accordingly. Fuck norms, fuck stigmas, fuck walls, do what you want. Makes sense to us, bang your head! Special thanks for our friend Stanley Soares for mixing this bastard!”

The Absence Premiere New Song “Walking Shadows”

The Absence have premiered a new song titled “Walking Shadows.” This track features Aghora guitarist Santiago Dobles and it will be available on a limited edition cassette at the band’s upcoming shows. That release also features a cover of Bad Religion‘s “Do What You Want” and a live version of “Septic Testament.”

Jamie Stewart told Metal Injection the following:

“We are ridiculously excited to finally share our new single and music video for ‘Walking Shadows‘ with the world! This was definitely a standout track from the ‘A Gift For The Obsessed‘ sessions, and we knew that we should wait until the absolute perfect moment to release this beast of a song since we recorded an abundance of songs and then some.

So, what better time to drop ‘Walking Shadows‘ than on the eve of our megaton tour with the mighty Deicide, Origin, and Jungle Rot? This track is utterly devastating, and it will most certainly be a smash given the complete heaviness of this package.

We wanted to shoot a full-fledged music video, but due to time constraints and tour obligations with other projects, all band members were not available. So, instead of axing the idea completely, we decided to film a live-action lyric video solely featuring myself.

Our drummer and all-around renaissance man, Jeramie Kling, shot all of the live footage for the video, and Adam Hutton of BurdenInSilence Designs did all of the editing and effects. Both did such a fantastic job, we were all completely stunned with the outcome!

We will see all of you maniacs out on the road in May and June. Bring an extra face – you’ll definitely need it once we’re done playing!”

The Absence Announce July Dates, Premiere “Thought & Memory” Lyric Video

The Absence will be playing some July shows with Goregang after their summer tour with Exmortus, Hatchet, etc. Here’s the dates:

07/25 Fullerton, CA – Slidebar (feat. Throw Into Exile)
07/26 Mesa, AZ – Club Red
07/27 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
07/28 El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Bar
07/29 Dallas, TX – Reno’s Chop Shop
07/30 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
07/31 Houston, TX – BFE Rock Club

In other news, the band have also premiered a lyric video for “Thought & Memory” off their latest album “A Gift for the Obsessed”:

The band said the following about “Thought & Memory:

“The track was inspired by Norse mythology. Odin has two ravens – Huginn and Muninn, which loosely translate to thought (or spirit, in some cases) and memory, respectively. Each day, these ravens fly, soaring throughout the world, retrieving news from all over to keep Odin informed. It is said that he fears that the two ravens may never return, although he fears more for Muninn (memory/mind) than for Huginn (thought/spirit). There are various interpretations that can be taken – spiritual, magical, poetic – but what I did with the words thought and memory was to take them at their literal definition and apply them to an everyday existence. How can somebody truly use these to guide themselves in a positive direction? We have a million thoughts that run through our heads every single day, and we all have choices to make with them in mind. In these instances, one should uses the memories they have gained to separate what they think is right from what they know is wrong, no matter how hard that choice is. In reference to Odin fearing more the loss of memory over the loss of thought, one could see the possible detriment of a life devoid of memories.”

The Absence Premiere “Misery Trophies” Video

The Absence have premiered a new video for their new song “Misery Trophies,” via Decibel. This track is from their new album “A Gift For The Obsessed,” which will be released on March 23. Jamie Stewart commented:

“‘Misery Trophies‘ is about the toxic people that we all have in our lives. The people who cannot wait to be the bearers of bad news – individuals so devoid of joy themselves, that they revel in the delivery of misery to others.”

The Absence Premiere “A Gift For The Obsessed” Video

The Absence have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “A Gift For The Obsessed.” That effort will be released on March 23.

Jamie Stewart commented:

“‘A Gift For The Obsessed‘ embodies many of the dynamics that The Absence stand for as a whole: melody, brutality, speed, dexterity, cadence, etc. — a truly comprehensive and cohesive listening experience indeed! The title of the album/song refers to that very moment when any artist or creator makes something to the integral point of satisfaction — when your craft meets your obsession in furious culmination, and you are finally able to take a step back, if only for just a moment, completely fulfilled by the fruits of your artistic labor. It‘s one of the most maddening yet needed satisfactions in life — exorcism through creation.”

“A Gift For The Obsessed” Track Listing:

01. “A Gift for the Obsessed”
02. “Misery Trophies”
03. “The Forging”
04. “Thought & Memory”
05. “Celestial Hysteria”
06. “Septic Testament”
07. “The Alpha Illusion”
08. “Fear of Existence”
09. “You Can’t Bring Me Down” (Suicidal Tendencies cover) (feat. Soilwork’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid)
10. “Idle Thrones”

The Absence Sign With M-Theory Audio

The Absence have signed a new deal with M-Theory Audio and plan to release a new album in 2018. The band’s revamped lineup, which features Jamie Stewart, Joey Concepcion, Taylor Nordberg, Mike Leon, and Jeramie King, previously released a new song titled “Septic Testament” last year. You can hear that below if you missed it: