Justin Pearson (The Locust, Etc.) On Upcoming Satanic Planet Album: “It’s Basically Pretty Fucked Sounding”

During a recent interview with Brooklyn Vegan, Justin Pearson (Dead Cross, The Locust, etc.) talked a bit about Satanic Planet, the project he’s working on with Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, ex-Slayer, etc.), Luke Henshaw (Planet B, etc.), and Satanic Temple founder Lucien Greaves. According to him, the band’s new album will be “pretty fucked sounding.”

Pearson said the following about Lombardo’s involvement in the project:

“We had the bulk of the album done and wanted to see if he’d play on one specific track, and maybe a second. We sent files and then, one track turned into one, then two, then three, and now the entire album, which is awesome. I love the dude and what he is contributing to each track.”

He also added the following about the group’s musical direction and Lucien’s involvement:

“Well, I wouldn’t describe the sound. As I do with most of the stuff I am part if, I just say it’s ‘annoying,’ which it mostly is, and it’s meant to be. I’m also trying to coin that as an actual genre of music, for all the weird shit that can’t be easily placed in a box for marketing purposes. As for Lucien’s involvement, he does all of the lyric writing and a good amount of the vocals. But back to what it sounds like… it’s basically pretty fucked sounding, in the realm of industrial music, but really disjointed, uneasy. It’s supposed to sound like what one would assume a satanic record would sound like.”

He continued when asked about release plans:

“We still need to finish up the album. We are planning on starting to mix it soon, and then hopefully find a label to release it. With who is involved in the project, and our friends who have contributed to the tracks such as [Cattle Decapitation’s] Travis Ryan and Jung Sing, I think it will be well received as bizarre as it is turning out. I really look forward to the world hearing it.”

Dave Lombardo (Ex-Slayer, Etc.) Working On New Industrial Project Satanic Planet

Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, ex-Slayer, etc.) has teamed up with Justin Pearson (Dead Cross, The Locust, etc.) and Luke Henshaw (Planet B, etc.) for a new industrial project called Satanic Planet. The drummer told Rolling Stone the following about that:

“The name of it is Satanic Planet. It’s with Justin Pearson, who’s in Dead Cross as well. And Luke Henshaw, who he works with pretty closely. And Luke also worked on some of the remixes that we featured on our EP. And some of the vocals are done by the head of the Satanic Temple. This is through his affiliation with Justin, so they decided to create an album that’s kind of influenced by Anton LaVey’s early album that he recorded of one of his Black Masses. So we took influence from that. What was supposed to be one song ended up being the whole record. They liked what I did and so I’ve been tackling that nightly. I usually start around midnight and go till around three in the morning [laughs]. But yeah, it’s kind of cool; it’s fun. Like I said, it’s been keeping me busy. And other little odd-and-end jobs that I’ve been doing.”