Satanic Planet (The Locust, Ex-Slayer, Etc.) Share Animated Video For “Satanic Planet”

Satanic Planet, the project featuring Justin Pearson (Dead Cross, The Locust, etc.), Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, ex-Slayer, etc.), Luke Henshaw (Planet B, etc.), and Satanic Temple founder Lucien Greaves, have shared an animated video for the title track of their self-titled debut album. That effort will be released on May 28. Greaves commented:

“The Satanic Planet theme is an entire Satanic Panic condensed into under two minutes of blistering, rapid-fire, paranoid meltdown, complete with backward masking. Knowing that Satanic Planet, the band, will be a controversial act that will inspire pearl-clutching bible-thumpers to comb our material looking for evidence to confirm their worst fears, we decided to save them time by compiling a lyrical laundry list of anti-Satanist delusions that can be appropriately taken as mockery, or moronically as advocacy. Satanic Planet has something for everybody!”

[via Decibel]

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