Lizzy Borden Appears In New Horror Film “Die Influencers Die”, Premieres “My Midnight Things” Soundtrack Video

Lizzy Borden has made his feature film acting debut in the new film “Die Influencers Die.” The movie, which is described as “a blood-splattering, heavy metal-fueled, social media spoofing, feature-length horror film,” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. With this news, Borden has also premiered a new soundtrack video for his song “My Midnight Things.” You can check that out below. Borden commented:

“I had a blast on the set of this twisted little movie. I grew up on low budget splatter flicks from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and ‘Die Influencers Die’ had that feel. My character has no name, and he seemingly comes out of nowhere, and that made playing him so much fun. I just held on and let him spit his venom.”

Listen To Lizzy Borden’s Cover Of The Ramones’ “Pet Sematary”

Lizzy Borden has released his cover of the Ramones’ “Pet Sematary.” This track will appear on his new greatest hits collection, “Best Of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2,” which will be released on November 13.

“Best Of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2” Track Listing:

01. “My Midnight Things”
02. “Long May They Haunt Us”
03. “Tomorrow Never Comes”
04. “Obsessed With You”
05. “(This Ain’t) The Summer Of Love”
06. “Under Your Skin”
07. “Lovin’ You Is Murder”
08. “The Scar Across My Heart”
09. “There Will Be Blood Tonight”
10. “We Only Come Out At Night”
11. “Abnormal”
12. “Live Forever”
13. “Pet Sematary” (Ramones cover)
14. “Burnin’ For You” (Blue Öyster Cult cover)

Lizzy Borden Premieres “The Scar Across My Heart” Lyric Video

Lizzy Borden has premiered a lyric video for his song “The Scar Across My Heart.” This track is from his latest album “My Midnight Things.” Borden commented:

“I wanted ‘The Scar Across My Heart’ lyric video to have that translucent, cloaked in a visual lie look to it. A barrage of negative hard rain flooding down on those hollow words ‘we’re gonna make it now,’ an exercise in futility for a doomed from the start connection.”

Lizzy Borden Question Featured On “Jeopardy!”

Lizzy Borden was the subject of a question on lat night’s (June 19) episode of “Jeopardy!”. The question was in a category called “Music I’m Not Familiar With” and no one was able to answer it.

Lizzy Borden Premieres “Long May They Haunt Us” Music Video

Lizzy Borden has premiered a new video for his new song “Long May They Haunt Us,” via Loudwire. This track is from his new album “My Midnight Things,” which will be released on June 15, via Metal Blade Records. Borden commented:

“‘Long May They Haunt Us’ is the most meaningful song on the My Midnight Things album. It’s about those people that are no longer in our lives but we still think about them every single day. They haunt us with more than a memory, a haunt that we hope will never go away.”

Lizzy Borden To Release First Album In 11 Years “My Midnight Things”

Lizzy Borden will be releasing a new album titled “My Midnight Things” on June 15, via Metal Blade Records. This will be his first album in 11 years. Pre-orders are available HERE, and a lyric video for the title track can be found below:

“My Midnight Things” Track Listing:

01. “My Midnight Things”
02. “Obsessed With You”
03. “Long May They Haunt Us”
04. “The Scar Across My Heart”
05. “A Stranger To Love”
06. “The Perfect Poison”
07. “Run Away With Me”
08. “Our Love Is God”
09. “My Midnight Things” (Reprise)
10. “We Belong To The Shadows”