Dead Cross Premiere “Christian Missile Crisis” Music Video

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) have premiered an age-restricted video for their new song “Christian Missile Crisis.” This track is from the band’s new album “II,“ which will be released on October 28.

Bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust, etc.) commented:

“‘Christian Missile Crisis‘ takes an obvious jab at organized religion, NRA-holes who clearly compensate for their lack of masculinity by fixating on gun ownership and gun ‘rights,’ and the fact that a large enough amount of Americans have the inability to negotiate peace and prefer oppressing others.”

In other news, the group are also auctioning off guitars to raise money for the San Diego chapter of the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention and The Satanic Temple’s Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign. They added the following about that:

“In light of the recent loss of our ex-bandmate, comrade, brother, and all around amazing person Gabe Serbian, Ipecac Recordings and Three One G will donate all proceeds from the beige guitar to help suicide prevention awareness. All proceeds from the black guitar will go to help fight laws that do not promote the health and safety of individuals in relation to bodily autonomy.”

Dead Cross Premiere “Heart Reformer” Music Video

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Heart Reformer.” This track is from the band’s new album “II,“ which will be released on October 28. Guitarist Michael Crain (Retox) commented:

“‘Heart Reformer’ was as much fun to write as it is to listen to. It’s a classic Dead Cross song. It’s a pit stirrer and a fist pumper!”

Dead Cross Tease New Song “Heart Reformer”

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) have shared a teaser for their new song “Heart Reformer.” The full track will be released on August 24. It will also appear on the band’s upcoming album “II“ (out October 28).

Dead Cross To Release New Album “II” In October, Premiere “Reign Of Error” Video

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) will be releasing a new album, titled “II,“ on October 28. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“II” Track Listing:

01. “Love Without Love”
02. “Animal Espionage”
03. “Heart Reformer”
04. “Strong and Wrong”
05. “Ants and Dragons”
06. “Nightclub Canary”
07. “Christian Missile Crisis”
08. “Reign Of Error”
09. “Imposter Syndrome”

Guitarist Michael Crain said the following about the album:

“Words can’t even begin to describe how much this album means to me. It’s birthed of pain and uncertainty. The slow, excruciatingly painful, and nauseating recovery from cancer treatments were the catalyst for every riff and note on this album. However, my will to live and be with my brothers Justin [Pearson], Dave [Lombardo], Mike [Patton], and co-producer Ross Robinson, got me out of bed and running into the studio every day to get it all on tape.”

A video for the effort’s first single, “Reign Of Error,” can be found below. Crain added the following about that:

“‘Reign Of Error‘ was recorded almost as quickly as it was written and I believe there’s a very good explanation for it. I haven’t told anybody this before, least of all the rest of the band or Ross, but I honestly felt a strong presence in the studio that day. Those riffs flew out of me and when Dave sat down at his kit it was almost as if we’d played that song a thousand times before.

It literally just happened so fast. Bam! One take. I’m not trying to paint a dark or fantasy-like story either. Having just escaped death and still healing from my cancer treatments I was incredibly sensitive to energy and the other side. There was someone else there. Not evil but benevolent and inspiring.

I honestly believe it was Dave’s old bandmate and friend Jeff [Hanneman, late Slayer guitarist]. I think he just wanted to jam with his friend again and perhaps did so through me. There I said it. Whether people believe it or not I really don’t care. I’m just grateful that I had that experience.”

New Benefit Shirt Launched For The Family Of Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Ex-Dead Cross)

A new benefit shirt has been launched for the family of the late Gabe Serbian (The Locust, ex-Dead Cross). You can purchase that HERE.

The Locust’s Justin Pearson commented:

“Gabe Serbian and I had an idea to create a new t-shirt design for The Locust a few months back. At the time, I had recently discovered the artist Paul Rentler, who I think is one of the best modern artists around. He did some stuff for my band, Deaf Club, and Gabe loved what Paul did, so I suggested we ask him to create something for The Locust.

At the many rehearsals we had prior to Gabe passing away, we would riff on ideas for songs, but also for ideals pertaining to art, merch, and general pranks to play on the world. At one specific rehearsal Gabe and I got into a discussion about Spock, which stemmed from all the dip shits who would heckle The Locust back in the day for looking like what they assumed was Spock, and essentially coining the cheesy but catchy term “Spock Rock”.

When in our minds, we just looked like poor and scummy mods. Let’s face it, a lot of people into hardcore, and I’m talking normal run of the mill hardcore, were not cultured enough to look past a reference of a basic haircut that was adopted by the one and only Spock due to the era that Spock came about in this universe.

Nonetheless, we got into a philosophical discussion about Spock, and addressed how you can’t fuck with him. Nobody ever could. Anyhow, the sort of weird pathetic one dimensional diss that was directed to what we thought was just slightly more artistic people playing in punk and hardcore bands, by the more, lets say, athletic, or maybe more accurately put, thick headed people of the hardcore scene, became a thing that you can to this day still see as poorly executed memes or in heated conversations on random derailed threads discussing the do’s and don’t’s of hardcore.

The ones who basically had their heads up their asses really ran with that term, which in retrospect, was actually the ultimate compliment. It was like calling us and our comrades a name that is referencing one of the more bass ass motherfuckers from outer space. So to bring things full circle, we thought that a band shirt that had the four of us with an added fifth member, Spock, would be a great idea.

I presented the concept to Paul and he was going to work on it before we were set to do some shows this summer. Then the unthinkable happened, which was Gabe passing away. It wrecked The Locust‘s world forever. I also realize that it wrecked a lot more worlds than just the members of The Locust. The loss affected and reached all over this planet.

Paul and I spoke about the design idea once again after Gabe passed and came up with a benefit shirt which started with the concept that Gabe and I presented. Paul of course delivered something slightly different than what I had initially envisioned, but nonetheless, he delivered something brilliant, and something that I feel Gabe would have absolutely loved, and which captures the aesthetic of what Spock was to The Locust.

– Justin Pearson“

Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Ex-Dead Cross, Etc.) Passes Away

Gabe Serbian has sadly passed away. The musician was the drummer for The Locust and previously served as the singer for Dead Cross and the guitarist for Cattle Decapitation. Fans can assist his family by donating HERE.

The Locust said the following:

“It’s with heavy hearts that we have to share the passing of Gabe Serbian on April 30th, 2022. This world will miss Gabe as a friend, family member, musician, and artist. He will continue to live on in so many ways and through everyone he has connected with during his time with us. May 1st is his birthday, and we hope that you can find a way to celebrate his life. During this difficult time we ask that you give Gabe’s family privacy.”

Dead Cross also commented:

“Our hearts are shattered. We love you Gabe Serbian. This world won’t be the same without you”

Cattle Decapitation added:

“We are at a complete loss for words over the loss of our friend and a founding member Gabe Serbian’s passing. Its difficult to put into words the loss of someone who was such a talent and dear friend to so, so many. He was one of the real ones. We will miss you so much, Gabe. We ask that you please give his family privacy during this time. There is a GoFundMe set up for his family, his wife and two children.”

Dead Cross (Faith No More, Ex-Slayer, Etc.) Hoping To Release New Album This Year

During a recent appearance on The MetalSucks Podcast, Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, etc.) offered an update on the new Dead Cross (Faith No More, The Locust, etc.) album. He said the following:

“The music is done. Music was wrapped up back in late December 2019, and obviously the pandemic broke and slowed everything down. I think [Mike] Patton has a couple more tracks to wrap up and we should be done… hopefully late 2021 release? I know he had a lot of projects that he had to wrap up including Tomahawk and several others. So you know, it’s there. It’s waiting.”

Dead Cross Cover Black Flag’s “Rise Above”

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) have premiered a new video for their cover of Black Flag’s “Rise Above.” The band commented:

“Dead Cross – Rise Above (Black Flag cover) created in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and staunchly opposing police brutality and systemic racism. As such, the track opens with a recording of a Los Angeles resident voicing his displeasure with the LAPD during a public comment period from a regularly scheduled LA police commission meeting.”

Dead Cross Begin Recording New Album

Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, etc.) have officially started the recording process for their new album. The band confirmed the news in the below post: