Michael Anthony: “I Definitely Think That Chickenfoot Will Do Something Else”

It looks like we may be getting more music or shows from Chickenfoot at some point in the future. During a recent interview with Terrie Carr of 105.5 WDHA, Michael Anthony was asked about the group and he said that he believes they will “do something else” someday.

Anthony said the following:

“I think there’ll definitely be some kind of CHICKENFOOT [activity] in the future. Sammy [Hagar] and I, we talk about it all the time, and I text with Joe [Satriani] and Chad [Smith] all the time, if we’re not speaking. And I know Joe really wants to do it.”

“It’s kind of funny, ’cause we start doing THE CIRCLE thing, and Sammy gets all enamored with THE CIRCLE. He’s all, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s THE CIRCLE this and that.’ But you never know. He might wake up tomorrow and go, ‘Oh my God. CHICKENFOOT — let’s do a CHICKENFOOT gig.'”

“I definitely think that CHICKENFOOT will do something else. Whether we’ll record another album, which would be great — I’d love to do that. But I’d love to just together and even just do some shows — do a bunch of shows with those guys. ‘Cause that’s actually some of the best times I’ve ever had on the road. Believe me — touring with Chad Smith is like touring with no other… Even hanging out with Chad since he’s been sober, he’s still crazier than some of the most crazy people I know.”

“But we definitely have a great time. And I definitely feel that we’ll [get together], if not to record some new stuff, hopefully in the near future to at least get together and play some shows together.”

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Joe Satriani Thinks Chickenfoot Will Work On New Music This Year

Chickenfoot recently reunited at the Fillmore in San Francisco for this year’s “Acoustic-4-A-Cure”, and now it looks like new music may be coming in the future as well. During an interview on “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon”, Joe Satriani said he thinks the group will work on new material this year.

Here’s what Satriani had to say:

“Well, a couple of nights ago, we were on stage at the Fillmore here in San Francisco, and we played a four-song set acoustically. That was crazy; I’m playing CHICKENFOOT songs on acoustic — wow, that’s just crazy. But we had such a good time, and I know we were all wondering what was gonna happen. And the undeniable magic between us was palpable; everybody felt it. And afterwards, everybody said, ‘You guys have to record another record,’ and everybody wanted to do it. So everyone was hugs and smiles and we said, ‘Let’s do it.’ So I was pretty shocked, because it looked like it wasn’t gonna happen this year, but I think it is gonna happen this year. So I think the next step is writing and [seeing] if we can all get in the same city at the same time again for a couple of days. That’s the way the band operates. We never have three months where we rent a chateau in France and record an album; that’ll never happen. It’s here and there, hit the ground running, which I like in a way. It keeps the juices flowing and the spirits up and we don’t waste time. So I think that’s good.”

He also added:

“I’m cool with just doing a record or doing a record and a couple of maybe residencies around the world. I think that whole thing about us touring like JOURNEY or DEF LEPPARD or something like that, CHICKENFOOT, I don’t think, was ever going to do that, because we all have other things we’re doing. But I’ve learned to love it. [Laughs] It’s been frustrating in the past, ’cause I’m so used to touring and I love touring and I love the life and the tour bus and I love travelling. But it’s different, I guess, when you’re a singer. And those guys have accomplished a lot more in their careers than I have, so they have a different set of desires at this point in their lives.”

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Chickenfoot Post Live Video For Their Cover Of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”

Chickenfoot have premiered a live video for their cover of Depp Purple’s “Highway Star.” The footage is from a 2009 show that took place at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. The cover is also featured on the band’s “Best + Live” release which is available now.

Chickenfoot Premiere New Video For “Divine Termination”

Chickenfoot have premiered a new video for their new song titled “Divine Termination,” via Ultimate Classic Rock. The track will be featured on the band’s new “Best + Live” release, which will be available on March 10.

Chickenfoot To Release “Best + Live” In March

Chickenfoot have announced that their new “Best + Live” release will be available on March 10. The effort will feature one new song, along with some greatest hits and live tracks.


The band posted the following:

Chickenfoot’s new release BEST + LIVE features the band’s first new tune in 5 years. The new track “Divine Termination” opens up the group’s first ever best of collection.

In addition to “Divine Termination,” BEST + LIVE includes over 90 minutes of live music – for the first time released on CD. Sammy Hagar says, “Listening to this collection of songs from the ‘Foot brings back memories of some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a band. The chemistry between Chad, Joe, Mike and me is very special. It’s almost like visual music — you can see us having fun when you listen to these songs.”

In May 2016, Chickenfoot reunited for two highly-anticipated one-time shows at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, and played their first complete set in more than six years, along with a special unveiling of the new tune “Divine Termination.” Joe Satriani describes the track as “bone crunching, hell raising rock, dripping with attitude and vibe. Just the way Chickenfoot likes it!”

Both the extra CD “LIVE” and the bonus tracks on the best of feature a 13 song strong set list including almost every song from Chickenfoot’s debut album as well as Sammy Hagar’s old Montrose classic “Bad Motor Scooter,” The Who’s “My Generation” and Joe Satriani’s interpretation of “The Star Spangled Banner” – all recorded live in Phoenix 2009 and available for the first time on CD (previously only available as video on the DVD/Blu-ray “Get Your Buzz On.”

The group’s last album, Chickenfoot III, debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 when it was released in 2011.

“Best + Live” Track Listing:

CD1 – Best Of:

01. “Divine Termination” (brand new song)
02. “Soap On A Rope”
03. “Sexy Little Thing”
04. “Oh Yeah”
05. “Get It Up”
06. “Future In The Past”
07. “Big Foot”
08. “Different Devil”
09. “Lighten Up”
10. “Dubai Blues”
11. “Something Going Wrong”

Bonus Live Tracks:

12. “Highway Star”
13. “Bad Motor Scooter”
14. “My Generation”

CD2 – Live:

01. “Avenida Revolution”
02. “Sexy Little Thing”
03. “Soap On A Rope”
04. “My Kinda Girl”
05. “Down The Drain”
06. “Bitten By The Wolf”
07. “Oh Yeah”
08. “Learning To Fall”
09. “Get It Up”
10. “Turnin’ Left”
11. “Future In The Past”