Guitarist Jari Kuusisto Exits Carnal Forge

Jari Kuusisto has announced his departure from Carnal Forge. The guitarist said the following:

“Jari here. Just wanted to let you know that my time in CF has come to an end. I have many happy memories of my time in CF, but I have come to a point in my life where I just feel that I need to let CF go. I want to do other things and don’t feel the same passion as earlier for being in the band. I wish CF all the best in future endeavors, what ever it might be. I also want to thank all CF fans for being super supportive throughout the years. See you in the future with other projects/bands. Yours sincerely, Jari Kuusisto“

Carnal Forge Working On New Album

It looks like Carnal Forge are working on a new album. The band said the following:

“Carnal Forge Mars 2020. Working on the new album and artwork. 10 new songs for album No 8. Everything planned to be completed in end of may. Release fall 2020.”

Carnal Forge Tease “Bound In Flames” Music Video

Carnal Forge have shared a teaser for their “Bound In Flames“ music video. The full clip will be released on January 18. The track will appear the band’s new album “Gun To Mouth Salvation“ (out January 25).

Carnal Forge To Release New Album “Gun To Mouth Salvation” In January

Carnal Forge have announced that their new album “Gun To Mouth Salvation” will be released on January 25. Jari Kuusisto said the following about that:

“I quit Carnal Forge after the last full-length album ‘Testify For My Victims‘ because I was just feed up with the music industry and everything about being in the band. It took some years but I felt I was kind of missing CF, so I talked to my brother Petri and I called up Lars in 2013 and said. Hey, let’s fuckin’ do it! He had been waiting since the hibernation in 2010 so it was a Go! right on the spot. We made this mini CD to wake up the corpse and we did some shows but then we decided to not do any more shows until we had a new album and new fresh songs to play. It’s a long boring story why it took so long time, but finally here we are now, ready to kick som serious ass again! And with us we also have Lawrence Dinamarca (Nightrage, Loch Vostok) and new vocalist Tommie Wahlberg.”