Act Of Defiance Premiere New Song “The Talisman”

Act Of Defiance (ex-Megadeth, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “The Talisman,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s new album “Old Scars, New Wounds,” which will be released on September 29.

Chris Broderick said the following:

“Matt [Bachand] wrote ‘The Talisman,’ the music for it, and it was actually even a little bit slower than it is now. We kind of listened to it and thought, the tempo should come up just a little bit so we worked on that and then the acoustic entrance originally was an electric guitar idea that Matt had and then I took it and kind of ran with it and kind of made it my own a little bit and put it on acoustic because I thought it sounded more intimate. It does suit the lyrics in terms of content better I think.

To me the song overall is great. Matt did a great job adding the slow, doomy vibe to the song and Henry’s vocals and lyrics that he wrote supports that. I do love it for that reason because it isn’t just on 11 the whole time. It seems like so many bands, and songs, even when we write, it seems like you get this feeling like we have to be on 11 the whole time. But this song rails against that idea, and that’s why I love it so much.”


Act Of Defiance Premiere “Overexposure” Music Video

Act Of Defiance (ex-Megadeth, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Overexposure” This song is from the band’s new album “Old Scars, New Wounds,” which will be released on September 29.

Chris Broderick said the following:

“‘Overexposure‘ is a track about not selling out and maintaining convictions about your art. I think this song has a great chorus and flows extremely well. As for the solo, I wanted it to start very melodic and build to the end where it erupts in intensity. Henry wrote all of the lyrics and most of the music to this song – it is a testament to his musicality and artistic integrity.

For the video we enlisted and tortured Vince Edwards from Metal Blade Records to film it and he killed it… in a good way! The dark filtering, camera work and edits match the intensity of the song and give it life. Enjoy!”

Act Of Defiance Premiere “M.I.A.” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Old Scars, New Wounds”

Act Of Defiance (ex-Megadeth, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “M.I.A.” This song is from the band’s new album “Old Scars, New Wounds,” which will be released on September 29.

“Old Scars, New Wounds” Track Listing:

01. “M.I.A.”
02. “Molten Core”
03. “Overexposure”
04. “The Talisman”
05. “Lullaby Of Vengeance”
06. “Circle Of Ashes”
07. “Reborn”
08. “Conspiracy Of The Gods”
09. “Another Killing Spree”
10. “Broken Dialect”
11. “Rise Of Rebellion”

The press release offered some information on the album title and some of the tracks:

“The title – plucked from the blistering track ‘Conspiracy Of The Gods‘ – stands as a metaphor for life in general, and the breadth of lyrical matter covered is as broad as the styles of heavy music found on the record. ‘Another Killing Spree‘ looks at hardcore drug use, while ‘Lullaby Of Vengeance‘ is an angry song about singing angry lyrics, and ‘Overexposure‘ is an anthem dedicated to not selling out. There is also some very topical material, most notably on ‘Mis-Information Age‘ and ‘Broken Dialect‘.

‘Mis-Information Age‘ is very applicable in today’s social climate, where we can no longer blindly trust the source of facts that determine our view,” Broderick explains. ‘It asserts that we should be skeptical, making sure we have the truth and not someone’s propaganda, while ‘Broken Dialect‘ conveys the idea that people can no longer hold a conversation with each other where their views differ, instead turning to sources that only support the view they want to hold on to.’

With every track featuring a blistering solo from Broderick, fans of his shredding can rest assured that the guitarist has not held back – though that was not his initial intention. ‘I actually wanted to tone it down a bit technically in terms of my solos, but the opposite happened! This was because I inadvertently ended up creating a few new techniques to use in my trick bag and saw their potential, so I worked really hard on the execution so they could make the record.’”

Act Of Defiance Working On New Album

It looks like Act Of Defiance is have started working on a new album. Chris Broderick told Loudwire the following about that:

“Personally, I’m working on four songs that I’ve got right now. I know Shawn’s [Drover] already circulated two songs that he’s working on and so that’s really where we’re at. We’re at the writing process, the demoing process, but it’s going really good.”


Act Of Defiance (Ex-Megadeth, Etc.) Announce Fall 2016 Tour

Act Of Defiance (ex-Megadeth, etc.) have announced a 2016 U.S. tour. Check out the dates below.


Tour Dates:

09/14 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar
09/15 Grand Junction, CO – The Mesa Theater
09/16 Denver, CO – Marquis
09/17 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
09/19 Nashville, TN – Basement East
09/20 Greensboro, NC – The Cone Denim (feat. HELLYEAH)
09/21 Jacksonville, FL – Mavericks at the Landing (feat. HELLYEAH)
09/22 Baton Rouge, LA – Varsity Theatre (feat. HELLYEAH)
09/24 Orlando, FL – Backbooth
09/25 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
09/27 Lombard, IL – Brauer House
09/28 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
09/29 Sioux City, IA – Anthem @ Hard Rock (feat. HELLYEAH)
09/30 Neillsville, WI – Silver Dome Ballroom
10/02 Bismarck, ND – Our Place Tavern
10/03 Billings, MT – Pub Station
10/04 Idaho Falls, ID – The Falls
10/06 Fresno, CA – Fulton 55
10/07 San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
10/08 Glendale, CA – Complex
10/09 Fullerton, CA – Slidebar (free show)
10/11 Las Vegas, NV – Bunkhouse Saloon
10/12 Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge
10/13 San Diego, CA – House of Blues (feat. Killswitch Engage)