Season Of Mist To Delay Physical Releases Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Season Of Mist have revealed that they will be delaying physical album releases due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, digital releases will be unaffected.

The label issued the following statement:

“Season of Mist IMPORTANT update:

So far, the lockdown hasn’t affected our warehouses in the US and France yet and remain OPEN for the time being.

We don’t know for how long, so if you plan on getting music to keep you company for the next month or so, do it now! According to the latest news, we will still be able to ship all our orders this week. We have two teams rotating, so in case one gets quarantined, another one will take its place.

We will ship until we’re told we can’t.

About release dates : we’ll keep on releasing new albums as planned, digitally. Because in time of war, disease & uncertainty, Nextflix is certainly not enough.

So we decided to keep releasing music digitally. We’ll delay all our physical release dates, but our eshop customers will get a download code, and streaming will go live as planned.

Music as Catharsis, more than ever.

And our next release is called Medico Peste…”

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En Minor (Pantera, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist In Europe

En Minor, the “depression core” project featuring Phil Anselmo (Pantera, etc.), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist for European territories. Anselmo commented:

“As it pertains to En Minor, I’m happy to announce we are partnering with Season Of Mist in Europe and Ward in Japan. This is excellent, and on behalf of En Minor, I’d like to thank them both.”

Gargoyl (Revocation, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist

Gargoyl (Revocation, Ayahuasca) have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist. Dave Davidson commented:

“Season Of Mist have always been an unconventional label with a unique vision so we’re very proud to officially join their ranks. We look forward to our new partnership with SoM and can’t wait for you all to hear our debut album.”

Tombs Sign With Season Of Mist, Premiere New Song “Monarchy Of Shadows”

Tombs have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist and are planning to release their new EP, “Monarchy Of Shadows,” through the label on February 28. You can stream the title track below:

Mike Hill commented:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Season of Mist for years, so I feel honored for Tombs to be joining the label. The rest of the guys share the same sentiments. ‘Monarchy of Shadows’ is a full on display of the new era of the band. Ferocious, brutal, but with an intense introspection. This is the best work that we’ve done to date.”

Here’s the track listing for “Monarchy of Shadows”:

01. “Monarchy of Shadows”
02. “Once Falls the Guillotine”
03. “Necro Alchemy”
04. “Man Behind the Sun”
05. “The Dark Rift”
06. “Path of Totality (Midnight Sun)”

Omega Infinity (Ne Obliviscaris, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist

Omega Infinity, the band featuring Marc “Xenoyr” Campbell (Ne Obliviscaris) and Tentakel P. (Todtgelichter), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist. The group’s debut album will be released in 2020 and a teaser can be found below:

Campbell commented:

“Omega Infinity is an outlet for both T. and myself, a vessel for our darker explorations, and Season Of Mist ultimately was the best choice to help us on our journey. Signing with them was an easy decision considering their long-term ability to grow unique bands, allowing them to flourish with integrity and to be themselves. Also, Ne Obliviscaris has been working with them for years, and so I’ve a good relationship and understanding how they are…that familiarity will help when we’re lost in space.”

Tentakel P. added:

“Season Of Mist have been doing what they do for a very long time and raised the bar for many extremes – not only metal – with their professionalism. As they also served as the breeding place and birth ground for many ground-breaking acts that helped to form my own musical identity for decades, we feel honored to be part of the roster and aim to bring new extremes to the label! We will see you in The Deep Dark Void!”

Season Of Mist Founder Issues Statement After Psycho Las Vegas Festival Organizers Blame The Label For Rotting Christ’s Cancellation

As previously reported, Rotting Christ recently cancelled their August U.S. dates, including their set at Psycho Las Vegas, due to visa issues. However, the organizers of the festival claimed the cancellation was the result of “procrastination and poor planning” from the band’s label Season Of Mist. Season Of Mist founder Michael Berberian has since issued his own statement, dismissing the claims.

Berberian said the following:

“So Rotting Christ cancelled Psycho fest.

Festival made a statement blaming us (??) and the great journalists at metal sucks and some others mud dwellers were all too happy to relay it.

A few points

– Rotting Christ barely canceled a single show in a decade. They are road monsters. They live on the road. They are on tour and festivals 150 days a year. This week end? 4 festivals, 4 countries with exhausting 15 hours drive between some. I saw the yesterday in CZ playing and driving to Belgium to play the next day… It’s insane.
You really gonna blame that band, one of the hardest working out there, who doesn’t cancel a show out a of thousand and try to hurt their image?

– Did it occur to you that Rotting Christ changed band members for the first time in over a decade? And that every time you change a band member, you have to restart the visa process. Rotting tried a few people since Feb. You know how “fast” US administration is.

– Do you know how many bands we have on tour and fest in the US per year? Yeah exactly, a ton. Ever saw a SOM band cancel for visa issue? Barely. We’ve been lucky I guess.

– I wasn’t a part of this visa process. I just talked to Sakis yesterday, asked my US office who explained me what happened. Administration delay and unforeseen circumstances.
RC made a neutral statement. They didn’t understand the Psycho reaction and were genuinely sorry not to go there.. For real.

So as far as the Procrastination comments goes and this statement from Psycho fest. I don’t know. I have been to this fest once, had a good time – what’s their issue there I have no clue to be honest?? It sounds almost personal..

We know how long and hard it is to get visas. Procrastination? Incompetence? Seriously – we’re not supermen. We make mistakes. But look at Rotting Christ tour history and how many bands we had canceling for visas. Pretty much none. And there was nothing any of us could have done, in Rotting Christ or in SOM.

So to resume : in the interesting new social media drama of the day, a festival made an accusatory statement over one of the nicest band out there and us, and some great “journalists” were happy to relay without any sort of background check. Moving on. 🙄”

Enthroned Sign With Season Of Mist

Enthroned have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist and are planning to release their new album through the label later this year. The group commented:

“Enthroned hordes worldwide, the time has come to break the silence. So it is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the new label with whom the blackened horde of Enthroned will work as from now on. We will be working with the Season Of Mist clan for our next releases and further cooperations. We are looking forward to this new partnership, to work with a label that will be able to give us the support, freedom and the right tools to bring our dark art in its right place.”

VLTIMAS (Ex-Morbid Angel/Mayhem, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist

VLTIMAS, the band featuring David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel), Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (ex-Mayhem), and Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist and are planning to release their debut album through the label early next year. The group recorded the effort with producer Jamie Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studio in Bedfordshire, England.

Eriksen commented:

“Feels like aeons ago since I last ventured into these musical shores, but here we are. Its been an intense year and a half with lots of planning, hard work, personal sacrifice and traveling. I believe I speak for all 3 of us on this matter. Nevertheless, the beast has been summoned and recorded and I am overly confident about the outcome.

Having had the opportunity to work with some of the finest of craftsmen in the genre, the level of experience speaks volumes. The mutual understanding, vision and drive, everything as if for a greater purpose. That’s how the end result sounds to me. A special thank you goes out to longtime partner in crime Michael Berberian and Season Of Mist for the immense belief in this entity, as well as my companion Jaime Gomez Arellano over at Orgone Studio (UK) for a job superbly done!

We are VLTIMAS.”

Gaahls Wyrd (Ex-Gorgoroth, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist

Gaahls Wyrd, the band featuring Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth/Wardruna, etc.), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist. The band recorded their debut album with producer Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studios in Bergen, Norway and it is expected to be released in 2019.

The group commented:

“It’s always been of outmost importance for us to work with people that we can relate to, trust, and will understand our creative and professional vision. Season Of Mist feels like home to us and we can’t wait to start what hopefully will be a long and rewarding relationship for both parties.”

In other news, Gaahls Wyrd have also announced a co-headlining European tour with Tribulation. Uada will serve as support on that run.

Tour Dates:

02/21 Hamburg, Germany – Kronensaal
02/22 Essen, Germany – Turock
02/24 Utrecht, Netherlands – Helling
02/25 London, UK – O2 Islington Academy
02/26 Paris, France – Petit Bain
02/28 Munich, Germany – Backstage
03/01 Winterthur, Switzerland – Gaswerk
03/02 Vienna, Austria– Viper Room
03/03 Prague, Czech Republic Nova Chmelnice
03/05 Poznan, Poland – U Bazyla
03/06 Warsaw, Poland – Proxima
03/07 Berlin, Germany – BiNuu
03/08 Leipzig, Germany – UT Connewitz
03/09 Weinheim, Germany – Cafe Central
03/10 Leeuwarden, Netherlands– Neushoorn

Black Tusk Sign With Season Of Mist

Black Tusk have signed a new worldwide deal with Season Of Mist, and plan to release their new album through the label later this year. The effort, which is being recorded at the Garage Savannah, will be co-produced by the band and Aphelion. Chris “Scary” Adams will handle the mixing, while Brad Boatright will handle the mastering. The group commented:

“After more than a decade of pushing through as a band, we have opened a new chapter and are ready and excited for everyone to hear it.”

This will be the first album to feature Corey Barhorst, who took over for Jonathan Athon after his tragic death in 2014.