Autopsy To Release “Puncturing The Grotesque” Mini-LP, Stream Title Track

Autopsy will release a new mini-LP titled “Puncturing The Grotesque” on December 15. The effort will be available exclusivley through Peaceville store. Check out the title track, along with the cover art and track listing below:

“Puncturing The Grotesque” Track Listing:

01. “Depths Of Dehumanization”
02. “Puncturing The Grotesque”
03. “The Sick Get Sicker”
04. “Gas Mask Lust”
05. “Corpses At War”
06. “Gorecrow”
07. “Fuck You!!!” (Bloodbath cover)

If you missed the news, Autopsy and Bloodbath will also be releasing a new split 7″.


Vampire To Release “Cimmerian Shade” Mini LP In September

Vampire have announced that they will be releasing a new “mini LP,” titled Cimmerian Shade, on September 25. The effort will be available as a 10″ vinyl, with limited edition silver and gold copies (both limited to 100). Digital copies will be available as well.


Cimmerian Shade Track Listing:

Side A:

1. “Pyre Of The Harvest Queen”
2. “Sleeper In The Deep” (instrumental)

Side B:

1. “Night Hunter”
2. “Hexahedron”