Stone Temple Pilots Finish New Album

During an appearance on “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon” Jeff Gutt revealed that Stone Temple Pilots have finished their new album. The effort is expected to be released in 2020.

Gutt previously called the album an “acoustic record,” but he has since clarified saying there were “no rules on it having to be acoustic or anything, [but] it has a vibe to it, and it’s beautiful.” He went on to confirm that “it’s all new songs.”

He also added:

“With the ‘Purple’ thing happening, it’s pushing back the other thing. ‘Cause we were only supposed to do a few songs, and it turned into a full record, ’cause we had so much creativity happening at the time. So we just made a whole record.”

Gutt also said the music is “definitely different” and that “it’s a very beautiful record” that he is “really happy with.”

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Jeff Gutt Says Stone Temple Pilots Are Working On An Acoustic Record

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Jeff Gutt (ex-Dry Cell) has revealed that the band are working on a new acoustic record. He told 101 WRIF that the effort will feature “some extra musicians and some extra parts and pieces” and that it will be recorded later this year. The singer also added:

“I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be yet. We’re just getting into it, the writing of it, and we’re gonna be recording it here in little spurts, when we can. And it’s gonna be awesome, man. It’s gonna be a totally different side of STP.”

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Watch Stone Temple Pilots Perform “Dead & Bloated” With A 9-Year-Old Kid

During Stone Temple Pilots’ March 10 show at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ, the band invited a nine-year-old fan onstage to sing “Dead & Bloated“ with them. The kid is reportedly the child of singer Jeff Gutt’s friends.

Stone Temple Pilots Premiere New Song “Never Enough”, Singer Jeff Gutt Discusses His Friendship With The Late Chester Bennington

Stone Temple Pilots have premiered a new song titled “Never Enough,” via Yahoo!. This track is from their new self-titled album, which will be released on March 16. This will be their first effort with new singer Jeff Gutt (ex-Dry Cell).

Click the LINK to go to the stream.

Yahoo! are also running an interview with Gutt about his friendship with previous Stone Temple Pilots singer, the late Chester Bennington (also of Linkin Park). He said the following:

“I knew Chester. I’ve known Chester since 2001. I was in a band called Dry Cell, and we were signed by the same guy that signed Linkin Park, so that’s how I knew him. He would come to some of our writing sessions and rehearsals; I’d see him in the studios that we were at. When we were recording, they’d be recording there. We just had a good friendship.”

He also revealed that Bennington went to his first private audition for Stone Temple Pilots as well:

“It was my first private audition with STP, and he [Chester] called and asked if he could come. He wanted to be there for that first show. So, I put him on my guest list. It was very cool that he could be there for that.”

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Watch Some Official Live Footage From Stone Temple Pilots’ First Show With New Singer Jeff Gutt

On November 14, Stone Temple Pilots played their first show with new vocalist Jeff Gutt (ex-Dry Cell) at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA as part of a special concert for SiriusXM subscribers. Now, SiriusXM have uploaded official footage of “Still Remains” and “Meadow” from the show.

Stone Temple Pilots Premiere New Song “Meadow”

Stone Temple Pilots have premiered a new track titled “Meadow.“ This is their first song with new vocalist Jeff Gutt (ex-Dry Cell).

Gutt told Rolling Stone the following about joining the band:

“I was probably 16 or 17 when ‘Core‘ came out and I just remember how Scott could cater to the song and create these characters. That blew me away. I was really studying singers at the time and Scott was at the top of the list. So walking in on that first day, it was crazy. I mean, you have dreams about things like this. I still feel a little Mark Wahlberg–ish.”

Guitarist Dean DeLeo commented on recruiting the singer:

“He was one of the last guys we saw, in the last two days of auditions. And that was just over a year ago – September of 2016.

Jeff wasn’t even part of the singer submissions. But Robert happened to be playing a gig with the Hollywood Vampires in Michigan and somebody came backstage after the show and approached him and said, ‘You should check this guy out. He’s a local guy.’ And Robert called me the next morning and was like, ‘Hey, man …'”

He also added:

“You know, Mr. Weiland paved quite a way. Because not just anybody can sing this catalog. You need someone who really knows how to sing. And Jeff kind of has it all, man. He has that baritone, and he’s also able to get into that tenor world. He’s a real singer.”

Head to Rolling Stone to read more.

Stone Temple Pilots Officially Recruit Former “X Factor” Singer Jeff Gutt As Their New Frontman

Stone Temple Pilots have officially welcomed former “X Factor” contestant Jeff Gutt to the band as their new vocalist. The group confirmed the news to Eddie Trunk during a SiriusXM special, which aired tonight (November 14). Gutt has been working with the band on a new album and the first single “Meadow” has been released to radio, with an online release coming soon. The singer will make his live debut with Stone Temple Pilots at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA tonight as part of an invitation-only event for SiriusXM subscribers.