Gideon Announce U.S. Tour With For The Fallen Dreams, Orthodox, & Guerrilla Warfare

Gideon have announced a headlining U.S. tour. For The Fallen Dreams, Orthodox, and Guerrilla Warfare will open.

Tour Dates:

02/09 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
02/10 Orlando, FL – Henao Center
02/11 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Purgatory
02/12 Greensboro, NC – Hanger 1819
02/14 Richmond, VA – Canal Club
02/15 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
02/16 Brooklyn, NY – The Meadows
02/17 Frenchtown, NJ – Artie’s
02/18 Long Island, NY – Amityville Music Hall
02/19 Hartford, CT – Webster Underground
02/21 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse
02/22 Pontiac, MI – Pike Room @ Crofoot
02/23 Indianapolis, IN – Black Circle
02/24 Chicago, IL – The WC Social Club
02/25 Iowa City, IA – Wildwood
02/26 Lincoln, NE – 1867 Bar
02/28 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
03/01 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
03/03 Tacoma, WA – Real Art
03/04 Portland, OR – Bossavona Ballroom
03/05 Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post Downtown
03/07 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone Berkeley
03/09 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
03/10 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
03/11 Phoenix, AZ – Nile Underground
03/12 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
03/14 San Antonio, TX – Vibes Underground
03/15 Fort Worth, TX – Ridglea Room
03/17 Nashville, TN – TBA
03/18 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco

Chelsea Grin, Like Moths To Flames, The Browning, Etc. Set For 2022 Monster Mosh Festival

The lineup has been revealed for this year’s Monster Mosh festival. The event will take place at Gilley’s in Dallas, TX on October 29 and it will feature: Chelsea Grin, Like Moths To Flames, Woe, Is Me, Close Your Eyes, The Browning, Signs Of The Swarm, I Set My Friends On Fire, VCTMS, Amnesia Garden, Ballista, Be//gotten, Even Cameras Life, Guerrilla Warfare, Lost In Separation, and Notions.

Various Bands Pull Out Of Kentucky Irate Fest Amid Booking Disputes

Isolator, Artica, Belushi Speed Ball, Wake Up In Tsunami, Sero//Tonin, Guerrilla Warfare, Cohen, and Foxbat have all dropped off the inaugural Kentucky Irate Fest. This news follows some apparent booking disputes.

Guerrilla Warfare commented:

“not performing at Irate fest anymore

After too many goofy, passive aggressive, unprofessional, non transparent and immature communications we no longer wish to be associated w these nerds.

They also tried to make us drop the Alpha Wolf, show we announced after never mentioning a radius clause so come to that instead and support 502 Shows LOL

If you’re stressed enough to kick a local u booked off a lineup because they didn’t sell enough tickets for a national festival-

Keep our “can’t tell ya the headliners yet” guarantee-you may need it”

Wake Up In Tsunami also shared a message that was sent to them by one of the festival’s co-partners:

The festival then responded:

“Just so everyone knows how I got the idea to send the message to the guy in Wake Up Tsunami about Amazon. Tracy wants to take no accountability for his actions, but I am a business owner. This festival is a registered LLC and a business. I’m sorry that I can’t have all the bands coming from all over the country and out of the country for free. These decisions were made solely on making sure it runs as smooth as possibly, including financially. Tracy told me he notified the bands they were required to each sell a combined 400 tickets and actually never did so. I trusted his word that he would be holding the locals accountable to promote the event.”

Sero\\tonin issued a statement as well:

“Sero\\tonin will not be playing Kentucky Irate Fest.

With everything we stand for, we cannot justify playing a show that’s going to benefit someone who tried to use people.

Don’t feed the snakes.
We aren’t.”

The festival also had the following to say about bands pulling out of the event:


We have had 15+ inquiries from Kentucky bands to fill the holes left from the departing bands at their own discrepancy. We have been in touch with every major agent on this bill and every headliner and national band will be performing as scheduled! Please don’t buy into the lies going around on social media.

Bands no longer performing:

Belushi Speedball
Wake Up Tsunami
Guerrilla Warfare

We wish you all the best and sorry it didn’t work out this time.”

The festival is currently set to take place at The MG Prime Entertainment Complex in Louisville, KY on August 26-28.

[via The PRP]

Crossfaith Announce North American Tour With LIMBS & Guerrilla Warfare

Crossfaith have announced a headlining North American tour. LIMBS and Guerrilla Warfare will open.

Tour Dates:

09/08 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone
09/09 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
09/10 Santa Cruz, CA – The Atrium
09/11 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
09/13 Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge
09/15 Austin, TX – Come And Take it Live
09/16 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
09/17 Dallas, TX – Club Dada
09/18 Memphis, TN – Growler’s
09/20 Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
09/21 Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall
09/23 Birmingham, AL – Furnace Fest
09/24 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
09/25 Baltimore, MD – Sound Stage
09/27 Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry
09/28 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
09/30 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
10/01 Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz
10/02 Toronto, ON – Velvet underground
10/03 Chicago, IL – Subterranean
10/07 Sacramento, CA – Aftershock (Crossfaith only)
10/08 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre (Crossfaith only)
10/09 Seattle, WA – El Corazon (Crossfaith only)

Tallah Recruit Fire From The Gods, Chelsea Grin, & Guerrilla Warfare Members For New Song “Vanilla Paste”

Tallah have premiered a new video for their new song “Vanilla Paste.” That track features a number of special guests including: Fire From the Gods’ AJ Channer, Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber, and Guerrilla Warfare’s Garrett Hood. Tallah’s Justin Bonitz told Loudwire that the song is “basically about having bullshit forced down your throat, whether it is lies from the media, unimportant drama, abuse from a significant other, etc.” He also added:

“‘Vanilla Paste‘ represents something you are digesting which has no nutritional value or substance. It is just flavored paste. It tastes sweet and stimulates your senses, but it is not actually doing anything for you. You cannot survive off of nothing, and that is what that crap is, nothing. In this song, we have people who have been fed this ‘nothing’ their whole lives. They are tired of it [and] ready to make a change.”

Guerrilla Warfare Premiere “NU.Wav” Music Video

Guerrilla Warfare have premiered a new video for their new single “NU.Wav.” This news comes after the band recently signed with Fever 333 vocalist Jason Aalon Butler’s 333 Wreckords Crew.

Guerrilla Warfare’s Garrett Hood commented:

“We took influence from current rap artists like Tee Grizzley and tried to tie in some old school Beastie Boys style to the flavor to the vocals. Instrumentally, we have always loved Nu Metal and Hardcore both, and we think those influences speak for themselves.”

“The ‘NU.Wav‘ video was shot at our EP release show at Headliners in Louisville, KY on May 25th and in the 5’x3’ half bathroom of my apartment in Old Louisville by Ana Massard & Alex Constante. We fit six people in that tiny room – three in front of the camera and three behind, including our friend Mat Schladen on the camera work. The video was then edited by Ana and eventually animated by Alex.”

He also added the following about signing with 333 Wreckords Crew:

“To have somebody like Jason who I’ve literally idolized for years, in terms of being a performer, songwriter, activist and overall human being, involved with GW is a literal dream come true for me personally and for all of us. We feel that he & 333 Wreckords Crew understand and support the bridge of cultures and sounds we are trying to create in our music and we could not be happier to work together to watch our vision come into fruition.”

Butler commented as well:

“I believe that when things speak to you that quickly simply due to the irrefutable energy they convey, you have to act on that. So that’s what I did.”

Jason Aalon Butler (Fever 333) Launches 333 Wreckords Crew

Fever 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler has launched his own artist collective called 333 Wreckords Crew. With this news, he has also announced the label’s first signing, Guerrilla Warfare.

Butler commented:

“When I started this project it was quite literally built upon a foundation of community. In my mind this community would thrive due to its unique focus on ethics, progressiveness, a symbiotic structuring and, of course, dope art. I believe that the difference between myself and many other record labels (especially most established ones) is that I am not here to make money off of my artists. I am an artist who wants to create a structure that challenges the current music creation process and disrupts the way it is distributed. I will do this by working with my artists. So we all have a stake in the fulfillment and success of the art.”

“It is very seldom you find personnel in the music business with any actual experience beyond the desk or computer they’ve been placed in front of and tasked to do the impossible – understand the infinitely faceted experience and perspective of an artist creating art that isn’t theirs.

Even when you do find the rare employee that ‘had a band and played outside cities on the weekends’ it often still couldn’t be farther from the understanding you as an artist are looking for when you’re stuck on a section of highway in the middle of the night that isn’t even listed on Google maps trying to find a replacement gas tank for the one your van just lost due to an animal bone puncturing your previous one because you ran over the remains of an accident that wasn’t properly handled earlier that day and all you want to do is make the next show so you can possibly eat tomorrow.

Strangely specific? Well you can guess that I am remarking on a situation I, as an artist, experienced which is one of thousands that make up the prism through which I will view my artists’ needs, desires, tribulations, and queries. Essentially, I will offer them ACTUAL experience which will be conducive to their progression and success in all situations while keeping their vision, health, and emotional safety at the front of my mind at all times.”

He also added the following on Facebook:

“Someone had to find an alternative to the approach that has kept artists on the wrong side of the benefits in this industry for far too long. If someone’s going to do it, it might as well be us- the artists. We are 333 WRECKORDS CREW.”