Max Cavalera On New Cavalera Conspiracy Album: “I Think People Are Gonna Be Blown Away”

Max and Igor Cavalera were recently interviewed by, and discussed the upcoming Cavalera Conspiracy album. You can see what they had to say below:

Igor said the following:

“We already recorded most of the stuff, and we did it with a producer called Arthur Rizk, [who] is a very young producer coming up. I’ve been friends with him for a few years, and I’ve been noticing he’s been producing some amazing music. He did the latest POWER TRIP, and before, he did some stuff which is more in the area where I listen to a lot of different industrial and noisy stuff. He worked with this guy called Prurient, [who] toured with GODFLESH and stuff. So he’s a really, really cool producer. To have him involved in this new CAVALERA, it was quite a really cool thing that we found, which, for me and Max, it’s always good to have someone that is super passionate about music, the same way we are. So to have someone like him coming in and helping us with ideas and things like that, I think it’s gonna surprise a lot of people, ’cause he understands a lot about what’s going on today in music, and that’s pretty cool — that exchange with us, with the old-school ideas with also someone that understands music right now. So I think it’s gonna come out… I’m far more excited than I’ve been in many years to put out a record like this. So I have to say I’m quite into it, what we’re doing right now.”

Max added:

“[Arthur] captured the classic Max and Igor in a way that’s never really quite been captured before. It was always his objective from the beginning — he wanted to capture the soul of the brothers, and I think he did. I think it’s quite amazing, looking back, that somebody can get that out of you after twenty-five years, man. That’s awesome. But, like Igor said, there’s a lot of noise also — between songs we’re gonna hear all this kind of crazy just pure noise and heaviness, which is unheard of. So I’m very excited.”

He continued:

“I think it was a lot of fun record to make — I had a lot of fun making it — because of the passion that Arthur had for this project from the beginning, from Igor’s drumming to the riffs. Now I’m gonna start doing vocals. I already sang two songs, and I can’t wait for people to hear it, because I think people are gonna be blown away… It was recorded in a bunker in the desert, so it’s really cool. In the middle of the desert inside an underground bunker is where the record was made. So… very metal. [Laughs]”

“Everybody likes to say the new record is the best, but, for me, this is… I think it’s gonna be the best CAVALERA we’ve ever done. It’s got all the right elements to be the best one, so I’m excited.”

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Cavalera Conspiracy Begin Recording New Album

Cavalera Conspiracy have officially started the recording process for their new album in Phoenix, Arizona with producer Arthur Rizk. The effort will be released this fall and the first studio video from the band’s “The Conspiracy Diaries” series can be found below:

Max & Igor Cavalera Plan To Perform Sepultura’s “Roots” In Full On 20th Anniversary Tour

Max & Igor Cavalera are planning to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sepultura’s “Roots” be performing it in full on a U.S. tour. The album was released on February 20, 1996.

Max Cavalera said the following to PlanetMosh:

“…We’re doing some stuff, with Igor later in the year. Actually, this is twenty years of the ‘Roots‘ album, so we’re planning to play the whole ‘Roots’ record. I think we’re doing it in the States. Hopefully we’ll come to Europe as well, playing the whole record.

And then I’m gonna work with him to try to work on some new tunes for a new Cavalera. I think this time we’re gonna actually use a real producer; I don’t know who yet.”

Ben Coller (Converge) Is Now A Permanent Member Of Killer Be Killed

Killer Be Killed, the supergroup composed of Max Cavalera (Ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and apparently Juan Montoya (MonstrO) for live shows, now have an official new member in their ranks. Cavalera recently revealed that Ben Koller, who originally was a fill in for drummer Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta) during the band’s first performances, is now a permanent member of the group.


Here’s what he told Wall Of Sound when asked if Koller is the band:

“Pretty much. We introduced Ben at Soundwave Festival and asked him to be part of the group. He’ such a great drummer and musician.”

He also said the following when asked if he was writing for the band’s new album:

“Not writing yet. I don’t write on the road, too chaotic. I’ve got some ideas though. Now I know Greg and Troy and we have Ben Koller playing drums. We’re going to make a kick ass second record.”

Killer Be Killed Plan To Release New Album In 2016

Killer Be Killed, the supergroup composed of Max Cavalera (Ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta), are planning to release their sophomore effort next year. Cavelera revealed the news during an interview with Metal Hammer:


Here’s what he had to say:

“There’s another Killer Be Killed record coming next year, and more Cavalera Conspiracy stuff in the future. At this point I’m just letting it roll. Whatever happens will happen – that’s my attitude. I’m not forcing anything. If it happens, great; if not then it’s still okay.”

Cavalera Conspiracy Cover Bad Brains’ “Pay To Cum” With Dillinger Escape Plan & Strife Members In West Hollywood, CA

During their show in West Hollywood, CA, on May 4, Cavalera Conspiracy was joined onstage by Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed) and Andrew Kline (Strife) for a cover of Bad Brains’ “Pay To Cum.” Check out some fan-filmed footage of the performance below:

Greg Puciato Discusses The Possibility Of A New Killer Be Killed Album & Future Touring

Killer Be Killed, the band featuring Max Cavalera (Ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta), may be making new music and playing more shows in the future. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Puciato said there will “absolutely” be more live performances and that they already have a lot of material for a second album.

He said the following:

“As soon as we ended the first ‘Sidewave’ [concert], which was in Melbourne, the first club show, as soon as we ended that and walked off stage, that was the moment we were, like, ‘Okay, yeah, we need to do more of this. We need to absolutely do more of this.’ We were having so much fun.”

“For me, it feels like I’m fifteen years old, playing in a band — just having a blast, and there’s no expectation, and you don’t really think that anyone’s gonna care, and you’re just playing for the love of it. I look at Max, and he kind of looks like a child again. He said to me when we got off stage, ‘I haven’t felt like this since the first Soulfly record came out. I haven’t felt this happy and this stoked.’ I think we were all kind of just saying, ‘Man, we have something really good here.’ And then we’re all still, obviously, extremely in love with our main bands, so we have to kind of go back to reality after this and be, like, ‘All right. We’ve gotta get back to work in Dillinger, Mastodon, Soulfly And Converge.’ But we kind of already had the, ‘When are you gonna be off? Are we all off at the same time? What can we do?’ I’ve got so many riffs and so many song ideas, Troy’s got so many, Max’s got so many…”

“So we’re gonna for sure book some more shows. We’re gonna come back to Australia. We’re already looking at trying to find time to track album No. 2. So, yeah, this was kind of the proving ground, and now that we’ve come down here and seen that everything feels like a band, we’re gonna keep doing it.”

Cavalera Conspiracy Announce 2015 Tour With Death Angel, Corrosion Of Conformity Blind & Lody Kong

Cavalera Conspiracy have announced a 2015 U.S. tour. The band will also be joined by Death Angel, Corrosion Of Conformity Blind (which is separate from Corrosion Of Conformity) and Lody Kong.


Tour Dates:

04/10 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
04/11 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live
04/12 Austin, TX – Empire Control Room & Garage (‘Texas Independence Fest‘)
04/13 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
04/15 Raleigh, NC – Lincoln Theatre
04/16 Amityville, NY – Revolution
04/17 Worcester, MA – Palladium (‘New England Metal And Hardcore Festival‘)
04/19 New York, NY – Marlin Room @ Webster Hall
04/20 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Sound Stage
04/21 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
04/22 Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot
04/23 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
04/24 Joliet, IL – Mojoes (no Corrosion Of Confomity Blind) (feat. King Hitter)
04/25 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave (no Corrosion Of Confomity Blind) (feat. King Hitter)
04/27 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
04/28 Lawrence, KS – Granada
04/29 Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall
05/01 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
05/02 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
05/03 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
05/04 West Hollywood, CA – House Of Blues
05/05 Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre

Killer Be Killed Play First Live Show

Killer Be Killed, the supergroup composed of Max Cavalera (Ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta), made their live debut at the 2015 Soundwave Festival in Australia, on February 20.

Elitch didn’t take part in the performance due to his obligations to Antemasque, so Ben Koller (Converge) handled the drumming duties. Check out some fan-filmed footage of the performance and the setlist below:

Killer Be Killed Soundwave Setlist:

01 – “Wings Of Feather And Wax”
02 – “Melting Of My Marrow”
03 – “Face Down”
04 – “Curb Crusher”
05 – “Save The Robots”
06 – “Twelve Labors”
07 – “Fire To Your Flag”
08 – “I.E.D.”
09 – “Snakes Of Jehovah”

Cavalera Conspiracy, Jasta Etc. Added To 2015 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

The fourth batch of bands have been revealed for the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. The festival will take place at The Palladium in Worcester, MA from April 17th-19th. The newly announced acts include:

Cavalera Conspiracy, Corrosion Of Conformity, Jasta, Incantation, Shattered Sun, Vanna, Nasty, Gift Giver and Unity


The previously announced acts include:

Motionless In White, Between The Buried And Me, Overcast, The Banner, Black Mask, Homewrecker, Downpour, No Zodiac, Testament, Exodus Nuclear Assault, Nails, Indecision, Incendiary, Wisdom In Chains, For Today The Color Morale, My Ticket Home, The Red Chord, The Atlas Moth, Phinehas, Code Orange, Discourse, Suburban Scum, Allegaeon, Rivers of Nihil, The Agonist, Disgrace, God’s Hate, Thy Will Be Done, No Zodiac, Extinction AD, Vice, Absolute Suffering, Lorna Shore, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Rotting Out, Death Before Dishonor, Cruel Hand, Rude Awakening, World of Pain, Shark Ethic, Ghost x Ship, Living Laser, Oath Fit For An Autopsy, Boris The Blade, On Broken Wings, Vital Remains, The Plot In You, I Declare War, Lionheart and These Streets