Witchery Premiere “Witching Hour” Video

Witchery have premiered a new video for their new song “Witching Hour.” This track is from the band’s new album “Nightside,” which will be released on July 22. Guitarist Patrick Jensen commented:

“And so, the ‘Witching Hour’ has finally arrived… This, the opening track of the new concept album, ‘Nightside,’ kicks off a story of unreal nightmares, demonic possession, inquisitional witches’ trials and then dives into the really dark stuff, haha. First try for us to create a concept album and we are very happy with how it turned out. We worked hard at creating songs that followed the dramaturgy of the story (which was more work than we ever realized, but a challenged we accepted and overcame!). We’re pretty sure that ‘Popecrusher’, and now ‘Witching Hour’, will pique your interest in hearing the full story of ‘Nightside!’”

Witchery Premiere “Popecrusher” Video

Witchery have premiered a new video for their new song “Popecrusher.” This track is from the band’s new album “Nightside,” which will be released on July 22.

Witchery mastermind Jensen commented:

“Setting the benchmark for the new album, ‘Popecrusher’ is the first foreshadowing aural assault from our new album Nightside. All the pieces fell into place with this album and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the album in its entirety. ‘Nightside’ is our first attempt at writing a concept album, and ‘Popecrusher’ is of course a part of that story. We hope you love the soul-incinerating heaviness of ‘Popecrusher’ as much as we do. More great things are soon to come. Do the W!

I started to write this album without any general direction of idea in mind, but somewhere in the middle of the writing process I remembered that I’ve always wanted to do a concept album, so I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know that writing a concept album puts a lot more pressure on each and every song turning out great. This might seem a norm (and I guess it is in some way) but usually you write 12-14 songs and choose the songs that turned out the best after they’ve been mixed and mastered. Sometimes even what you thought was going to be the first song on the album gets pushed to somewhere else because another track turned out sounding more like an opening track. Also, out of those 12-14 songs you can choose to keep a few a bonus tracks. With a theme album, songs can’t swap places. The story needs to work (no one wants to do a new ‘The Elder!’), so the opening track really needs to hold up as an opening track etc., thus the extra pressure of ‘no surprises’ after its all recorded. The album tells a story of demonic nightmares, unexplainable pregnancy, witch trails and an escape from the Old Country to the colonies in the west and what happens once the child is born. Guests on this album is, for starters, our permanent guest of honor Hank Shermann, but also guest solos by Maciek Ofstad of Kvelertak and Simon Johansson of Wolf (also the studio owner of SolnaStudio where we recorded the album. We also had the honor of having Jeff Walker of Carcass do guest vocals on the song “A Forest of Burning Coffins”. All in all, we are very happy with how the album turned out and with again thrilled over Daniel Bergstrand’s killer production…”

“Nightside” Track Listing:

01. “Witching Hour”
02. “Don’t Burn The Witch” (feat. Kvelertak’s Maciek Ofstad)
03. “Storm Of The Unborn”
04. “Er steht in Flammen”
05. “Popecrusher”
06. “Left Hand March” (feat. Mercyful Fate’s Hank Shermann)
07. “Under the Altar”
08. “Churchburner”
09. “Crucifix And Candle” (Wolf’s Simon Johansson)
10. “A Forest Of Burning Coffins” (feat. Carcass’ Jeff Walker)
11. “Nightside”

Witchery Share Lyric Video For Remastered Version Of “The Storm”

Witchery have shared a lyric video for their remastered version of “The Storm.” This version of the track is from the remastered version of “Symphony For The Devil,” which will be released on March 27, along with remastered versions of “Restless & Dead,” “Dead, Hot And Ready,” and “Witchburner.”

Witchery To Re-Release “Restless & Dead,” “Witchburner,” “Dead, Hot And Ready,” & “Symphony For The Devil”

Witchery have announced that they will be re-releasing their first three albums, “Restless & Dead,” “Dead, Hot And Ready,” and “Symphony For The Devil,” and their “Witchburner” EP on March 27. The records have been remastered and will feature reworked artwork by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin, rare photos, and liner notes from the band and others close to them. The group commented:

“Ever miss the years when you used to roam the graveyard at midnight? Do you yearn for the years of the howling and do you think there just aren’t any good storms lately? So do we… Twenty-Two years after we put out our first release, we finally get the chance to bring Restless & Dead and the other three Witchery albums out of the grave and back into the world of the living (and the undead) again. Rejoice and do the W!”

Patrik Jensen Says He Has “Nine Songs Ready” For Witchery’s New Album

During a recent interview with Jake Patton of Metal Wani, Patrik Jensen revealed that he already has “nine songs ready” for Witchery’s new album. He said the following:

“I just got off my other computer — my music-recording computer — and I have nine songs ready for the next album, so the new WITCHERY album [will be released] hopefully this year, but [if not], definitely next year… We’re going to record it again with Daniel Bergstrand, [who] we did the two last albums with, because he really knows how to get a great sound for the band.”

[via Blabbermouth]

At The Gates, The Haunted, & Witchery Announce Australian Dates

At The Gates, The Haunted, and Witchery have announced some Australian shows together. Here’s the dates:

04/25 Brisbane, AUS – Triffid
04/26 Sydney, AUS – Manning Bar
04/27 Melbourne, AUS – Max Watts

Witchery Premiere “Welcome, Night” Lyric Video

Witchery have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Welcome, Night.” This song is from the band’s new album, “I Am Legion,” which will be released on November 10.

Patrik Jensen commented:

“On ‘I Am Legion’ we have tried a few things that Witchery never has done before. ‘Welcome, Night’, with its odd timing, atypical arrangement and with riffs that are meant to enhance the vocals/lyrics (and not the other way around as per usual) makes the song probably my favorite track on the album. I like how the lyrics turned out too. They might lead you to think about a certain infamous incident in history, but I chose to place it in ‘the year 1855’ to distance the song from that, yet keeping it in the same Victorian setting. I got a question from a journalist if the lyrics somehow were about ‘the Devil’s footprints’ that happened that specific year. They’re not connected, but I can recommend looking up that particular incident. Pretty interesting. Please enjoy the contribution of our two great friends – Nick Barker’s spoken word and Mike Wead’s solo – in the song as well!”