Vatican Premiere “Decemeta” Video

Vatican have premiered a new video for their new song “Decemeta.” You can check that out below:

Vocalist Mike Sugars told Brooklyn Vegan the following about the song:

“This song is about how we as people love to see others fail. There are plenty of times where it’s maybe best that this person goes away, but we’re always watching to see who’s next and are always looking for the cracks in someone’s frame.

I wanted to name the track based on how the song just makes me feel. I thought the song felt like a battle montage and landed on something like ‘Decimation‘ or something not great like that. Then, I took inspiration from NieR: Automata and Metal Gear Rising and combined decimation with the ‘mata’ thing. I just thought it looked and sounded cool.”

Drummer Josian Omar Soto-Ramos also added the following about the video:

“When that was finished, I thought about the song we were going to release and tying it into the track. The first thing that popped in my head was a visualiser of it fighting off enemies in PlayStation 1-inspired style, with a lot of explosions and flying. Specifically, the Armored Core series immediately came to mind for this and made sense with the abrasive context of the song. Sahaj was super stoked on the idea and we started bouncing ideas back and forth. It was a lot of fun getting this idea made into a reality and it’s all thanks to him for doing a dope job.”

Vatican Release “Reassembled Vol. 1: Sole Impulse” EP

Vatican have released a new EP titled “Reassembled Vol. 1: Sole Impulse.“ You can find that on the service of your choice HERE. The effort features various tracks that were remixed in 8-bit and 16-bit styles.

“Reassembled Vol. 1: Sole Impulse” Track Listing:

01. “31[staples]”
02. “blades/sephia”
04. “sOL3 1mPULSE”
05. “000-0000-5463”
06. “RE:Assembled”
07. “Vita_Alpha.rom”

The group commented:

“In Vatican, we don’t do anything unless it makes us laugh, and Reassembled is the peak of that idea. Every new remix kept getting more ridiculous, with crazier sounds that had everyone rolling on the floor. Game music and sound design have always been an inspiration to the band, and it getting to shamelessly rep our love for Sonic 3, Megaman X, and Donkey Kong Returns is hilarious.”

Vatican Premiere New Songs “Fractured God” And “Absolute Reality“

Vatican have signed a new deal with UNFD. With this news, the band have also released a new EP titled “Become A New God.“ That effort features two songs, “Fractured God” and “Absolute Reality,“ and it can be streamed below:

Mike Sugars said the following about “Fractured God”:

“‘Fractured God‘ is about questioning who you are, and what makes up your individuality. Are we truly individuals, or are we products of ideals passed on from last generations? Do we have our own ideals or are we just vessels for those we inherited?”

He also commented on “Absolute Reality“:

“We talk about undeniable truths, and how hard they are to find. There’s a constant flow of information and disinformation in the world today, and it flows at an ever-increasing rate. How can we possibly take all of this and use it to create real context in a technological landscape where this information is disseminated out to users who just chew it up and repeat it?”

He also added the following about the EP:

“‘Become A New God‘, as a pairing of these songs, is trying to question what it is to be human in an increasingly complex world and time.”

Vatican Premiere “Beneath One” Music Video

Vatican have premiered a new video for their new song “Beneath One.” This track is from the band’s new album “Sole Impulse,” which will be released on November 15.

Jonathan Whittle commented:

“The video represents crossing over into the ‘Umbra,’ or spirit world — a realm existing alongside the material world. It depicts a kid fixated to a body bag in a darkened world, curious as to why he is drawn to the matter. He notices the bag covered in blood and slowly begins to open it before realizing the body inside is his physical self.

From opening the bag, he examines the body, where the wound addresses his heart being ripped out from all the evils of the world. The fire is shown to reflect our old ways and traditions being purged. It ignites the soul to be pushed into another realm, or metaphorically speaking, headspace.

The band wearing all white represents ‘the light,’ whereas when the kid crosses over, he notices that he is not alone in a dark place. From a spiritual standpoint, if we look at the earth being zero and the sun being one, we view our physical selves beneath the sun, knowing every morning the sun will rise; regardless of the state of the world or our hardships.

From this thought, we are given the option every new day to have our spiritual bodies remain at zero or rise above our physical selves by taking the initiative to work towards bettering ourselves. We must keep our spiritual bodies beneath one, but above self.”

[via Revolver]

Vatican Premiere “Sole Impulse” Music Video

Vatican have premiered a new video for their new song “Sole Impulse.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on November 15.

Jonathan Whittle commented:

“The album ‘Sole Impulse‘ is about embracing your individual difference and using that to build yourself mentally and systematically. ‘Sole‘ being one and yours, and ‘Impulse‘ being the action of passion to gain what you desire.”

The title track reveals a strong mindset to condition myself towards remembering my roots and shifting into a higher caliber of thinking. It’s the entering of new energy. We destroy the greater things in our lives because we’ve found comfort in suffering and the attention it brings. ‘Sole Impulse‘ is the merge out by purging everything inside that weighs us down, leaving validation behind and knowing the work on your soul never ends.”

[via Kerrang!]