To The Grave To Release New Album “Director’s Cuts” In February, Premiere “Red Dot Sight” Video

To The Grave have revealed the details for their new album “Director’s Cuts.” The effort will be released on February 24 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“Director’s Cuts” Track Listing:

01. “Warning Shot”
02. “Red Dot Sight”
03. “Full Sequence”
04. “B.D.T.S.”
05. “Protest & Sever” (feat. Sam Crocker of Antagonist A.D.)
06. “Manhunt”
07. “Found Footage”
08. “Axe Of Kindness”
09. “Reversing The Bear Trap” (feat. Jess Christiansen)
10. “Cut Off The Head”
11. “Die, Rise”

To The Grave commented:

“We are all the writers and directors of an unending horror film, it’s actors unwilling and the scenes taking place in every circus, zoo, lab, farm and slaughterhouse that stain our green globe.”

A video for the effort’s first single, “Red Dot Sight,” can be found below. The group added the following about that:

“‘Red Dot Sight’ is about anti-vegan public figures and influencers dragging the names of activists for headlines and views. The way our media paints them as criminals and terrorists sways public perception against those wanting to do good to the point that it’s socially acceptable to treat them like shit.”

To The Grave To Release “Epilogue” In April, Premiere “[•REC]” Music Video

To The Grave will be releasing a new album titled “Epilogue” on April 16. The effort will feature a guest-filled remixed and remastered version of their debut album “Global Warning,” as well as seven new tracks and a cover of My Chemical Romance‘s “The Ghost Of You.“ A video for the first single “[•REC]” can be found below:

“Epilogue” Track Listing:

01. “Holocaustralia: Global Warning” (feat. Nic Webb of Alchemy)
02. “Ecocide” (feat. Jerry Chard of Vengeance)
03. “Pest Control” (feat. Daniel Macdonald of Wormtongue)
04. “Hell Hole” (feat. Nick Adams of Justice For The Damned)
05. “Slaughter Forever” (feat. Blake Curby of Teeth)
06. “Gristle Blower”
07. “The Devil In Sheepskin” (feat. Bailey Schembri of Iconoclast)
08. “Wastage” (feat. Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer)
09. “Skin Like Pigs” (feat. Rheese Peters of Babirusa)
10. “Lips & Assholes”
11. “Seven Billion Reasons Why” (feat. Alex Hill of Âme Noire)
12. “Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting Of 2624 Dog Trap Rd)”
13. “Miserable Summer”
14. “[•REC]”
15. “Terrorist Threat”
16. “Kill Shelter”
17. “Death By A Thousand Cuts”
18. “Recoil In Horror (活き締め)”
19. “The Ghost Of You” (My Chemical Romance cover)

Frontman Dane Evans said the following about the record:

“‘Epilogue‘ is a culmination and celebration of the all we’ve achieved and been through together. It features a remixed, remastered version of our complete 2019 record ‘Global Warning‘ with a bunch of good friends lending their voices, as well as 7 new songs that we created in 2020. These new songs are by far our most malevolent offerings to date and this release stands as a form of appreciation to our fans, friends and those who’ve supported us through hell and back. ‘Epilogue‘ may be the final chapter to ‘Global Warning‘ but rest assured, this is just the beginning.”