Matt Perrin (Threat Signal, AngelMaker) Loses Apartment To A Fire

Matt Perrin (Threat Signal, AngelMaker) has sadly lost his apartment to a fire. Fortunately, everyone made it out alive, including his cats, although one was left in critical condition due to smoke inhalation. You can help the guitarist out by donating via GoFundMe.

Perrin said the following yesterday (October 4):

“Today was one of the worst days of my life. I woke up this morning and smelled smoke in my apartment.

My landlord came banging on my door and we both looked out the window and saw that the apartment under us was completely on fire. the fire spread from the suite below us and up the walls into ours.

Both my cats Jax and Luna are alive, although Luna is in critical condition from smoke inhilation. Our apartment is completely destroyed and I’m in complete shock with what to do right now.

To everyone who has already talked to me and sent me their thoughts, thank you. This has been a horrible day, but at least my pets and Heather are alive.”

He later followed up:

“To everyone who has reached out to Heather and I in the past 24 hours – I just want to honestly say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never expect anything from anybody, but this response from all our friends and family has been astronomical. I have no words to thank everyone enough for what they have done. We feel so extremely lucky to know each and every single one of you. I have so many emotions and thoughts, but most of all I just want to say how much I appreciate all this love and support from every single person.

Luna is still in critical care until further notice, we will update everyone on that as soon as we can. For now she is slowly improving.

I especially want to thank Paul Terry for setting up GoFundMe page, I honestly don’t expect anybody to donate anything at all, but that response has been insane to see. I can’t believe the amount people have been donating. I definitely don’t feel like I deserve this but I am beyond thankful.

Thank you to Paul Ouzounov and Ashley Elizabeth Chow for being with us all day yesterday and helping us with so many things, you guys are absolutely amazing.

I also want to thank my good friend Jeremy Hoegee for putting us up after we are done staying at this hotel from the city.

Thank you ALL so much, I have no way to repay you for what you have done. You all bring tears to my eyes and light to my day. YOU are the reason we will make it through this.”

[via The PRP]

CD Version Of Threat Signal’s “Disconnect” Gets Delayed

The CD version of Threat Signal‘s new album “Disconnect” will now be available on November 24, due to a manufacturing delay. The band posted the following:

Threat Signal Premiere New Song “Exit The Matrix”, Reveal Details For New Album “Disconnect”

Threat Signal have premiered a new song titled “Exit The Matrix.” This song is from the band’s new album “Disconnect,” which will be released on November 10.

Jon Howard said the following about the album:

“Well, we made it to album number 4! To say its been a tough ride would be an understatement, but as the shit piles on, we’ll keep shovelling that shit off!! So we began writing this album back in 2012, and continued writing over the next 3 years until we were able to hit the studio again. Basically our thought process while writing was to not have an end goal of what the album should sound like.

We didn’t plan to make a really heavy album, or a melodic album, or take anyone else’s input on what we should sound like. We basically just wrote songs with a clear and open mindset until Disconnect grew together. This album ranges from melodic metal, to hard rock, to thrash metal, and even down to a chill acoustic tune, its a roller coaster of a ride while staying true to the Threat Signal sound.

You will feel the energy from all of our previous albums plus something new. A big thanks to Agonia records for believing in us and finally getting this album released. Also a HUGE thanks to the fans for sticking with us over the years. I’d like to dedicate our album Disconnect to my fallen friend and former Threat Signal drummer Norm Killeen. May you be jamming with the best of them in the next life!!! Peace and love.”

“Disconnect” Track Listing:

01. “Elimination Process”
02. “Nostalgia”
03. “Walking Alone”
04. “Exit The Matrix”
05. “Falling Apart”
06. “Aura”
07. “Betrayal”
08. “To Thine Own Self Be True”
09. “Dimensions”
10. “Terminal Madness”
11. “Eyes Sewn Shut” (box set only)