Tetrarch Premiere “Stitch Me Up” Video

Tetrarch have premiered a new video for their song “Stitch Me Up.“ This track is from their latest album “Unstable.“

Guitarist Diamond Rowe commented:

“Shooting the video for ‘Stitch Me Up‘ was super fun and we are honestly thrilled with how it came out. The way the storyline was shot has such a cinematic feel to it and the finished product just looks awesome. The theme of this video is kind of about being an outcast in your everyday life.

You can sometimes feel like a complete freak when it seems like no one else sees things the same way that you do or has common interests, but finally meeting up with people that are like you can make you feel safe and whole. It reminds me a lot of all of us in the heavy music community and how we may be looked at in strange ways, but when we’re all together we are just one big happy family sharing our love of music.”

Tetrarch Premiere New Song “Addicted”

Tetrarch have premiered a new song titled “Addicted.“ This track is from the band’s new album “Unstable,“ which will be released on April 30. Frontman Josh Fore commented:

“‘Addicted‘ is a song about being consumed by something in life that to the outside eye may appear detrimental or dangerous. Even as our world may be spiraling away from us into chaos there’s something that draws us towards our obsessions. ‘Now I can see that the joke is on me’ is that moment of self-awareness: that we cannot escape who we are and that we are stuck in our own addictions.”

Tetrarch Share Acoustic Cover Of Mudvayne’s “Forget To Remember”

Tetrarch have shared an acoustic cover of Mudvayne‘s “Forget To Remember,“ along with an acoustic version of their song “You Never Listen.“ You can check out those tracks below:

Guitarist Diamond Rowe told Metal Hammer the following about the Mudvayne cover:

“We had an absolute blast covering ‘Forget To Remember‘. Mudvayne are a band that was pretty influential to the genre in the early 2000s. Because of their hiatus, it is so easy to forget how prominent they were during that time but when you actually stop to think about it and listen to their catalogue, there are a lot of amazing songs there.

We wanted to pick on of their songs that still had some edge and grit but that is still one of their hits, and this was the perfect one.”

As previously reported, Tetrarch‘s new album “Unstable“ will be released on April 30.

Tetrarch Premiere “Negative Noise” Video

Tetrarch have premiered a new video for their new song “Negative Noise.“ This track is from the band’s new album “Unstable,“ which will be released on April 30. Frontman Josh Fore commented:

“‘Negative Noise‘ is one of the heaviest songs on the new record. It mixes big riffs with thick bass, extreme drums and some of the most intense screams I’ve ever done. One of the highlights of the song is Diamond’s guitar solo that she absolutely killed and I know will turn so many people’s heads. Lyrically, the song is about constantly being surrounded by negativity and people trying to pull us in a million directions. More than ever, there is so much static around us, and we wanted to write a song about dealing with it and blocking out all of the noise.”

Tetrarch To Release New Album “Unstable” In April, Premiere “You Never Listen” Video

Tetrarch have announced that their new album “Unstable“ will be released on April 30. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for their new song “You Never Listen.” You can check that out below:

Guitarist Diamond Rowe said the following about the new record:

“The album has an overall theme of self-reflection and really looking at the relationships or parts of yourself/your life that you don’t like and getting out of those situations. It’s an angsty record. Musically, we were not timid in showing that we refuse to be boxed in as artists, and I think we really came out swinging with showing the world the type of band that we want to be. ‘Freak‘ did great for us and showed us that the music we were making was something that people wanted to hear, and that gave us the confidence to write and record this beast of an album.”

He also added the following about the new video:

“We wanted to do something unexpected and approach the song from a different lens. Conceptually, the video follows a young kid who is obviously living in a bad situation in a messed-up home. Throughout the video, the kid deals with the inner voices and visions in his head, represented by the band members appearing and disappearing, as he struggles to understand what’s real and what isn’t. As the song ramps up, we wanted to portray the kid as telling those voices to shut up as he takes control and rids himself of the negative energy around him.”

Frontman/guitarist Josh Fore commented on the new song as well:

“‘You Never Listen‘ is for anybody who has struggled or is struggling through a broken relationship – whether it be with a family member, friend, significant other, or even with themselves. So many times, we find that people we once were close with or felt like we knew well show a darker and different side of themselves that forces us apart. ‘You Never Listen’ is about having the strength to say enough is enough and to rid yourself of those toxic situations.”

“Unstable” Track Listing:

01. “I’m Not Right”
02. “Negative Noise”
03. “Unstable”
04. “You Never Listen”
05. “Sick Of You”
06. “Take A Look Inside”
07. “Stitch Me Up”
08. “Addicted”
09. “Pushed Down”
10. “Trust Me”

Tetrarch Sign With Napalm Records

Tetrarch have signed a new deal with Napalm Records. The band’s upcoming album “Unstable” will be released through the label.

Guitarist Diamond Rowe commented:

“None of us in Tetrarch have ever been shy about the goals that we have for this band. Therefore, it is no secret that since the beginning we have always made our goal to become one of the biggest modern metal bands of this generation. We are extremely excited to have found a partner for this journey with Napalm Records, and it is very apparent that they believe in us to the same degree. They are ready and willing to work with us however necessary to take Tetrarch to the top. We look forward to continuing this ride with them.”

Napalm Records‘ managing director Thomas Caser added:

“Welcome Tetrarch – undoubtedly the hottest newcomer and soon to be a household name in the Metal world! They are fresh and exciting, and we are proud and thrilled to work this amazing band!”