Swollen Teeth Premiere “Car Crash” Music Video

Swollen Teeth have premiered a new video for their new song “Car Crash.” You can check that out below. The band, who have received backing from Slipknot’s Sid Wilson and producer Ross Robinson, will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on April 26. The group commented:

“All cylinders are firing. Safe travels and ask yourself: which one of us is next?”

Ross Robinson And Sid Wilson Backed “Trü-Metal” Band Swollen Teeth To Release Self-Titled EP In April

Swollen Teeth will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on April 26. The effort was produced by Slipknot‘s Sid Wilson and it will be available through Blowed Out Records, the label launched by producer Ross Robinson, Ghostemane, and SideOneDummy Records co-founder Bill Armstrong. An official video for the title tack can be found below:

Wilson said the following:

“After all these years, when I thought I’d never find another group of humans outside of Slipknot that knew the formula to transparency thru frequencies, and not thru appearance, I discovered Swollen Teeth. This is trü-Metal!”

Robinson continued:

“Sid and I listening to roughs in Iowa, emotions ran high – I found myself getting chills throughout my body to that familiar molten metal pulse I love so much – this time that force is known as “Swollen Teeth” – hunger + talent have that vibration I can’t ignore – Bill, Eric, and I (‘Blowed Out Records‘) are totally committed to rip it out there for the long haul.. “

He further commented during an interview with Revolver:

“When I was involved with Slipknot, the version of the band back then is very similar to what this is. My favorite version. It rings hunger, like the rawness of the beginning of Slipknot. It’s just very, very hungry.”

Wilson also added:

“They make everybody [wear a mask when they are around them.] The manager, anyone. Anyone that’s there that’s part of the family has to conceal their identity. They show up and you don’t see them until it’s time for them to play. They’re not even in the dressing room. They literally pull up in an SUV or van all blacked-out. They come up, they got security with them. The security look like a SWAT team and they take them up and they’re onstage with them the whole show.”