Skunk Anansie’s Skin To Release “It Takes Blood And Guts” Memoir In September

Skunk Anansie’s Skin has announced that she will be releasing her memoir, “It Takes Blood And Guts,” on September 24 via Simon & Schuster. The book was co-written with music journalist, biographer and broadcaster Lucy O’Brien and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Here’s a description of the book:

“Skin, the trail-blazing lead singer of multi-million-selling rock band Skunk Anansie, is a global female icon. As an incendiary live performer, she shatters preconceptions about race and gender. As an activist and inspirational role model she has been smashing through stereotypes for over twenty-five years. With her striking visual image and savagely poetic songs, Skin has been a groundbreaking influence both with Skunk Anansie and as a solo artist.

From her difficult childhood growing up in Brixton to forming Skunk Anansie in the sweat-drenched backrooms of London’s pubs in the ‘90s, from the highs of headlining Glastonbury to the toll her solo career took on her personal life, Skin’s life has been extraordinary. She also talks powerfully about her work as social and cultural activist, championing LGBTQ+ rights at a time when few artists were out and gay. Told with honesty and passion, this is the story of how a black, working-class girl with a vision fought poverty and prejudice to write songs, produce and front her own band, and become one of the most influential women in British rock.”

Skin herself added:

“It’s been a very difficult thing being a lead singer of a rock band looking like me and it still is. I have to say it’s been a fight and it will always be a fight. That fight drives you and makes you want to work harder . . . It’s not supposed to be easy, particularly if you’re a woman, you’re black or you are gay like me. You’ve got to keep moving forward, keep striving for everything you want to be. It’s been a fight, and there has been a personal cost, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Skunk Anansie Premiere “This Means War” Music Video

Skunk Anansie have premiered a new video for their song “This Means War” via Kerrang!. Skin commented:

“We wrote this track just before we went on tour last summer. It totally stood out as a fan favourite and never left the setlist. So we’re really happy to release a finished version, produced by the magnificent Tom Dalgety!”

Skunk Anansie Premiere “What You Do For Love” Music Video

Skunk Anansie have premiered a new video for their new single “What You Do For Love” via Kerrang!. This track is the band’s first new music in three years.

Skin previously said the following about the song:

“The hardest songs to write are political ones which is why we always try to avoid them.

They’re supposed to just instantaneously spill out of you due to pure vexation, or they sound insincere and you fall into tired old clichés. This is one of those moments of rage! Love always seems to be the reason why people do hateful things, which I’ve never been able to understand.”

The vocalist has since added:

“People always use love as the reason to do the most heinous things to each other.”