Shaman’s Harvest Premiere “Voices” Music Video

Shaman’s Harvest have premiered a new video for their new song “Voices.” This track is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album.

Nathan Hunt commented:

“’Voices,’ mostly was one of the songs written in the small hours of the morning. After exhausting and frustratingly scrapping an idea for a different tune, Voices just came organically. The melody effortlessly wormed its way into the song. Then we had a choice. Whether to make it a verse chorus bridge a/b/c type song or to make it more of an epic linear style complete with guitar solo. We chose the latter, and brought in some group vocals backed by a stomp clap groove that gives the song an anthem feel the album needed.”

Josh Hamler added:

“’Voices’ is a song that blends dark and light. From the somber verses to the lifted anthemic choruses, it captures the full spectrum of emotion brought on by your own worst enemy… yourself.”

Shaman’s Harvest Premiere New Song “Bird Dog”

Shaman’s Harvest have premiered a new song titled “Bird Dog.” You can find a lyric video for that track below. Nathan “Drake” Hunt said the following about the clip:

“It’s definitely a cinematic thing — if nothing else, it’s a color or just one little scene in my head. In my mind, I was envisioning a lot of these small towns—like a railroad town or a farm town where people don’t want to farm anymore. And it just goes to shit, and then you have the opioids come in and everyone becomes a zombie.”

[via Loudwire]

Shaman’s Harvest Premiere “The Devil In Our Wake” Music Video

Shaman’s Harvest have premiered a new video for their song “The Devil In Our Wake,” via Loudwire. This track is from the band’s latest album “Red Hands Black Deeds.” Frontman Nathan Hunt commented:

“‘The Devil In Our Wake’ tackles the topic of war. I’d go to bed with CNN on to some bullshit at the White House, or the heartbreaking situation in Syria. I’d see what’s going on in the world and think, ‘Shit, how did we get so divisive?’”

Shaman’s Harvest Premiere New Song “The Come Up”

Shaman’s Harvest are streaming a new song titled “The Come Up,” via Loudwire. This song is from their new album “Red Hands Black Deeds,” which will be released on July 28 via Mascot Records.

Nathan Hunt commented:

“There’s so much negativity on social media today ‑- a lot of people struggling with real issues and with where we’re at as a nation. This song is therapeutic for me personally, and I hope it speaks to our fans. Sometimes when you just can’t change shit, you got to realize you can’t mold everything in your life. You kind of just have to roll with the punches.”

Shaman’s Harvest To Release New Album “Red Hands Black Deeds” In July

Shaman’s Harvest, have announced that their new album “Red Hands Black Deeds” will be released on July 28 via Mascot Records. You can check out a trailer along with the cover art/track listing below:

“Red Hands Black Deeds” Track Listing:

01. “Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)”
02. “Broken Ones”
03. “The Come Up”
04. “A Longer View”
05. “Soul Crusher”
06. “Off The Tracks”
07. “Long Way Home”
08. “The Devil in Our Wake”
09. “Blood Trophies”
10. “So Long”
11. “Tusk and Bone”
12. “Scavengers”

Shaman’s Harvest Premiere “Here It Comes” Music Video

Shaman’s Harvest have premiered a new video for their song “Here It Comes,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s latest album, “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns,” which is available now.

Nathan Hunt said the following:

“‘Here It Comes’ was the first song written for our record. We’ve played it more than a thousand times live. When the idea was brought to us to release it as an upcoming single, honestly we were hesitant. Strictly based on it being the oldest in the collection. But what Simian Design did in realizing the tune to visual, gave us all a much needed shot of fuck yeah. This is our best video to date, shot in some spots with some weighty vibe. We love the way this came out.”

Shaman’s Harvest Announce 2016 Tour With Aranda, & Failure Anthem

Shaman’s Harvest have announced a U.S. headlining tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Aranda, and Failure Anthem.


Tour Dates:

3/17 Omaha, NE @ Waiting Room
3/18 Madison, WI @ Majestic Theatre
3/19 Green Bay, WI @ The Sandlot Entertainment Complex
3/20 Chipewwa Falls, WI @ Every Buddy’s Bar
3/23 Flint, MI, @ Machine Shop (no Aranda)
3/24 Columbus, OH @ A&R Music Bar (no Aranda)
3/25 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club (no Aranda)
3/28 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon (no Aranda)
3/29 Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street (no Aranda)
3/31 Salisbury, MD @ Headquarters (no Aranda)
4/01 Huntington, WV @ V Club
4/02 Winchester, VA @ Blue Fox
4/03 Wilmington, NC @ Ziggy’s
4/06 Braidwood, IL @ Top Fuel Saloon
4/07 Racine, WI @ Route 22 Outhouse
4/08 Dubuque, IA @ Mystique Casino
4/09 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
4/11 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
4/12 Lubbock, TX @ Jake’s Backroom
4/14 Tyler, TX @ Click’s Live
4/15 Dallas, TX @ Trees
4/16 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
4/19 Johnson City, TN @ Capone’s
4/20 Clarksville, TN @ Warehouse Live
5/20 Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note (no Aranda)