Psychostick Launch Streaming Concert Series

Since virtually everyone is stuck inside right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, Psychostick have decided to provide fans with some entertainment through a new concert series called “Cabin Fever Concerts.” Every Thursday at 5pm EST, “the foursome will be performing and interacting with fans in real time, providing a unique interactive experience.” The first one can be found below:

The band commented:

“We recently started poking around at the idea of performing over the internet, live, all while interacting with the fans and viewers. Our amazing fans showed up and supported us right back, and it’s so amazing that this sort of thing can be done in such strange times. Any band can do this, and I encourage those performers out there who are unable to tour or play regular shows to look into live streaming. You just might surprise yourself at how well you’d do.” -Rawrb

“If people can’t go out to shows, then we’ll come to them in their homes… so heat up a bowl of ramen noodles and let’s have some damn fun. Just because we’re not supposed to leave the house doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to have fun.” -Joshy

“Psychostick’s ‘Cabin Fever Concerts’ are fun because THE WHOLE WORLD is invited! No matter how far apart we are, we can all get together safely to have a kick-ass time online! You don’t have to worry about parking or how you’re gonna get there/home (all drinking, NO driving!) You can watch a Psychostick concert from ANYWHERE in your underwear, your birthday suit, BDSM gear, etc… It doesn’t cost you anything and there’s no hidden fees (lookin at YOU Ticketmaster / Live Nation). If you like what we’re doing and feel like supporting us, anything helps, even just watching us for free and having a good time. Who knew brutal riffs and crunchy metal could be so positive?” -Matty J

“Streaming live concerts offers musicians a chance to perform for people all over the globe in real time. To me, it seems like a fantastic opportunity to help the world develop a global mindset to not only work together, but to enjoy art together as well. If you agree with that, then you have to agree that songs like “Scrotal Torment” and “Thinkin’ With Yer D” are indeed…art.” -Shmalex

Psychostick Share Coal Chamber “Loco” Parody “Mi Queso”

Psychostick have shared a new video for “Mi Queso,“ their parody of Coal Chamber‘s “Loco.” You can check that out below. The band commented:

“We made the Coal Chamber song ‘Loco‘ about our favorite cheesy snack, queso. Loco rhymes with queso which is what gave us the idea to parody this Dez Fafara nu metal song and make it about cheese.”

Psychostick Premiere “Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants)” Video

Psychostick have premiered a new video for “Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants)” off their latest album “DO.” Guitarist Josh ‘The J” Key commented:

“Being the cutting-edge connoisseurs of fashion that we are, we decided to theme our fall tour after our new music video and undeniable style, ‘Socks, Sandals, and PJ Pants’. We encourage all to come to the show in comfort, and forget about overrated things like ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’. And we want to see a pajama pants pit.”

Psychostick Announce “The Socks, Sandals & PJ Pants” Tour

Psychostick have announced a fall headlining tour. Downtown Brown and Danimal Cannon will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

10/24 St. Louis, MO – Fubar *
10/25 Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge *
10/26 Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios
10/27 Denver, CO – The Roxy Theater
10/28 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
10/30 Boise, ID – The Shredder
10/31 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
11/01 Portland, OR – Paris Theatre
11/02 Placerville, CA – PJ’s Roadhouse #
11/03 Cupertino, CA – The X Bar #
11/04 Fullerton, CA – The Slide Bar #
11/06 Fresno, CA – Full Circle Brewery #
11/07 San Diego – Brick By Brick #
11/08 Mesa, AZ – Club Red #
11/12 Merriam, KS – Aftershock *#

* no Downtown Brown
# no Danimal Cannon

Psychostick Surprise Release New Album “Do”

Psychostick have surprise released a new album titled “Do.” The band released the effort yesterday (July 24) during a live webcast on Twitch. You can find various videos and all the details for the album below. You can also purchase it HERE. It will hit iTunes and Spotify on July 27.

“Do” Track Listing:

01. “We Are a Band”
02. “You Can (Maybe) Do It”
03. “Tuesday”
04. “Adulting”
05. “From The Heart”
06. “Do”
07. “Got_no_breaks_demo.Wav”
08. “Introvert Party Time”
09. “Thinkin’ With Yer Dick”
10. “Uncle Material”
11. “Bacon, Egg, & Cheese On Toast with Sriracha”
12. “Uhhhnngg”
13. “Stream Stutter”
14. “Got_no_breaks_mix_ver3.Wav”
15. “Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants)”
16. “Keys”
17. “Gurrrrrr”
18. “Moving Day”
19. “Rent In Peace”
20. “Got_no_brakes_finalmix03_final07.Wav”
21. “Outtakes Episode V: Outtakes Strike Back”
22. “FLOP”

The band commented:

“Whelp, here it is! Do. This whole “surprise, nerd! New album!” experiment was extremely fun, and we’re beyond appreciative of your patience and understanding. We agree with you – four years is way too long. We hope to fix that despite what Murph says!

“Do is our first 100% independent, label-free release since 2003! Our production process is still completely internal, but this time all profits go straight to Psychostick. This is extremely huge for us and we can’t thank you enough.

“2018 marked the fifteenth anniversary of our first album, and we’re beyond excited that we’re still kickin’, making globs upon globs of comedy metal. We aim to do this until they kick us out of the old folks’ home or off of Mars. That’s right. We’re goin’ to Mars, damnit.”

Powerman 5000 & Psychostick Set For “Summer Of Screams” Tour

Powerman 5000 and Psychostick have been confirmed for the inaugural “Summer Of Screams” tour. Powerman 5000 will perform on 09/02-09/15 while Psychostick will perform on 08/17-08/31. Another band announcement will be made on May 14. Dates have yet to be revealed.

Psychostick Post Slipknot “Get This” Parody Video For New Thanksgiving Track “Give Thanks Or Die”

Psychostick have parodied Slipknot‘s “Get This” in a new Thanksgiving song and video “Give Thanks Or Die.“ Check it out below:

[via The PRP]